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Electrostatic Field and the Illusion of Solid Matter

“Study quantum physics beyond a cursory level, and you’ll reach the inescapable conclusion that the reason physical particles behave in such a strange way is because they’re not physical at all. …
“Atoms are usually depicted as having a big solid nucleus with electrons spinning around it in neat orbits. But when quantum physicists took a closer look, they discovered that … 99.9999999999996 percent of the atom is literally empty space. … It’s like looking at an invisible tornado-like vortex of energy with infinitely tiny particles seemingly popping into existence one moment and then out the next, with the whole thing being as substantial as a puff of smoke. …
“It has been calculated that if you took the entire population of the Earth … and removed all the empty space from all of our combined atoms, the entire human race would fit into a single sugar cube. … Then why does everything look and feel so solid to us? … The secret is in the electrostatic field that surrounds the atoms.” ~Ziad Masri

Let’s Get Physical

For thousands of years, mystics and spiritual teachers have told us the material world was a world of illusion. It wasn’t what it appeared to be. They were laughed at by many. Some still laugh at such notions today. But the theories of quantum physics continue to be refined and more proof of them continues to arise. So it look like the gurus, mystics, and prophets were not crazy after all.

So in reality, the apparently solid rock is no more solid than a puff of smoke. And water is no more substantial than air. Yet a rock doesn’t feel like a puff of smoke and water is thicker than air. This might be considered illusion, but there is more to it than that.

Electrostatic Field

Masri says the electrostatic field is the culprit. While the actual amount of solid particles in both the rock and the smoke is almost nothing, there is still more such particles in the rock. It may turn out, however, that even those tiny particles are just another form of energy.

The electrostatic field in the rock is much stronger than in the smoke. When you try to touch smoke, your hand goes right through it because its weak electrostatic field offers little resistance. The rock offers much more resistance. So when you try to touch the rock, it pushes back with such strength that you interpret that push as solid matter. It is really just a strong force.

There are some things that are still not explained by these new theories. For example, why is it when you pour two liquids together, they usually mix, but if you put a liquid in a solid container, the liquid stays separate. Although there are solids that dissolve in water and do mix.

Hide and Seek

One thing that isn’t explained is where do those electrons and other particles go to when they disappear, then appear again. I think the physicists believe that cease to exist accept as a potential until something causes them to become real again, such as an observation. But there is an odd thing about this whole “observation” concept.

It is a basic tenet of quantum physics that things change when observed, making it difficult to know what they are when they are not being observed. But what constitutes observation?

If I look at it, that is observation. But studies show that if an electronic device such as a camera does the observing, you get the same results as if a person did it directly. But the truth may be that the picture the camera took is changing when a person observes it. Here is why I suggest that.

If observation by a human, machine, or animal causes a change in the thing, than shouldn’t it always be in that observed state? Is there ever a point where something is not being “observed” by something else? Or maybe this seeing an electrostatic field as something solid is a particularly human thing, so it changes only when a person observes it. Which means that in essence, we are collectively creating the world we observe, and if we work at it collectively, we can change it at any time. Another theory says that when the particles cease to exist, they have actually “traveled’ to a spiritual level of being, then return to the physical level after recharging. Something to think about.

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Electrostatic Field and the Illusion of Solid Matter


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