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Devashan or Heaven, Dwelling Place of Gods

“Devachan (abode of the Gods) corresponds to the Heaven of the Christians, the Spiritual world of the occultists.
“These regions of existence are beyond the range of our physical senses, although they are intimately connected with this world. In attempting to describe them, we must have recourse to allegories and symbols. The words of human language are only adapted to express the world of sense.
“There are seven distinct stages or degrees of Devachan. The seven stages are not definite ‘localities’ but conditions or states of the life of Soul and Spirit. Devachan is everywhere present; it envelops us as does the astral world, only it is invisible. By dint of training, the Initiate acquires, one by one, the faculties necessary for beholding it.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Dwelling of God

Devashan, as a name for the place where “gods dwell,” seems to have originated with Theosophy. The description of it found on Wikipedia seems to be somewhat different from that of the Christian and Jewish Heaven, or the spiritual world of occultists, Gnostics, and mystery schools. Yet it is the place where souls go after death, at least temporarily.

Steiner tells us that Devashan is beyond the range of our physical senses, and that is true. It is also true that it is difficult, if not impossible, for this region of reality to be described using human language. Calling it a place of Energy, Light, or pure Love is only a limited description. There are some interesting thoughts in what Steiner says about it.

Everywhere Present

Steiner says Devashan is everywhere, even though we can’t see it, or in most cases, even feel it. This agrees with Jesus when He said the Kingdom of God was all around us, we just couldn’t see it.

When Steiner says it is somewhat like the astral world, only invisible he is making an important statement that many who get into spiritual growth need to listen to. However this higher dimension of Heaven or Devashan differs from the astral plane is not important. What matter is that it does. In other words, the astral plane, the area of the multi-dimensional reality that psychics like to visit, is not Heaven. In fact, it is not even very close to it. The astral world is the forth dimension. Heaven is either the eighth or ninth, depending on how you look at it.

Seven Stages

Steiner says there are seven stages of Devashan. I think it is more like there are seven levels of awareness of it. Unless he is referring to the nine dimensions previously mentions. In that case, he is saying that all spiritual dimensions make up Devashan, not just the highest. But only the fifth through the ninth dimension are spiritual. That’s five dimensions, not seven.

Regardless of what the actual count is, or what it signifies, the facts of it are true. The spiritual seeker does not reach the highest levels, and the state of Cosmic Consciousness, overnight. He reaches a little higher, then a little higher.

Training the Faculties

Steiner says that we gain the ability to behold Devashan by training out faculties one at a time and developing them. We really only have two spiritual faculties, the spirit and soul. But they can be awakened and developed to different degree allowing us to see more and more of reality over time.

We do have other faculties that are not directly involved in “beholding” Devashan, but are part of the process of spiritual development. Those faculties are the energy centers that link the physical and spiritual bodies, generally called “chakras”, and the pineal gland. The pineal gland is often called the third eye in esoteric writing because the awakening of it allows us to “see” things not visible to the physical eyes. The pineal is awakened with sunlight which, by a fortunate coincidence, is also what awakens the spirit and soul. It is the light of the spiritual sun that is of importance, though, in awakening the soul.


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Devashan or Heaven, Dwelling Place of Gods


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