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War for Existence in the Material World

“The vibration of the atmosphere is necessary to men, as earthy man is situated. The coarser attribute known as matter formations are the crudities of nature, dust swept from space. Man’s organism is made up of the roughest and lowest kind of space materials; he is surrounded by a turbulent medium, the air, and these various conditions obscure or destroy the finer attributes of his ethereal nature, and prevent higher Spiritual evolution. His spiritual self is enveloped in earth and everywhere thwarted by earthly materials. He is insensible to the finer influences of surrounding media by reason of the overwhelming necessity of a war for Existence with the grossly antagonistic materialistic confusion that everywhere confronts, surrounds, and pervades him.” ~John Uri Lloyd

Body of Man

The most important thing we need to get straight is that we have a material body. That body is not us. It is not who we truly are. It is more like or a tool that we use, or a disguise that we wear to a costume ball. Sadly, many have been wearing this disguise for so long that they have forgotten that it is a disguise that hides their true Self.

Some would argue again the claim that man is made of the “roughest and lowest kind of space material.” We see memes posted on social media that point with pride to the idea that we are made of the same substance as the stars. What they actually mean is that we are made of the same chemicals found in stars, and that is true. But it is true only if you think of yourself as a being of matter. In actual fact, as Mr. Lloyd points out, that wonderful body made of star-stuff is “dust swept from space”. Most people don’t want to think of themselves as dust balls, but if you think your body of matter is the real You, than that is what you are claiming.

Spirit Obscured

Partially, our true Self of Spirit is hidden by the material body. Another reason we are not aware of having those spiritual faculties is that we are too busy struggling to keep our material bodies alive. Then, of course, is the fact that we enter the material world with our spiritual faculties in a dormant state and they must be awakened before we are truly aware of them.

War for Existence

We are in a war for existence on many levels. Mr. Lloyd is referring here to the war we fight constantly to keep our physical body alive and functioning in an antagonistic world determined to destroy it. We fight this battle so constantly that we tend to become unaware that we are doing so.

But we fight a war for existence on other levels as well. One is that we are participating in the war between Light and dark, good and evil, even if we are unaware of it. That is because both sides seek to influence us. The demons and beings of darkness try to trick us into doing evil, making us believe that such things are not evil, or are sometimes justified. Things like fighting wars, banning people because of their religion, nationality or language, or thinking that it is acceptable to put some people to death with an eye-for-an-eye mentality. The angels and Light Beings, on the other hand, never use force or trickery, but try to guide us into doing what is right, what is helpful for our spiritual growth.

Another war for existence is mostly an internal one. It is the war between out lower, materialistic Ego, and our spiritual soul. Once the soul is awakened, it must gain control and not ally the ego to dominate our will and our actions. This is not easy to do as the ego will resist. Part of what the spiritual student must do is convince the ego that it is ultimately in its own best interest to cooperate with the soul to gain eternal life. The ego is not easily convinced, but must be if e are to win the war for existence.


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War for Existence in the Material World


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