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How to Edit PDF Files on Mac | PDFpenPro Review

Many of us have faced problem working with PDF files. The need to use PDF files might have arisen when filling out on-line PDF forms, or when having to change something in a PDF Document, or in other circumstances where you needed to enter or edit your data.

The inability to edit PDF files may bring a lot of inconveniences. For example, you would need to print a file, then fill it out, then scan it, and only after all that you could send your data. It takes quite a bit of time and is not always convenient.

Today in our “PDFpenPro Review” we will tell you about an application that you can use to make changes to PDF documents. The application is called Pdfpenpro. You can Download the trial version at this link: Download Free Trial.

An Overview of PDFpenPro Tools

After you install and run the application, it’s time to learn about using it. Now we will walk you through what needs to be done to fill out a form. For example, you are writing a CV. You have a blank form in PDF and need to enter your data. But first, let’s take a look at the interface.

PDFpenPro Review: Interface

It consists of a toolbar at the top where everything that you need for using the app is located.

Use the Sidebar button to change the location of the sidebar, for example, when working with two documents it will be convenient to place one in the center of the window, and the other one on the left.

PDFpenPro Review: Menubar settings

The Zoom button can enlarge or shrink the image.

Use Scale to capture the right size scale for working with the image.

The Up/Down buttons help to go up and down within the document.

If you work with multiple files, the Page button comes in handy. It will help you find the right page without having to go through the entire document.

The Find button will help you find any text portion in the document by entering the word or the first letters of the word in the bar, and the app will display the search results.

PDFpenPro Review: Interface

The Highlight button helps to Select a color for highlighting a specific passage as well as the font style (Underline, Strikethrough, Squiggle).

PDFpenPro Review: Colors

Using the Insert button, you can open up a new document for editing in the window.

PDFpenPro Review: Interface

The Share button is used to share the document via social networks, e-mail, Airdrop, or others. We will talk about the rest of the features as we tell you about PDFpenPro. To learn more about how to edit PDF documents with PDFpenPro, please continue reading our “PDFpenPro Review”.

Editing PDF Documents in PDFpenPro

We are continue our PDFpenPro Review, so back to the CV. To edit the text, we must first activate the Markup Tools button, then select the text you want to edit and click Correct Text.

PDFpenPro Review: EditingPDFpenPro Review: Top Menu

The app will highlight the field you want, and after the cursor appears, you can start editing the text.

PDFpenPro PDF title editingPDFpenPro PDF title editing - 2

That’s the way to use PDFpenPro to edit any text in a PDF document.

Now let’s see how to use the application to fill out a questionnaire.

As an example, we have chosen a visa application. To start working with the document, you need to have the app prepare the file. Do this by selecting the Edit tab in the menu bar, then choose Create Form Fields for Page in the dropdown menu.


After you choose the specified function, click OK to Automatically Create Form Fields.


PDFpenPro automatically determines the fields to be filled out.


After that, all you need to do is move the cursor to the right line, adjust its position using the spacebar, and enter the data.


To select one of the two options in the box, tick the right checkbox, then follow the same steps as you did to select the fields to fill out, and then use the cursor to make the selection.


If you have any questions which was not clear in our “PDFpenPro Review” post, please let us know in comments.

PDFpenPro Review: Deleting a Portion of Text

Deleting unnecessary portions of the text has always been a part of editing documents.

PDFpenPro can also make it possible. Let’s use the previous document to learn how to delete text.

So, to remove a portion of the text in a file, you need to click Select Rectangle,


then select the portion you want deleted using the cursor,


select the Format tab in the top menu and then the Redact Text – Erase line.


Now the application can remove the selected portion of the document.


Using PDFpenPro to Add Text

Adding text is just as easy. Click on Text in the Tools menu, then select an area where you will place your text. Then type it in and you’re done.


To select the font size and style you need to select Format -> Font -> Show Fonts from the top menu. PDFpenPro has a variety of options to choose from.


Choose the one you want.


You can select the style, the size, and the color of font, etc. All of these settings can be found after clicking on the settings icon where you will also see a great variety of special characters.


Now your document is fully edited.


PDFpenPro Review: Using PDFpenPro to Insert an Image into a Document

The application can also help you to insert photos into documents. A good example of that is the visa application file we used above.

To add a photo to a PDF document, click on Library, then, in the window that appears, click on +, and select the image you want to add to the document.


Now the photo shows up in Library. Use the cursor to drag the picture to the page and adjust its size. Now you have a ready, filled out document.


It’s good to know that to cancel an action, you need to select Edit from the menu bar, then go Undo or use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+Z.

Using PDFpenPro to Work with Large Texts

This application can also be useful in working with large texts. Its features are designed for that.

Let’s use the Tom Sawyer novel as an example.


When reading a book, we almost always notice the parts that are interesting for us and want to bookmark them for future use. PDFpenPro has such commands as underscore, strikethrough, highlight a word or lines, make notes and comments.

Let’s start from the top. To make a note, you need to click on Note in the toolbar, place the cursor where you want the note (usually at the end of a paragraph), and then type in the note.


Making a comment is also easy. Go to the toolbar and click the Comment button, then place the cursor where you need it and enter your comments.


Another convenient feature is searching comments. It is found on the toolbar under Annotations. Select the command, and the app will display the list of comments and their content.


Another useful feature is text highlighting. When reading something, we often want to highlight a quote we liked or simply some interesting passage. Do this by clicking on the Highlight Text Tool, use the cursor to highlight the portion you want, and then select the fill color in Highlight to fill in the selected part of text.

PDFpenPro Review - Notes

You can also cross out or underline text by selecting the needed command in the Highlight dropdown menu.

For convenience and for reading, Add Entry is a very handy feature. It can be used for working on a large text or a number of scanned documents. Using Add Entry you can avoid having to go through many pages before you find the one you need. In just a few mouse clicks, the application will provide access to the needed page. Let’s see how this feature works on the example of our book.

The first thing we need to do is select a portion of text with the help of Select Rectangle.

PDFpenPro Chapters

Then choose Edit->Table of Contents->Add Entry in the menu bar.

PDFpenPro Chapter

PDFpenPro automatically recognizes which page you are on and connects the title we choose to a corresponding document.

PDFpenPro Chapter

Now you will have an easier time opening the page you need. All you have to do is select the chosen title. Likewise, you can also create crossheads. Open the dropdown menu bar and got to Edit – Table of Contents – Add Child.

PDFpenPro Review: Conclusion

The application developers have taken care to make learning PDFPenPro’s helpful features as easy as possible by posting video tutorials on their site. They describe each feature in detail. In any case, there will be people who will not have time to study our description in this review. All the videos can be found here:

On the whole, we liked PDFpenPro, because it proved to be useful and easy for working on PDF documents. There are certain nuances, though—the application has many features and it takes time to learn how to use them properly. In addition, the app is quite pricey, but the price is justified by the great range of features provided.

But the choice is up to each one of us, so someone might think it necessary to purchase the application to save many hours of their time, while others will continue to use the tools they are familiar with.

PDFpenPro also has a simper version, PDFpen, and if you do not need such features as:

  • Turn websites into PDFs
  • Create and edit forms
  • Export: Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, PDF/A
  • Permissions: add and edit
  • Create and edit Tables of Contents
  • Create Links from URLs

then you can safely start out using PDFpen, and when you feel that you need the above features, you can switch to the Pro version.

PDFPen is also available for iPad and iPhone.

We hope, you’ll choose the best app  you need to edit PDF files, thx for reading our “PDFpenPro Review”.

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How to Edit PDF Files on Mac | PDFpenPro Review


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