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Top stories from the VSTS community – 2017.01.26

Here are top stories we found in our streams this week related to Devops, Vsts, TFS and other interesting topics.


  • What I learned about Microsoft doing DevOps: Part 8 – Deploying in a continuous delivery and cloud world or how to deploy on Monday morning - Wouter de Kort
    In this post I want to highlight some principles that will help you adopt to the new cloud world and continuous delivery practices.
  • Allow to trigger VSTS Build and Release - Jounad Tourvieille
    If you like VSTS and Chrome, this tool may help you. Its purpose is to quickly launch VSTS Builds and Releases directly from Chrome.
  • VSTS Gems- Skip scheduled builds if nothing has changed in the repo - Shmulik Ahituv
    VSTS is a great platform, but did you know about its gems? Follow this short post series where we undercover some of its coolest features.
  • Increase RAM for ElasticSearch for TFS Search - Ricci Gian Maria
    ElasticSearch greatly benefit from high amount of RAM, both for query cache and for operating system cache of Memory Mapped Files.
  • Continuous Delivery of your NuGet Packages with VSTS - Wes Macdonald
    This post will show one approach you can use for your NuGet with VSTS, I shall show you how you can use the release views in a NuGet Package feed to communicate package quality.
  • DevOps and Security: How to Overcome Cultural Challenges and Transform to True DevSecOps - Mike Kail
    It’s important to remember that DevOps and DevSecOps are not job titles or roles. They are paradigm shifts in thinking and culture. Big shifts. But necessary ones.…
  • Using Linked ARM Templates with VSTS Release Management - Colin Dembovsky
    If you've ever had to create a complex ARM template, you'll know it can be a royal pain.
  • GitHub Issues - As a deployment gate in VSTS Release Management - Utkarsh Shigihalli
    The process of monitoring GitHub issues as a deployment gate is a manual step today, in this blogpost we’ll show you how to automate this by leveraging the power of Azure Functions and VSTS.
  • How to restore Azure SQL DW GeoBackup across Azure subscriptions - Tarun Arora
    If you have arrived here, you are likely using Azure SQL DW and wondering how to restore a backup from one Azure subscription to another…?


  • 155 // Unconscious Bias with Anna Russo
    In this episode Greg is joined by The Man in the Black Shirt, Mr. DevOps, Donovan Brown. This is the second time in a row where Donovan has joined us for the first show of the year, hopefully starting a new tradition. We chat about DevOps, "There can be only One," looking back on DevOps in 2017, forward into 2018 and much more...

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Top stories from the VSTS community – 2017.01.26


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