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Activity Occurs Through You


So any questions or comments about today’s topic of Meditation? Did I cover it adequately?

Yes, very much. I liked the part about making your brain like a target and being aware of it without looking directly at it, and that’s meditation. You aren’t your brain or any other single part of your body.

And there are as many different ways to meditate as there are brains in the universe. Certainly. Active Meditation has a name, wei wu wei, doing non-doing. As you come to understand meditation, you will realize that any activity can occur through you without requiring you invest your “Self” in it.

I think Peanut meditates in his trunk after he’s had his fix of NyQuil. The puppet. Ah, it’s possible. A little science there, your brain is never fully awake or asleep at any time. It’s always a mix of both and the state in between as well. Whatever part of Jeff Dunham’s brain is responsible for giving personality to Peanut may actually meditate when he’s not performing. He wouldn’t even have to know it was going on.

In his case, multiple personality disorder has done him good. Ah no, it never does, because in order for it to arise patterns of tension have to partition the mind. The personalities are never without conflict. Multiple Personality Disorder could be described as broad spectrum self rejection.

He has said many times that he has no idea what his characters will say or do before hand. You can seed a persona in the mind. In occultism that’s called a thought form. It can even display some measure of independence like a psychic energy elemental, composed of all the relevant imagination, reasoning and emotion that gathers around the character concept. All that information is also energy. It can even come to seek self preservation, feeding the artist new ideas about their character so they continue to receive new information and energy, new attention. That thing most people don’t even give much of to themselves.

So all the puppets are still Jeff. I think that is why ventriloquism can be kind of creepy. The puppets sure can be.

I guess our avatars are the same as puppets huh? They can be if you splinter your personal identity from whatever you invest in your avatar, thus people speak of their typist and their relationship to the avatar identity.

Some people are alt addicts too. They have dozens of them.

Dragon LoreFor myself, I do no such thing. This dragon you see here, if you met me in person this would be my personality, my behaviour and reasoning style. If my avatar matches my genuine personality, if the symbolism matches my genuine self, well then it just means I achieved what I meant to. If not, well then it’s still a fun look. What do you think? Does this avatar reflect me very well? Or would another symbolize me better?

Yes it does. I didn’t think the other one you had reflects you, the red demon, at least not anymore. This one seems more like a dragon elder, well respected.

Just going from what you say, I would probably picture you as a monk.

I’d think a wizard.

Monk? What culture or tradition?


Thank you for sharing those with me. It’s meaningful to me. Perhaps if I were an eastern monk, I would be of the mikyo tradition, the mountain dwellers. Those who seek to match their spirits to the spirits of the mountain and the wild. They aren’t popular in their native culture. Tengu worship is seen as something similar to demon worship.

The kind that can mummify themselves through meditation. So an undead link? Where their inner energy controls their physical body.

What wizard do you think of?

I don’t think of a showy one, more a hermit type. Someone no one knows is a wizard, behind the scenes. They have a long history of being hermits. The showiness is more of a modern concept. The original mystery of the Wizard is how they managed to get by in the world so well, and how they understood the events around them well enough to see what would happen earlier than others, see more deeply into situations and people. The Taoist sorcerers would be an example in an eastern light, but the ancient lore singers of Finland, the rune seers of Germania… There are many examples really. The original druid order, and the ovates specifically. The difference between the monks of the east, and the western wizards, was their social stance. Withdrawal versus redirection. The eastern monk seeks refuge in meditation. The wizard is instead immersed in the world more deeply than their community. This is why wizards have the quasi malicious reputation. They were under no oath to keep hands off in the world. Does that reflect what you saw well?

Yes, they were often counsellors to kings. Yes. They actively sought to promote order. The middle eastern wizard was a vizier. There is even some reason to believe the words share a language root.

I found an interesting article about Cary Grant seeking spiritual experience through LSD. More of that set were seeking than is commonly known. There has been an underground culture of metaphysical students and practitioners all throughout history. I guess it was inevitable as they tended to be more thoughtful and far sighted than most.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Activity Occurs Through You


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