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Build It They Will Come: The Building Blocks to a Best in Class Career Site


Building a Career site can be much like building a boat or for that fact any structure that is meant to capture or hold on to something. I thought it would be interesting to use some of the key facts about Noah’s Ark, seeing it was one of the largest man made boats of its time and compare that to some of the leading practices, when building your career site!

Let get this boat moving….

Fact #1

Noah’s ark was a huge boat:  450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high

Noah’s boat was simple enough from a design perspective, but complex enough to hold all the different animals, food and not to mention his own family members! I was surprised to read that the boat had 3 different stories inside!

The same holds true for your career site! It should have a simple enough design that it is intuitive for user to use yet complex enough to meet the needs of all the different users. This is in addition to serving your organizations end goal- which is converting talent!

A good starting place is to ask yourself, if I were a candidate how would I find a job at this company? How would I identify with this organization? How do my skills sets align to their needs? Essentially, where do I fit in? Just like the animals in the boat..

Strategy pages are a great way to drive groups of talent to a subset of jobs. Likewise, talent community join is also a powerful way for passive candidates to connect. Both have a purpose, with an end goal in mind of converting active and passive talent.


Fact #2

The ark took over 100 years to build

Certainly in that time and age and with limited resources. tools and technology this would make good sense; however, when it comes to building your career site, organization’s just don’t have that kind of time!

Ensuring you identify a timeline and goals of upfront is essential- yet also ensure you plan for the unexpected bump in the road or in this case.. hole in the boat!

Secondly, having an initial go-live date is great, but the building does not stop there! Just like any good boat; maintenance is required. This means setting aside time to update your career site and explore new functionality that might further compliment your strategy.




Fact #3

Noah’s ark was built only to float, not to sail anywhere

This fact makes sense given the land was completely covered with water.. there was no coordinates to map the boat to!

Career site’s on the other hand.. should have a set of coordinates and ideally a captain as well. This will ensure that that your strategy can set sail and target the correct audience at all times. It also means ensuring your career site is agile enough to be more than just a career site.. but rather a destination.

A destination that can be reached by mobile and non mobile devices..

A destination that can be reached by niche audiences such as vets, new grads and diverse candidates.

It should also be agile enough to work OUTSIDE of your careers page! Yes, I literally mean, break apart your boat aka career site. The ability for your captain and their team to use pages of your career site to better market jobs and related content outside of your careers page makes your site a powerful marketing engine!

Recruiting Marketing now offers the ability to create landing pages that can be used to easily market at events and job fairs. These pages will allow candidates to engage with you while also tracking key information about the event and job fairs for future marketing.





Fact #4

Noah did not have to get the animals. The animals came to him

Noah not only had to rely and trust that the animals would come, he had to make it easy and also ensure he had the correct type of animals and number of animals he needed to fill the boat!

Just like Noah, your organization needs to ensure that the career site will not only attract the right talent but will also be able to easily report on who and where they came from. Recruiting Marketing empowers customers to measure not only the effectiveness of their sources, but their own career sites as well! Additionally, Recruiting Marketing takes the guess work out of SEO ( search engine optimization) by ensuring built in leading practices to support best in class SEO with our patented technology! This will ensure the right talent comes onboard your boat!

Fact #5

It took more than just Noah to build the boat

Though there are no reports of Noah hiring others to assist him, it seems reasonable that Noah employed a large group of workman to build the Ark. Some estimate a boat this size took approximately 120 years to complete during his time! I am not suggesting it should take you 120 years to build your career site, but leveraging the talent around you to assist in the build and maintenance of your site is leading practice.

The typical team of “workers” you will need, will vary based on your vision and organizational structure. For example, a regional company with one brand .. may need 1 person who can maintain and build the site with additional resources such as marketing and legal playing a key role from afar. While a large global entity with multiple brands, may need an administer per region along with their own team of experts regarding the local branding and legal compliance.

Aside from traditional resources such as Marketing & Legal- getting your employees involved can be beneficial as well. Feedback and ideas from other hiring managers on how they want their jobs to appear on the site can be useful for candidates. Likewise, highlighting key aspects of your culture through employee based groups and events, is a great way to add and build content and make your site come alive for a prospective candidate. This is especially important to the Millennials, as, culture is the #1 driver for these candidates. Recruiting Marketing offers many different and unique ways to creatively highlight Jobs by brand, region , department etc. Recruiting Marketing also has great features such as video , slide shows and custom plug in capabilities to further personalize your site.





In summary, it is important to create and consider your blue prints before building. The same holds true for your career site. Taking the time up front to design and think through your candidate experience will ensure your boat stays afloat and has a successful journey!! Check out the leading practice blue print for Recruiting Marketing, now at the sap store. Best of luck in your journey ahead!

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Build It They Will Come: The Building Blocks to a Best in Class Career Site


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