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Numerological Order

What is Benford’s Law? I thought maybe I should get down to that. It’s a pattern that emerges in various applied fields of mathematics.

That the number “1” seems to occur more often than other numbers in data-sets? Ah, you summarized it well, but it goes further than that. As much as many scientists would fly into a rage if you made an effort to support the acceptance of Numerological axioms, the structure observed in numbers by mystics like Pythagoras, well… Numbers in their applied math very often conform to numerological structure. If you want a modern way to model numerological order, it’s present in Benford’s Law. Not only is the value 1 the most common digit in so many sets of integers, but the other numbers proceeding from it are systematically less common with 9 being only about five percent likely to occur. The value of 10 only has any place because it allows a functional preservation of the assumed continuum. So Benford’s Law and how it plays out is really quite simple. 1 occurs most frequently because it’s the lowest common denominator in numerological structure. Everything is made of the force represented by the value of 1.

Everything can be divided by 1 — but nothing can be divided by 0? Actually. there is an as of yet undiscovered value. It works like a breaking agent in the continuum at least from one point of view. It’s the basis for structure in the continuum. It is the universal agent across all maths. It is roughly the equivalent of “huh?” applied to math. Zero translates not as “huh”, but as “don’t know” which is good to acknowledge but a bad place to stop.

But yes, each value above 1 is the equivalent of an atomic orbit. Fewer and fewer energy states can occupy that place. So 2 is only a little less common than 1, and so on. 9 is seen as such a very important number numerologically, because it’s the state at which manifest existence emerges. It’s the value of sentience and is why intelligence seems so hard to define. We as of yet avoided looking into the so called void, the break, the zero point of Tao. We are afraid of ourselves. It’s so much more intense, the genuine self, than this noisy little whisper in our heads.

So the expressive channel, the mythical, the dramatic, the unknown, this is our heart. This is the essence of Om, as well as AAAAAAAH!, and it’s every bit as diverse, as information rich, and full of valuable even necessary experience as anything our lexical fetishism has given us. They actually use Benford’s Law as a foil, a way to detect if records have been doctored. Basically to check if a set of data is true of not. Funny, no? The ideologue is only blind to the point that that have restricted the non rational expressive dimension of their intuitions, thus the value 1 symbolizes concrete truth in numerology.

Have I adequately covered the metaphysical relevance of Benford’s Law? I have ignored a lot of possible subjects because they inspire this more intuitive kind of thinking in me and are difficult to deal with if someone is insisting I get to the point. Should I keep to that policy going forward? Would you like to see more sessions like this?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

Tags: Physical, Numerology, Information, Science

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Numerological Order


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