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Living Light of the Spiritual Sun

“To renovate yourselves, you have to get up early every morning to be able to receive the first rays of the sun. they carry within them light and elevated thoughts. You may say that the rays of light are nothing more than vibrations, oscillations of ether. It is true that light is oscillations, vibrations, but these are life-bearing vibrations.” ~Beinsa Douno

Sunrise, Sunset

In whatever form of sun gazing you use, the time when you do it makes a difference. This is especially true of Spiritual sun-gazing where you are looking primarily for the Light of the spiritual sun rather that the light of the physical sun. For most people, this means that sun gazing should be done at dawn. Start as it gets light and continue until after the sun actually rises. If you oversleep, or are just not able to do it at that time, it can be done a little later. Don’t try to do it around noon, however. It is simply too bright then.

For some people, it is better to do their spiritual sun gazing in the evening starting just before sunset. Those people are the ones who have already highly developed and energized spiritual centers (upper chakras), while their more material centers (lower chakras) are weaker. It is best to keep all the centers balanced and doing techniques at sunset energizes the lower centers more than the upper. Even these people should do some of their sun-gazing at sunrise, however. Almost always, those spiritual insights and visions occur at sunrise.

Renovation of Self

Douno advises this sun-gazing as a way to renovate ourselves. “Why do we even want to do that?” you might ask. The answer is because we have drifted far from our beginnings, far from the spiritual beings God meant us to be. It won’t correct itself. Nor is God going to do it for us. We will stay material beings forever if we don’t make the effort to “renovate” ourselves and become spiritual again. Of course, we can’t become spirits entirely while on the physical plane. But we also can’t exist in the spiritual afterlife as physical beings. So we need to start making that change now while we are still in the physical world.

It is much like a young salmon swimming from its freshwater birth place to the ocean to began its adult life. If it stated changing after it reached the sea, it would not be able to do it. It would die. But as it gets closer to the ocean, its body starts changing from one designed for fresh water to the one it need to survive in the salty seawater. With the salmon, it just happens. We, however, have to make an effort to change. When you are rolling downhill, you won’t just suddenly reverse and roll uphill. You need to make the effort to get up and climb the hill yourself. God and other Light Beings will help, but only if you help yourself.

Living Light

Mr. Douno is correct in pointing out to those who say that light from the sun, physical or spiritual, is just vibrations, frequency, miss the point. Yes it is just vibrations, but different types of vibrations, different frequencies, have different effects on us. In some cases, those effects can be dramatic. For example, bright light won’t harm you, but high doses of microwaves can cook you. Yet the only difference is the frequencies of the vibrations.

Douno says this special Light from the sun, which really means the Light from the spiritual sun, is Living. In our materialistic world, that is generally laughed at. But the truth is the sun itself is a living thing, a living being of sorts. If you consider the recent finding of quantum physics, it couldn’t be otherwise.

  • The physicists say the entire universe is just a complex hologram made of many beams of light crossing each other.
  • These beams of light carry information, they say.
  • We also know that there is life in the universe consisting of animals, plants, and possibly other forms.
  • Since the living beings are part of that universe of light, they too are made entirely of light.
  • If living things are made of light, than light—at least some light—must be alive.

It is a simple conclusion that I can’t see how anyone can avoid.

Living Light Behavior

We know that living beings don’t treat all other living things the same way. The chicken doesn’t react to a fox the same way it reacts to a duck. The human doesn’t react to poison ivy the same way he reacts to a rosebush. So what about that living light?

We know that the living light of the spiritual sun shines on all of us, but some are capable of receiving and processing it, while others are not. But is the living light rejecting those people? Probably not. It is mostly a matter of those people rejecting the living light, or spiritual things in general.

This much is known by the great spiritual schools of the ages. The amount of spiritual Light coming to us from the spiritual sun can vary greatly. At times, it is very little, at other times it is much greater. We are fortunate enough to be living in a time when that light is strong and getting stronger. It is the time of the Sun of Righteousness that the prophet Malachi wrote about. He wrote that the sun would get seven times brighter in this age. It is not the physical sun he was talking about, but the spiritual one. While it will have an effect on the physical sun, it is the Living Light of the spiritual sun that grows brighter and is making it possible for us to become spiritually awake. Don’t miss the boat. It may be the last one.

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Living Light of the Spiritual Sun


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