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Nerve-Force (Energy) of Body, Mind, and Soul

“The old materialistic school of physiology has attempted to show that nerve-force, like the bodily material, is derived from the Food we eat. … This, however, is only partly true. While it is true that there is a certain amount of nerve force in fresh food, … nevertheless the amount of nerve-force so absorbed is comparatively small, and is far too little to supply what is needed by the individual to run his physical organism. … Food chemical combustion results in giving bodily heat, but never in creating nerve-force

“The true source of nerve-force is the same as the source of electricity, namely the universal ether that fills space. … The atmosphere is charged with nerve-force, which is taken up and absorbed by the nervous system.” ~Theron Dumont (aka William Walker Atkinson)

You’ve Got Some Nerve-force

I don’t know if “Nerve-force” was a common term when Dumont wrote it about 100 years ago. It is clear that what he is talking about is Energy. More specifically, the energy that circulates in the body and makes it run. Back then, it was a common belief that this energy was circulated through the body by the nerves. We now know that isn’t true. Yet for consistency, we will continue to use the term “nerve-force” in this article.

Food and Digestion

Mr. Dumont has an even stranger idea about how digestion works. He seems to think that food is simply burned up in the body to produce heat! Perhaps that was a common belief in his time. If it were true, however, we would soon starve from lack of nutrition.

The digestion process is far more complex than simply burning up food to produce heat. It isn’t a subject to get into here, however. The important thing is that despite his misunderstanding of digestion, Dumont makes a valid point about the amount of energy supplied.

Running the Body

The nerve-force needed to run the body is more than is supplied from the food we eat. There is no argument there. Where we get the rest of the energy we need may be less obvious. Dumont says we absorb it from the “ether” around us. That isn’t entirely wrong, but it isn’t the whole picture.

We understand that plants take in energy from the sun to run on. We do the same. In fact nearly all the nerve-force we get comes from the sun, directly or indirectly. The good news is that we can increase the amount of energy we take in from the sun and cut back on eating other living beings in order to survive. The ancient Essenes were just one of the groups that took advantage of that ability. The most advanced members of their communities ate physical food only once or twice a month. They operated primarily on solar energy.

Food of the Soul

In addition to supplying energy to the body and the nerve-force, the sun supplies energy to awaken and nourish the spirit and soul. In this case, however, that energy comes from the spiritual sun rather than the physical. Here it is even more critical. No matter what physical food we eat it cannot nourish the spirit and soul at all. Only the sun can do that, and then only the spiritual sun.

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Nerve-Force (Energy) of Body, Mind, and Soul


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