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Light Beings or Sons of Light


“This is perhaps the most difficult of all the stanzas to explain. Its language is comprehensible only to him who is thoroughly versed in Eastern allegory and its purposely obscure phraseology. The question will be asked, ‘Do the occultists believe in all these “builders,” “Lipika,” and “Sons of Light” as Entities, or are they merely images?’ To this the answer is given as plainly; ‘After due allowance for the imagery of personal powers, we must admit the existence of these entities, if we would not reject the existence of Spiritual humanity. … For the hosts of these Sons of Light … of the first manifested Ray of the UNKNOWN ALL, are the very root of spiritual man.’” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Seven Breaths of the Dragon

To be perfectly honest, I don’t see how Blavatsky gets “Sons of Light” from talk of breaths and dragons. Yet I will accept her interpretation knowing that she is a recognized spiritual master, or at least a master of interpreting the ancient writings. But how many of these Sons of Light (we can assume daughters as well) are their? We see seven, but then it adds that the “circumgyrating breaths” of those seven produce the “Fiery Whirlwind”. Is that saying that the first seven produced more of their kind? That is unclear. Yet I think we can safely say that there are far more than seven Sons and Daughters of Light.

In Cosolargy, we hear of the Beings of Light (or Light Beings) that dwell in spiritual realms. I think we can safely say that this is the same as those Sons of Light that Blavatsky writes about.

Existence of the Light Beings

So we can accept that Light Beings exist in some form. Exactly what they look like or how they function, we can’t say. Blavatsky says we know they are real because we are their hosts. I’m not sure that is true. And if it is true, I’m not sure it proves they are actual beings. Yet, I accept that Light Beings exist partly because many great spiritual writers and prophets mention them. I also think that if we accept the existence of spiritual realms of being, we must logically accept that beings exist on those levels other than just dead humans.

We are told that the fifth dimension is occupied by those Light Beings as well as the beings we call angels. Are angels and Light Beings the same thing? Apparently not since some spiritual writers mention both in the same sentence. Yet they do seem to be similar in nature as well as function.

Spiritual people know that angels are not humans with bird wings on their backs. That is an artistic concept, and not a very creative one. Angels have no need of wings as they have no material bodies. Neither do Light Beings. Angels travel without moving simply by focusing on where they want to be. As spirits, they are actually everywhere at all times. Beings of Light obviously have the same freedom of movement. And both serve God and His Great Plan. Maybe they are just two names for the same beings.

First Manifest Ray

Blavatsky certainly does understand spiritual allegory. How to write it as well as how to read it. She says the Light Beings come from the “ first manifested Ray of the UNKNOWN ALL.” The Unknown All is a common spiritual name for God. But what is the first manifest ray? That, I think, we can figure out with simple logic.

When we speak of rays, we are usually speaking of light coming from the sun. This is no exception. But this first ray didn’t come from our physical sun. It didn’t come from any physical sun. It came from the very first sun, a Spiritual Sun. And the spirits of all suns, including ours, are linked to and part of that Great Spiritual Sun. So for he best spiritual growth, we should turn to our spiritual sun. If we want to be truly immortal like those Light Beings, we need to “feed” our spirits off the light of the spiritual sun.

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Light Beings or Sons of Light


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