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Top stories from the VSTS community – 2017.12.08

Here are top stories we found in our streams this week related to DevOps, VSTS, TFS and other interesting topics.


  • DevTest Labs, Artifacts, WinRM, and Network settings - Wouter de Kort
    In this blog post I’ll show you an easy way to configure PowerShell remoting (WinRM) on your machines and share some networking knowledge that I learned while doing that.
  • Azure ARM VS Code extension - Ed Elliott
    Get the ability to test arm template functions locally so you can test any scripts in the templates without having to deploy them.
  • PS Script Get All Team Projects Listed as HTML–TFS/VSTS - Chaminda Chandrasekara
    You may want to sometimes satisfy the needs of your team, specially PMs, requesting already available information in document format. Here is a PowerShell script to generate the same list as HTML file with link to the relevant team project, if someone requested you to have it as a separate document.
  • Feature Flags Performance Testing - Geoff Gray & Danny Crone
    We wanted to see what impact using the flags would have on one of their VSTS Extensions (specifically the Roll-up board). This article describes the planning, execution and reporting for that testing.
  • Another task in VSTS/TFS - Max @ ObjectSharp
    I have released another task called Download and Extract File. Yes, I know it's not very creative name, but it's very descriptive. This task allows you to download a file from anonymous or authenticated sources and then extract it to the specified folder.
  • Rename TFS Team Project Collection databases - Pieter Gheysens
    When doing TFS migrations I’m often faced with mismatches between the name of the Team Project Collection and the underlying database file name. Instead of keeping track of which TPC is linked with a specific database file name, I recommend to keep the names aligned to avoid confusion.
  • TFS 2017 Build - Partially succeed a build - Hamid Shahid
    At times, there is a need to explicitly set a Team build's result to be "Partially Successful".
  • New SonarQube Tasks and SonarQube Endpoints in VSTS - Daniel van der Starre
    As you may have noticed, the out-of-the-box tasks for SonarQube within the Task Catalog of Visual Studio Team Services are deprecated.
  • #LearningVSTS – Let’s Play With My Profile - Mickey Gousset
    Let’s go see what kind of trouble I can get into here with some of My profile settings.
  • Tips and Tricks: User has Allow Delete work items, but no delete button on work item - Niel Zeeman
    The user in TFS/VSTS has all the rights enabled to delete work items. The problem is that when you open the work items the "Delete" button is missing, and you do not have the option to delete in query lists.
  • Regression Testing Advantages - Promoting Product Quality - Phil Edwards
    Regression testing advantages do outweigh the risks of not doing it. Regression testing promotes the improvement of the product quality, and it verifies that any modifications that have been done do not impact the core functions already tested and proven.
  • Work Around for .NET Framework 4.7 or a later update is already installed on this computer - Gordon Beeming
    I see this message most times I format my machines after opening existing projects in Visual Studio and I always forgot how I solve it - "… is targeting ".NETFramework, Version-v4.7", which is not installed on this machine."


  • DevOps for Any Language, Any Platform
    Join us at Microsoft Vancouver on January 9th 2018 for a community meetup, presented by Donovan Brown and hosted by envisioningLABS.


  • Moving from Subversion to Git – Edward Thomson
    This video shows you how to migrate from Subversion to Git hosted by Visual Studio Team Services.

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Top stories from the VSTS community – 2017.12.08


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