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Sun’s Impact on Man and the World and Beyond

“Warmth creates certain forms in people. Light also creates certain forms. Life has certain forms as well. Every flow creates its own particular forms. The warmth and light of the Sun have a big Impact first on the religious state of people as well as on science. You shall strive to preserve this warmth and light within yourselves. …
“Fire is often interpreted as a destructive element, but though it truly destroys, it can be constructive as well. It is the fire descending from above, from the Sun, that builds our planet and our bodies. It is this fire that imparts thoughts and aspirations in us. Everything gets frozen without fire.” ~Biensa Douno

Forms in People

While Douno doesn’t say it here, it is implied that if certain forms are created by fire, warmth, and light, very different forms are created by cold and darkness. We, of course, aspire to be those forms that come from warmth and Light.

People who are formed by warmth and light will naturally be similar in nature to real Light beings, those we call Angels. The Light Beings are those who are kind, thoughtful, understanding. Yet they are also strong and will never give in to the demands of darkness, no matter what the cost. People of Light are knowledgeable, and seek more knowledge, more wisdom, all the time. Unlike some teenagers, they never think they know everything and can stop learning.

The other side of the coin is the forms of darkness. We only have to look at the spiritual forms associated with darkness to know what such people will be like. Devils, demons, blood-sucking monsters represent this side of the forms. The human version is materialistic, greedy, self-serving, and generally ignorant. Don’t misunderstand. This type of ignorance can exist even in people with masters and doctorate degrees from the finest universities. It is ignorance of truth, ignorance of spirit.

The Sun’s Impact

Mr. Douno says the sun has a big impact on people, and he is correct. Those who deny it just need to consider what would happen if the sun went out. Even without the sun going out, look at how creatures change when forced to live in places where there is almost no sunlight. Fish that live in pools of water in dark caves, for example not only lose their eyesight, but after a while, the eyes disappear. To my knowledge, no one has done this, but I wonder what would happen if some of those fish were moved to a pool where they did get sunshine. My guess is that the eyes would return in a few generations.

On a deeper level, the spiritual level, the sun’s impact is even greater. In that case, however, it is mostly the deeper Sun, the Spiritual Sun, that affects those faculties.

For starters, we come into the physical realm with our spirits and souls in a dormant state. It is the light of the Spiritual Sun that awakens them, usually by practicing an advanced form of sun gazing. Once awakened, the spiritual faculties continue to be nourished by the Light of the Spiritual Sun. The sun’s impact here is immeasurable.

Fire: Creative and Destructive

Duono reminds us that while fire is often considered destructive, it is also creative. When the prophet Malachi said that the Sun of Righteousness would burn up the evil in the world, he didn’t mean that evil people would burst into flame. He meant that a special kind of “Fire” would burn the evil out of people. That would, in a sense, make that fire creative. It would be creative because in destroying evil, it could be creating a world of peace and harmony. The sun’s impact here is in creating a whole new world from one fallen deep into the depths of matter. But in a way we too are little suns, and we can aid or hinder the sun’s impact with our thoughts and behavior.


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Sun’s Impact on Man and the World and Beyond


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