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Interest in Demons


The interest in Demons, why people are demonolaters at all, could be compared to voodoo. In order to find the best way to get by in the world, to prosper and grow in the most efficient way possible, to understand the self and the world as much as possible, as deeply as possible, they seek to commune with the powers that be, the demons. There’s no need to seek to interact with the demi-urge. The resources we need are there in the hands of the demons. It would be like insisting you have to know exactly how to build your model of car before you begin driving it.

Demonolaters believe, much as Jewish mystics did, that truly trying to understand god is impossible. Jewish theology doesn’t have the black and white thinking that Christianity does. This is why Christians demonize them as well as the cousins to Christianity, the Muslims. The demons themselves are seen as approachable facets of the universal divine order.

It might serve a funeral home director, say, to commune with the demon of death so that they may better understand and grow strong in the face of such a demanding calling. A farmer might be well served by communing with a demon of fertility or the earth. These beings aren’t god, but they are present and observable and responsive with the right effort.

So the same way people worship gods? No, more like mentor-ship, more like how tribesmen followed totems.

Like Hindu gods. Yes, more comparable to Hindu Gods. Notice the demonic looking imagery in Hindu art? Reverence for the way that demon embodies in the world.

Everything in India looks like demons.

Even the most demonic spirits in Japanese ancient belief, the Oni, actually had an orderly purpose, a legitimate role to play in the mandate of heaven.

Yes, a lot of demonic imagery in Asian art too. In Native American art as well. Half animal people, faces with leering features. Conquering Christendom reacted the way they did not because of the character of the natives, but because of the native spirituality, mythology. They were greeted quite warmly to start. Many found little or nothing to object to in native culture, but they were always creeped out by the spirituality.

No wonder Christians are paranoid, they’re surrounded by demonolators. None of whom are actually out to get them. They are more threatened by their fellow god worshippers than they are by demonolators.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Interest in Demons


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