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If You Have Ears To Hear

Those ‘sins’ you have placed upon yourself – Deny them – for they didn’t happen to the Self God made you.

Use ego means as necessary, such as therapies, counselling, whatever you need to conventionally, humanly, put down and leave those events and occurrences which have held you to only ego existence.

Now are you ready to meet your maker, now do you begin to believe that you are getting out of this alive – not dead. 
Death is of the body and a body you are not. God created you in Its likeness, it is true, but this image was not defined by flesh.

Seek then to deny that which you know is not of His making and therefore not true nor the truth of who and what you are. Deny that which you can comfortably claim not to be of Him, remember – no strain.

For our past, like a type of weather may return and we need look upon it not like we used to. But instead, see it as something to be used as a reminder of that which we seek to see – The Christ. Can our ego’s history be used for anymore Holier of tasks?

And this is how His Holy Spirit teaches us, using that which we have enslaved ourselves with. True forgiveness is not only forgetting what you think was done to you or another but knowing there never was or will be anything that has or can corrupt your Self He made – you are safe healed and whole – eternally.

Although the ego and its use of time would try and teach you otherwise.

You are a body! It says. You have been hurt by this one! You have been wronged and put upon, used and abused! You have! You have!! You have!!!

No, you haven’t.

You are safely whole, unblemished by anything the ego would tell you has happened and been done to you – only nothing has.

A claim you MUST claim and hold to in order to be what you truly are.

You have no damaged psyche, it will disperse and become less and less now your vision has been returned to look upon His message, only Ego Eyes see pain and suffering. 

Christ vision sees through this to the eternal existence inherent in us all, beyond times grasp and all of its occurrences.

As a follower of His we too must endeavour to see as He, we must learn to give up ego sight in favour of the Christ vision and so needed whilst we are in still in our own private state of exile.

It is a decision to see Christ over all the suffering. 

Yet does it feel a hard one, filling us with guilt and fear.

Fear of our ego’s extinction. Make no mistake your ego will fight you for its own survival with no care for the cost it asks of you. It will tell you that to stop seeing, feeling another’s pain and suffering is wrong – selfish, even god-denying (!) and you may feel extremely guilty as you attempt to leave this version of the world in favour of the one Christ wants – no, needs us, to believe in.

This is a time of bravery… and hesitancy, when beginning to walk, what feels like a new path. One alien to the millennium of ego trekking you have done – a slog indeed, heavy and burdensome, encumbered by both its mind-shattering sorrow filled view of its world and need to remain alone and away from this very moment in time.  The time of your decision.

Yet inevitable it has always been, the only thing truly written in stone, your decision for God in constancy.

And yes, you must leave all that the ego has taught you to be true, for it knows not truth, only self-preservation. A self not created, but made instead from the fragment of a mind in decision to split from its Creator. Madness made manifest.

Tentatively we try out how it feels to be both guilt-free and Christ-seeing, quietly you slip past the ego’s condemning rants and hateful eye.

You find your empathy is not gone for all or any suffering. Instead, you can now look upon it in all its forms and understand its true significance.

You see all those suffering, not just those on the receiving end, but you see that those inflicting the pain are in great need too.

And this need you now recognise requires more than ego eyes, it calls for the Christ sight.

Your embodiment of Him is contained within this. Amen

This post first appeared on FOR THE LOVE OF PEACE, please read the originial post: here

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If You Have Ears To Hear


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