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Background for Demonolatry


What do you already know about demonolatry?

Not much I guess.

Movie stuff. Mostly from games and Supernatural.

If it sounds like the word idolatry, you are not too far off, or way far off, depending on your point of view. Demonolatry is the study of Demons and their behaviour, more akin to naturalism, say bird watching, than any form of interaction with demons.

First, fortunately or unfortunately, we need some background. Some essential concepts are necessary in order to understand demonolatry. Perhaps the first is it’s older than Christianity having roots in ancient Greece and Egypt among other places. It would only later be “Demonized.”

Yes, considering Jesus was casting out demons. Hebrew demonology is distinct from other schools of the study, and the Hebrew system would have been the one Jesus was familiar with. The demons named in Christianity today would have been either foreign to his experience or without significance.

According to demonolatry the world is not human hearted. Is what this means clear?

Yes, people are mean. That is one way of interpreting it.

None of the so-called values. Yes, on the right track.

The second concept is the world is no respecter of persons.

So many times reading what people write on the web, they could easily be mistaken for demons. In fact, they are much too foolish to be demons.

Humans have tried to understand an order of being that remains on a borderline between humanity and the divine for a long time. It’s not god, but it’s not a man. Some of these beings would come to have what is seen as legitimate authority which is what would make them an angel or a saint. This doesn’t make them kind or loving. It just makes them an acknowledged part of the hierarchy. Those who are seen as not a part of the authorized power structure are seen as demons.

Mother Teresa thought that suffering was good for people, so she created “hospitals” that didn’t treat the patients, just crammed them into cots next to each other. Many famous religious figures have distinctly demonic qualities to them. It has even shown up in Popes and other high ranking figures like that. There were even unauthorized popes, at least one I can think of, referred to as the Black Pope. Some say that office is still being held. It’s a conspiracy theory.

You mean satanic pope? Not exactly, or yes exactly, as the original meaning of Satan and the adjective satanic meant adversary/adversarial.

If you weren’t with the authorized church you were against it, which is still taught in today’s churches. So side note, the majority of demonolaters have no interest in Christianity, let alone any investment in opposing it. There are schools of demonaltry all across the world with the dividing line not being perfectly clear in some cultures.

They probably just want personal power, so more pragmatic than ideological.

The Tengu worshippers of Japan would be demonolaters, as would those who revere the angry divinities of Tibet. It all comes down to an understanding of God. In demonolatry, God is deistic. The way the world is, the ways of nature, structure and order etc, this is God. God is seen as not interfering because it doesn’t interfere with itself. The will of the world is God’s will. Your will is God’s will. God has a hand in everything because the hand of everything is God’s.

I think most people are deistic nowadays. I think most people are atheistic, even those who claim otherwise. The intuitive sense of the divine is in short supply. There’s more politics than spirit in people’s thinking these days. What do you think?

I think the atheist are just most outspoken recently. Yes, perhaps seeing an opportunity to mainstream their prejudices.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Background for Demonolatry


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