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Be Political or be at Peace, but you won't be able to be both.
Political views draw us into the mess, inner peace leads us out.
All being political really means is having an opinion that is usually shared by a group.
Opinion = one Political = the/a mass.

I would sincerely encourage all those who are genuinely seeking inner peace to abdicate from politicising. It will never lead to any type of immediate resolution and often, from what I have observed, leads those with strong views on how things should be, into a mentally which is barely reconcilable with peace.

I have been following a particularly heated demonstration recently  from the viewpoint of those feeling encroached upon. The one person's posts I have been reading have gone from what I thought to be a very spiritual minded and deeply wise centre, to one now fully enmeshed in the surface living on the earth.

I believe, and see, injustices happen all the time...all the time. But have learnt no peace can come from their pursuit and if I am to believe what it is I think is true, then at some point this body and what happens to it cannot effect my true identity in Christ.

So this presents a dilemma, or so it would appear. What does one endeavouring for peace 'do' when those around us demand we not only look upon that which is compromised but opinionate about it as well?

Nothing externally. No voice in agreement or disagreement. Offering no ideas on what needs to be done to balance the scales. Why? Not because I do not care what happens whilst I am here, but because my political involvement is not what is needed in situations such as these.

Peace is. Peaceful minds are required to look upon all that we have made and done down here and respond only with a care-full approach or action, and that is only if you are directly called upon to do so.

Always go to your peace centre first before you open your mouth and deliver a message rendering you clearly for or against the issue in question.

There are plenty of opinions but not many peace givers. Change your tack and step back from what you think is required of you and do what can only ever help any opinion-inflamed mind, a peace-full field surrounding your approach.

That is why spending time every day learning how to be in this part of yourself is vital, and more helpful than any other action at this time.

Think back to when there has been a crisis of some type in your own life, who did you need, really? The angry, inflamed supporter? Or a calm and considering counsel. I know who I would choose. Sadly there are not many of these beacons around us in the political arena, so why not become one for those clearly suffering from their own involvement with life down here on earth.

Peacekeepers do just that, they keep the peace – within themselves, so they can give it freely to others in need. This place needs peacekeepers, start building your lighthouse today by stopping watching the news and being involved in all the dramas, and turn inwards instead listening to the sound of your peace. Isn't that thirty minutes better spent?

Your inner peace may appear as silent,  but it is not without message.

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