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Buddhi Yoga

Man, if he wants to exalt himself into greater possibilities now lying dormant in himself must raise himself into greater perfection through scientific methods to the true and eternal core in himself.
Everyone is intellectually aware of the ‘IDEAL-ME’ and has a clear picture of it, but unfortunately, it is only lived in the realm of the thought and not in the field of activity. This gulf between the ‘IDEAL-ME’ and the ‘ACTUAL-ME’ is said to be the measure of man’s fall from his perfection.
Many of us are unaware of this duality within ourselves, and we usually mistake ourselves to be the ‘IDEAL-ME’ and are blind to our own imperfections or the ‘ACTUAL-ME’. If we carefully analyze ourselves we can find an intellectual picture of a ethically perfect, physically loving, morally good person that ‘we should be’ but we are ever tantalized by our own sharp sense of likes and dislikes, ego-centric desires and similar pairs-of-opposites that we behave like curs fed by wayside gutters and are ever quarrelling with each other.
Mind, for the purpose of easy understanding, can be given two names against the functions they are having at a given time.
Subjective mind (Buddhi) – The mind which reacts to the stimuli from withinObjective mind (Manas) – The mind which reacts to the stimuli from the world of objects outside
A Person is said to be whole, healthy and productive when these two aspects of the mind is working in unison and the objective mind is under the Intelligent Disciplining of the subjective mind at all times. Separation between these two aspects of the mind happens due to the ego-centric desires in the individual, greater the intensity of these desires – greater will be the intensity of the inner confusion and low, base, vulgar desires that the individual exhibits in life.
The process of Self-Rehabilitation is to be done by ourselves and not by any other means.
“Let a man lift himself by his own self (mind), let him not lower himself, since this self alone is his friend and his enemy as well” - Bhagavad Gita VI-5
Introspection is an effective method, where we eliminate the bad qualities by turning the mind’s attention towards a positive ideal, but here it is also insisted that once the mind is turned towards that ideal it shouldn’t be turned back or fallen again into the old habits of thinking/acts.
Any scientific theory isn’t complete without a portion where it is mentioned how the result can be achieved, here the subjective scientists or the rishis have developed an effective method for self-rehabilitation, which is practical in any common man’s day-to-day life, which is also comprehensible to anybody.
As said earlier the goal is to bring the objective mind under the intelligent disciplining of the subjective mind or to negate the false self (unproductive) and to assert the true-self or the more productive self - the ‘IDEAL-ME’, This is achieved by turning our minds from the old negative habits in a reverential adoration to a divine higher ideal (be it anything), to work selflessly towards it without egoism and renouncing the anxiety for the fruits of action is to deny the entire field of activity for the lower-self- the ‘ACTUAL-ME’ and unconsciously assert the true-self ‘IDEAL-ME’, this process is in no way different from the process of ancient method of Vedantic contemplation (asserting the true and negating the false) and hence the title is self-explanatory – Buddhi Yoga.
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