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Self-Realization of the Spiritual Kind

“Well have you renounced these passing pleasures so dear to the senses, Nachiketa, and turned your back on the way of the world which makes mankind forget the goal of life. Far apart are wisdom and ignorance. The first leads one to Self-realization. The second makes one more and more estranged from from his real Self. …

“Like the Blind led by the blind. Far beyond their eyes , hypnotized by the world of sense, opens the way to immortality. … It is but few who hear about the Self. Fewer still dedicate their lives to its realization. … Blessed are they who, through an illumined teacher, attain to Self-realization. The truth of self cannot come through one who has not realized that he is the Self. The intellect cannot reveal the Self.” ~The Katha Upanishad

Self-realization of the True Self

The term Self-realization is thrown about today in a way that makes a joke of its original meaning. You can check online dictionaries to find it defined as such things as the fulfillment of ones character, personality, talents, or desires. That is not at all what the ancient Spiritual teachers meant by Self-realization.

Essentially,they are telling us that we have two selves: a material and mental self, and a spiritual, divine Self. The spiritual Self is almost always capitalized to show that it is far more important than the mortal self. So when spiritual teachers or books talk about Self-realization,they don’t mean that we reach the peak of our profession, hat we get a book published, or even have a viral video on Youtube. Those may all be good things to do, but they are not really Self-realization.

Self-realization happens when we awaken our spiritual faculties that are dormant when we come into the world of matter. We awaken them with spiritual light, the light from the spiritual sun.

Blind Leading Blind

It is obvious to most that having the blind leading the blind is not a good idea. There may be a few exceptions, but usually it’s a bad idea. But when this is mentions in spiritual writings like the Upanishads or the Bible, it isn’t about eyesight. The blindness spoken of in spiritual literature is spiritual blindness, not physical. Unfortunately,this type of blindness is far more common than the physical kind.

In the Bible, Jesus is praised for His ability to “make the blind see.” While there were a few incidents where Jesus did cure physical blindness, that is not even important. What matters is that he cured spiritual blindness in hundreds of people, possibly even thousands. And through his real apostles,thousands more. Jesus cured them by helping them awaken their spiritual faculties including spiritual sight. This is far more important that restoring physical sight to a physical body that will die in ten or twenty years anyway.

So you may think a successful business person showing another how to have material success is not an example of Blind Leading Blind, but it is. Even the successful doctor teaching surgery to others is because he is doing nothing to help the immortal souls of those people. Of course, we all have to work from where we are,and it is a good thing that such people try to help others. From a spiritual point of view,it is still materialists leading others into materialism, blind leading blind.

Self-realization and Life

So we can saw that those who are truly Self-realized are not spiritually blind and can lead others on the correct path to spiritual enlightenment. Therefore,those who are have experienced Self-realization are obligated to help lead other out of the cave of darkness and illusion. There are many ways to do this. Some choose to write books, others give lectures. Some open a secret spiritual school that is very selective. In our times, some blog or post spiritual information on social media. Yet others choose to simply send positive spiritual thoughts out into the world to help bring about the new Golden Age that is dawning now.

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Self-Realization of the Spiritual Kind


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