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Intensify on Mac Review

Back to the subject of photo processing, today we will guide you through Intensify CK Review. Recently, complex and intricate photo editors have given way to simpler and easier to handle applications. Among the photoeditors that we know, there are those that can edit photos automatically. Intensify CK works using the same principle. Just like all the other applications included in Creative Kit, Intensify CK focuses on editing photos in one click. Lets start our “Intensify CK Review”!

Intensify CK Review: Using

Let’s take a look at using Intensify CK. Download it here:, install and start working.

The central part is where the photo is, the settings panel is on the right and the tool bar is at the top.

Intensify CK Review

Let’s take a look at the two ways to use the application, one by one.

Automatic Settings in Intensify CK

The first way is editing photos using automatic Presets.


There are quite a few of them sorted into groups. That’s the reason they are a great way for beginners to edit photos. There is a slider bar in all Presets that allows adjusting them. After a while, the most frequently used Presets are moved to the Favorites tab.


Intensify CK Review: Manual Settings

The second way, as you might have guessed, is manual Adjust. Let’s take a look at each of the settngs panels.


  • The first panel is Histogram designed to display the color histogram.
  • The second panel is Color Temperature where you can manage the white balance and choose shades and temperature.
  • The next panel is Basic Tune that adjusts contrast, brightness and shade as well as color saturation.
  • Pro Contrast panel, unlike the regular settings, allows adjusting contrast of light, dark and in-between parts of the image. Using it, you can emphasize the color without losing the details.
  • Next is the Structure panel. Using it, we can emphasize texture and small details. Everything that might normally look dull can be emphasized using that settings group. Here we can also see two groups: Global and Micro. Both can help flexibly adjust effect application.
  • The Details panel is self-explanatory. You can use it to get a more vivid picture. Here you can also select the area to apply the effect: Global, Highlights, Shadows. The Masking setting helps to fight against excess noise.
  • Micro Sharpness sharpens the image without increasing the noise level. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that working with this parameter is always better if the photo is enlarged at least 50%, otherwise the settings effect is difficult to adjust.
  • Vignette adjusts vignetting effect, nothing fancy there.
  • Opacity adjusts a layer’s opacity.
  • The right side of each panel has a reset button and a check box that lets you disable the setting of this particular panel, so that you can compare the changes with or without it. To return to the neutral position of the sliders, double-click on it.


Effectively Working with Layers

This is not all that Intensify CK developers can offer us, though. Working with layers can produce better results. This feature allows you to edit different areas of a picture separately. The idea is quite simple—we can create different layers with individual presets for each. For example, you can make the leaves brighter and the image of a dog sharper. Let’s take a closer look at how to do this. For that, we uploaded a low quality photo to better see the outcome of using the application. To start with, let’s define the first Layer, or rather begin editing it. There is a slider here to regulate noise.


Then, one click on the brush brings out an additional settings panel in the central part of the interface for further editing.


The first thing to do is select an area, the so-called Layer, for processing. After selecting the brush, click Show to see the area to select, then choose the brush diameter by clicking on Brush. For a more effective result, enlarge the photos up to 300% in the Zoom window. You can also select Opacity and Softness here.


Select an area to be processed. If you accidentally selected more than you need, remove the selection using Eraser located next to Brush.


Then unclick Show and process the selected area using all the methods described above.


As you can see, the image is now brighter and sharper.

Let’s proceed to the second layer. To do this, we need to click ‘+’ in the Layers tab, and a new window called Layer1 will pop up.

In the second layer we will work on the brightness and sharpness of the autumn leaves. Everything is done the same way as with the previous Layer, only this time select another part of the picture.


Next let’s start processing the image using the settings panel.


Once you processed each of the selected areas, you can create a third Layer and select the whole picture in order to equalize the difference between the layers. To do this, create another Layer, and click Fill.


Now let’s go back to our settings and edit the whole picture.


To see the difference in the images, you need to use a special button on the toolbar.


The result is obvious: the dog’s image is much sharper and the leaves are much brighter.

As with all Creative Kit applications, you can do more than just save the edited picture, but also immediately share it on social networks or open for further processing in applications created by Creative Kit.

Intensify CK Review: Weaknesses

Let’s talk about the weaknesses of this applications: first, the application is not free, which may make some people think twice before buying, second, the developers have not provided the option of pre-treating the photographs, such as, crop, rotate, flip, but in fact, all this is not a big deal.

The Intensify СK application is very simple and comfortable to use even for those who are far from being sophisticated photoeditors. Thx for reading Intensify СK Review.

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Intensify on Mac Review


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