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Twice Born Goal of the Spiritual Student

“For long years, he who aspired to become one of the Twice Born had to practice the awakening of his spirit and bring his body under complete control. The first thing to overcome was met long before any threshold was approached. It was something which lurked in the uncontrolled thoughts of men. The frightening experiences during the years of preparation had to be modified and their effect channeled off; otherwise, the awakened spirit would have been completely overwhelmed. …

“Having arisen from the Womb of Rebirth, the spirit is completely freed from any doubt about the immortality of man. Can a man doubt the source of sunlight when he can see the sun arising in glory before his eyes? Having joined the Twice born, … he can go on to higher development within the Realms of Light.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:2:21-22)

Twice Born Aspirations

The “Twice Born” are those who have has a second, birth, a Spiritual birth, an awakening of their soul. Many aspire to be twice born, but don’t know what to do. Others, when told it is a difficult process that will probably take years, decide they can’t be bothered. Then of course, there are those who will remain comfortable in the fantasy that they will someday achieve rebirth and spiritual enlightenment with no effort on their part.

But as the quote indicates, the serious Spiritual Student will practice his awakening techniques regularly until that awakening happens. Then he/she will join the ranks of the twice born.

Years of Preparation

The years of preparation are necessary, according to the Kolbrin Bible, because of the “frightening experiences” and the possibility that he become “completely overwhelmed”.

The types of frightening experiences generally fall into three categories. First, there will be knowledge revealed that he person may not be ready to accept. It is said that some are driven mad by having such knowledge revealed before they are ready for it. That is why a good spiritual teacher or spiritual school does everything possible to prevent revealing things before the student can absorb the knowledge. Second, there will be well-meaning friends and relatives who will hear of what you are doing and react in a negative way, contrary to what you expect. Third, there may be frightening appearances of beings that are probably low-level demons in disguise.

All those things can frighten the unprepared student. So it must be approached slowly and carefully.

Doubting Immortality

You will often hear materialistic people say that we like to believe in an afterlife, but we have no proof that it exists. Those who are among the Twice Born have no such doubts. They haven’t been told that the spiritual worlds are real, they have experienced them. There is no doubt in them that they are immortal, as they have experienced that as well by become one with God, if only briefly.

Sunlight and Realms of Light

The quote ends with a question that may seem unrelated to the subject of being Twice Born. It isn’t The question is just a sneaky way of indicating that the sun is very much involved in this process of awakening the soul and becoming Twice Born. It then tells us that the Twice Born can rise to higher realms, the Reals of Light. This tells us two things. The obvious one is that higher realms are made of a sort of Light. The less obvious is that the sunlight previously reference is the means by which one gradually advances to those Realms of Light. Light brings more Light. The sun is our primary source of physical light. The spiritual sun is our primary source of spiritual Light. Start using it to become Twice Born.

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Twice Born Goal of the Spiritual Student


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