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The attainment of Peace is reliant upon nothing but your acceptance of it. I can hear many already going 'but!' from that line.

If you place conditions upon its appearance in your life then that is what you will be engaged in and not with peace.

If all peace requires is the acceptance of it then anything else you do in an attempt to have it is just that, something else you are doing before you choose it. There are no conditions surrounding it as a state, just a decision that you want it, and nothing else.

Peace is internal and a stand-alone experience. If I decide I want it but just need to get the outer part of my life quiet or calm enough to have it, then I will be spending time focusing on that which I don't want.

This took me a long time to figure out, and even when I did, I still could not accept the simplicity of my endeavour.

Regardless of what was happening externally and however much I thought I needed to get that sorted or even gone, I was never going to find peace that way. Or at least not something that was lasting. Externally perceived and achieved peace is always going to be reliant upon outside conditions to be just right for me to let myself have it.

However, it has to be said that if you can make changes to effectively lower the level of external stresses and negative engagements in your outer life then this will help in mentally allowing you to relax enough to turn inward. So, for a while, I worked from the outside in, and I think that is a valid step toward finding your eternal and internal peace state.

(Just as an aside, imagine being in a war zone, like many find themselves in all over the world today, and someone saying it's all internal, the peace they are seeking...not the way to go and very indicative of a privileged society casting down their opinions from a place not in any major disruptions. Let's not do that to each other. We're not wise in the West, only rich, affording us environmental conditions to espouse usually only the ways we have become enormously materially endowed, hardly helpful.)

So,from quietening down the external I at least gave myself opportunities to seek a deeper level of peace. However, now that I have spent time sitting in it internally I have come to understand the order of operations.

The external state of our lives is and only ever can be, an internal realisation of that which we dwell upon the most. If I am always looking to the outside world to define me then it will, and I will remain like a rudderless ship being tossed about on a merciless ocean.

Yet if I decide I have a mind and one which I must control, and can train to think upon what I want it to and not what this world says I must, then I begin to give myself the mental tools needed to reclaim my inner peace reliable upon nothing this place has. Ironically, or as a result of time deliberately spent in peace, and a mindful inaction, the outer place and experiences change. They have to. But I need to be able to get to place both external and internal which allows for this understanding to actually mean something.

If I no longer hold the same level of importance upon external events and come to understand them as results of my inner self's focus then the more time spent in peace the more things will take care of themselves externally.
If you teach yourself how to return your mind to your inner peace well, then when a perceived problem or attack appears, take it and your mind straight to peace. Sit in it as long as you can, having first taken the worrying thoughts with you then laid them down, aside, whilst you re-fortify yourself in peace.

Then, if need be, you may pick them back up, but you could also find that they diminish mentally and as this happens internally, so too does the external representation of them dissolve and slip away.

Peace is your best bet for any disruptions that seem to arise. No analyse, don't chase your own tail, just recognise your peace has been lost and endeavour to return your thinking to a state where it can be reclaimed.

Of course, this is one of those statements that is easy to write but harder to read and apply.
when I was in the midst of life on earth and a full believer in its authority, I would often get snagged in dramas and problems, self-perpetuating my own inner state of being that rudderless ship.

I had to use many different approaches to peace, which, in the beginning, were all external, and I am glad I did.

When my anxiety was so bad I could not even walk to the letter-box, yes, I couldn't make it that far, then I would use bush-flower essence, and Valerian capsules to slow me back down. I would call a free telephone counselling service and talk through a plan of action, I would watch something funny, read or write some affirmations. I would take hot baths and turn the electric blanket on.

I would look ahead and see where the next stressful situation was going to be and plan for it.
Over a four year period, I had steadily become more and more reclusive until in the final two years I had nearly curtailed all my social contact by doing everything online, including all my shopping and my degree. I cut all connections with people I knew liked me as I was too scared they would want to be friends and need to meet up. If I wanted company, because even though I had severe anxiety, I felt acute loneliness, I would hug my dog, or if I was up to it, go stand in a shopping cue or wander around my favourite and out-of-the-way op shop. The closeness of other bodies, although no communication happened, was enough to appease my need for human contact.

Sometimes just watching the workers fix the road or the fishermen load their boats from my window was enough to make me feel part of something. I remember one time I had had no physical or visual contact with another for six months, and a road-worker had parked his backhoe near my driveway. The next morning when he came to collect it, I silently watched out of the window as he prepared it for the day's work, just the sight of him was enough to make me feel in contact and all I could cope with at that time.

So for me, peace had to start to without first, but now, years and years on, I know it must come from within to be sustained and useful.
Had I known then what I do now I am not sure I would have been able to just drop all those anxieties and go within. But I did recognise that I needed to do something to bring me the peace of mind I longed for.

My favourite personal motto is; start where you find yourself. It's the right place and the only one you've got. And if you start now, then when it will happen for you?? Your peace won't bestow itself upon, it is yours to be sought and time spent in everyday. Go fo it.

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