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Introduction to Microsoft Intelligent Edge

Guest post by Ivaxi Miteshkumar Sheth Microsoft Student Partner at Imperial College

About me

I am Ivaxi Miteshkumar Sheth. I am a year 2 student at Imperial College London pursuing Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Since childhood, I have been interested in Mathematics and Technology. With my degree, I am looking forward to building various projects that can help the society. I am interested in hardware designing. Currently I am a Committee Member of Department Women’s Society that aims to provide support and increase the gender ratio of women in the Department. I am also working as an Electrical Engineer for Imperial Green Racing. Apart from tech, I am very passionate about dancing.

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The agenda of this blog is to introduce you all to a relatively new technology by Microsoft called Microsoft Intelligent Edge.

What Is Windows Azure?

Windows azure is Microsoft cloud computing platform that to run a application and scale. It takes a application centric view of cloud computing that manages entire life cycle of the application. From development to testing to deployment with a touch of a button to motoring and scaling the application and running on internet that helps to understand the application and analyses it so that we can build and better version and deploy on cloud without incurring any downtime.

What is IOT?

IOT stands for Internet of Things. By 2020 there will be 50 billion objects connected to the internet with a total population of about juts 7.6 billion. Which means there will be 6.6 objects per head connected to the internet. Devices are given an opportunity to sense, control and communicate with other devices that enables an efficient working of a module. IOT is becoming increasing popular with as it can make humans life easier with almost no effort. Makes lifes easier than a Robot maybe?

What is Microsoft Intelligent Edge?

Microsoft Intelligent Edge takes information from cloud and runs on IOT devices. It harnesses signal from real world or real time from iot device and puts more intelligence. It is cross platform supported by Windows and Linux. It enables development and testing of edge workloads in the cloud with later deployment the edge as part as a continuous integration and deployment.

Edge runtime gives services for the rest of the infrastructure on the box. Each edge run time itself would be trusted, meaning that with each boot time and even whenever anything happens in memory, edge run time would continue. Isolation of devices- Downstream can be managed from edge run time and this is gives flexibility of run time as well as for scale. Modules are managed by edge runtime. One can add capabilities to runtime like machine learning function and analytics, cognitive services. These are packaged in a container which has certain properties. Performs an action based on certain input and output. Any kind of routing is possible. Any number of modules can communicate with each other or not set as per user.

It has seamless deployment of advanced capabilities such as multiplexing to any 3rd party available in 36 centers across the globe. Getting insights and actions are externally possible too, but cloud helps to scale the information and share it across the globe and provides intelligence.


Microsoft Intelligent Edge uses connection from azure iot hub which is secure to establish a communication. Detect that the network is disappeared and start storing and network comes back and start forwarding it to cloud. Edge will be managed from cloud, so when the device is online, it is accessed through the cloud. Edge will give instructions and the instruction will tell edge to load from the cloud and run locally.

One of the biggest concern of firms is security. A secure connection from device to Iot Edge is established, updates and controls the telemetry and monitor security of the device. Privacy of data and protection. With iot hub you get security and device management, one can bring down insights, alerts and other operations happening to the cloud, in the cloud down to device. While sharing the information across the globe, the developer can share only some data while keeping the rest to cloud.

How does IOT helps while working on projects?

As engineering students, we continuously work on interesting projects. Often it happens that we are unable to log every change that we have made to the hardware or the code, IOT edge comes very handy. All you would have to do is get Azure IOT Hub and download Edge on the single board computers like Raspberry Pi or Arduino. After appropriate coding, one can easily reflect through the changes.

A typical student’s life with IOT Edge.


How can this lead to a prospective career?

There are two main parts of Edge role. One is Development that is the back end and Operation of the Edge will be the front End. One can get involved in the following manner:

· Cloud development

· Coding platform eg: Visual Studio

· Develop and Test

· Deployment and scaling

· Managing large workplaces

· Feedback and Alert System


Azure IOT Edge, Make hybrid cloud and edge Internet of Things (IoT) solutions a reality with Azure Iot Edge, a service that delivers cloud capabilities to the edge. IoT Edge provides easy orchestration between code and services, so they flow securely between cloud and edge to distribute intelligence across IoT devices. Easily integrate Microsoft Azure and third-party services, or augment existing services to create a custom IoT application with your own business logic. You get the best of both worlds with devices that can act locally based on the data they generate, while also taking advantage of the cloud to configure, deploy, and manage them securely and at scale.

Try out Azure IOT Edge Preview for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Docs on Azure IOT Edge

Azure IOT Edge Extending Intelligence

You can get IOT Edge on GitHub here

You can get started with Microsoft Azure here

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Introduction to Microsoft Intelligent Edge


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