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New Human, Luminous Human, and How to Be One

“I didn’t know what to make of the dream until I shared it with a friend who was studying shamanism. … She said, “I know the Inca have a prophecy about the emergence of the new Human that is occurring now.” … I got that truth-signal shiver. … It turns out Villoldo had been talking about a period of change the Incas call the ‘pachacuti,’ that is in full swing and promises the emergence of a new human—what he calls ‘homo luminous’—after a period of turmoil. …
“Thinking back to my dream, I realized the spiral designs I saw emerging from the man’s body were a new kind of eternal circuitry—something interdimensional—like tiny wormholes.” ~Penney Peirce

The New Human

A new human is indeed emerging. Many will deny it, other won’t understand it, yet it is happening. It may seem that when considering some current events, that rather than evolving to a much greater being, we are descending into a crude animal. But the balance that is kept in this world of matter requires that things have their opposite. So that new human must be countered by an even more animalistic primitive human. It is, for the most part, up to us to decide which team we want to be on.

The new human, or at least those headed down that path, can be recognized in a number of ways.

  • They are not easily fooled by politicians, business leaders, and others in power
  • For them, money is not the great motivator
  • They are more interested in helping others than harming them
  • Learning new things is what they do constantly, and they encourage others to do the same
  • They love peace and want to avoid war whenever possible, yet are willing to give their own lives to defend the rights of all
  • The usually live a healthy lifestyle and avoid junk food and drugs (both legal and illegal).

There is more, but that is generally enough to see who is heading in that direction, and who isn’t.

Homo Luminous

Villoldo calls this new human “homo luminous”. This is not a random choice, but a descriptive one. We read in scripture and holy books from various religions that the good guys, the followers of God, are luminous, bright, full of light, and so on. This has often been considered allegory, but maybe it isn’t. It could be that “enlightenment” does involve having more light, literally.

Just as a bright spotlight has more light than a dim nightlight, so the new human will have more light than the dim, relatively dark, average person. But here is the important part that many people miss: this light is spiritual, not material.

While material light and spiritual light are related and tend to be found in the same places, there are difference. From the aspect of the new human, the important difference is that spiritual light awakens the spirit and soul. Physical light cannot do that. Darkness can not do that. Hiding within yourself cannot do that. You must gaze upon the spiritual sun to get that light. Homo Luminous will do that. Others will laugh at such foolishness and continue to suffer, get sick, and eventually die. The decision is yours.


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New Human, Luminous Human, and How to Be One


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