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You Experience You


What things become associated with what other things has nothing to do with those supposedly independent things. There are no independent things. Even you are not an independent thing. What gets associated with the next thing depends on your personal Attentional Behaviour. Attentional behaviour is also called intention. My attentional behaviour will differ from yours. When people protest that they didn’t mean to do a thing, that something is not what they intended, what they are saying is that it wasn’t allowed in their attentional pattern or program.

But like computer programming, everything that happens happens because the system was trying to fulfil it’s function, trying to execute it’s commands. Your body behaves this way. You just happen to give it commands that overclock it’s stress tolerance, that fail to account for viable life support exchanges even though you are aware of the necessity of that. The coding starts not from the code itself, but from the meta-pattern, the intention which is a reflection of the self. The experience of the ego is nothing more than upkeep of a replacement self, a prosthetic we create when we reject genuine experience of ourselves.

I’ve been wondering how meditation is accomplishing all the specific things that science claims it does to our body. It must be by allowing this meta-pattern through? Yes, allowing resonance by allowing the passive medium to pause. It’s like a fluid. It will hold vibrations despite outside input as long as it remains uncontained, unidentified. This was one of the things the pali cannon warns against, wrong identification. You can track your degree of error in that area by noticing how much of your experience and responses fall into the real of “things that must happen.”

How much of your life is like that? How much of your thought is like that?

Too much.

This is why I have emphasized finding a theme as a valuable spiritual practice.

Must earn a living.

I really need to get over this notion of ‘on time.’

Have you noticed how much of what you experience is like real life, or like people, or feels like death, or taste’s like chicken? How much of life is like a joke? Or like art? How much can be a science?

As much as you can experience. Because you can only experience you. These things are you, not forced on you. They are adopted by you and other things can be adopted by you. The process of adoption, of adaption, revolves around attention. You can gain a great deal of problem solving insight if you choose to see everything like death. You can find a great deal of meaning if you choose to see everything as alive. You will never be insensitive if you choose to feel everything freely and deeply, but do people choose these things? Do they choose anything at all really?

How does it feel when you are doing things right? I mean like right for you. It feels flexible and open, like a joint. Not formless and ambiguous, not meaningless. Everything begins to feel meaningful. Meaningful, but not fixed, not static. You find a way to account for new things, to allow for new growth. It feels like breathing, like all your life support is freely taken care of.

So if my thinking is going from a story to the future and then suddenly to squirrels, I’m feeling open and flexible? If I feel stuck on a thought then I’m trying too hard? No, if your thinking goes in a direction that seem distracting, confusing, then you are locked, closed down. If you feel stuck, you have cramped your attentional space, confined the range of your attention.

I get that through the night sometimes. I feel like I can’t tell the difference between thoughts and a dream. I wake up feeling like the dream is actually happening. The happening is actually dreaming, but one thing to do either way is direct your attention, and you accomplish that by knowing your direction, your feel, your style, your theme. How would you understand a word of god if you don’t even understand the word of you? In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god. Since the beginning of recorded history, even of spoken tradition, there has been that one central intuition that intention creates, that intention is meaning. That everything happens because it was intended. We just haven’t yet come to genuinely understand what it is to intend. We don’t have a clue how we intend, or why we should consciously try. We make no conscious progress because we haven’t even found the feet of the conscious mind yet. We’re still busy looking at the ground beneath them. What we are observing is indeed beneath us where it is supposed to be. All this bio-mechanical reasoning is like saying you have to understand soil composition before you can walk anywhere.

The meaning of the mind is not in the brain. The meaning of the self is not in the world. It is the source of these things, not the product. The behaviour of the world and the brain is guided and governed by laws that pre-existed the object themselves, and it’s by the same process that we become aware of this state of being, that we also see beyond this state of being. The information that we are is embedded all around us. You experience it as arising inside of you, but everything you think you experience is there also. You have access to nothing else.

Has this lost its sense of purpose? The thread we are following?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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You Experience You


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