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Battery Life Benchmarked: Samsung J5 beats Galaxy S7

Samsung J5It was reported by the mirror two days ago that the Samsung J5 out bench marked the Samsung Galaxy S7 in terms of it’s battery life. The mirror ran a number of different tests to see which smartphone could last the longest when undergoing a set of different tests. The Samsung J5 came out on top by just 2 minutes. It’s remarkable that such a cheaper phone can have more stamina than a very high end phone. The Samsung J5 happens to be one of the cheapest smartphones that Samsung have ever sold. Therefore within this post I am going to give more information about the Samsung J5 and compare it’s design, features and performance to the Samsung Galaxy S7.


The Samsung J5 is currently on Amazon for £147.99 which is £382 cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S7 (Which costs £529.99), making it the perfect budget smartphone.

Design and features

Even though the Samsung J5 is a budget smartphone, it still comes with a overall fairly nice design and enough features to enable you to carry out the majority of activities that you normally would on your smartphone. We’ll start with the front look of the smartphone, you’ll notice that the front design of the J5 is almost identical as the Samsung Galaxy S7. All three buttons at the bottom of the smartphone are designed in the exact same way, and the amount of bezel at both the bottom, top and the sides of the smartphone is pretty much in proportion to the bezel on Samsung Galaxy S7. The J5 also comes with Samsung’s super amoled display, which for it’s price I really do not think there is much room for talk. The screen however on the Samsung Galaxy is 0.5 inches bigger than the J5, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a 5.5 inch screen whereas the J5 only features a 5 inch screen. The only other noticeable difference about the screen is that the S7 features an ‘always on display’ which the J5 does not have. Also as you would expect from a cheaper smartphone, the screen resolution on this smartphone is just 720 x 1280 pixels as opposed to 2560 x 1440 pixels on the S7 which is quite a remarkable difference.

Samsung J5 smartphoneWhen it comes to the features of the J5, it’s not too far behind the Galaxy S7, it still features micro USB super fast charging, NFC and all of the other features that you would generally now expect in a modern smartphone. It does not however feature waterproof like the S7 does, and comes with less storage space. The J5 comes with 8/16gb (Depending on which model you buy) whereas the S7 comes with 16/32GBs. Surprisingly you get a better camera in the J5 than the S7, the J5 features a 13MP camera whereas the S7 features a 12MP, but with that said, the extra 1MP probably won’t make a huge difference.

However, Samsung have obviously had to compromise somewhere with this smartphone, it’s £382 cheaper than the Galaxy S7 and therefore if it was just as good, Samsung would be making a foolish decision. The area in which the phone really lacks is that the phone is made out of plastic.. This very well may be fine for a lot of people, but after owning my blackberry curve 4-5 years ago which was also full plastic, I now can’t stand plastic phones at all, I think they look extremely cheap and tacky looking. But having said this, the main thing is that the J5 does feel really well built, so it is partly forgiveable.


In regards to the performance of the J5, this sadly lets the phone down slightly in comparison to the Galaxy S7. It does not come with the latest Android operating rating system (6.0) but instead comes with Android Lolipop 5.1. You’re probably thinking this is no issue as most of the time you can upgrade the operating system, just like you can with the Moto G 2015 smartphone, but sadly this is not the case for the Samsung J5 as it does not have the full capacity to do so. The CPU however ain’t bad for it’s cost, it comes with a Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 chipset offering a 1.2GHz quad core processor. If we put this into comparison with the Galaxy S7, this features a much more modern chip set, the Snapdragon 820, which in matter of fact happens to be Qualcomms latest chipset. It then also comes with a dual core 2.15GHz processor. So therefore as you can see, the main area that Samsung compromised on with this phone was it’s performance, it’s true that you should never judge a book by it’s cover, as Samsung could create an outstandingly beautiful smartphone but put terrible hardware inside it, this is most certainly not the case for the J5 though as it can still very well perform and is well worth the value for money.


To sum up, The J5 is a great smartphone for it’s price, the main differences between the J5 and Galaxy S7 is that the S7 has a much nicer display, offering much higher screen resolution, the S7 has much greater performance and comes with a few extra features that the J5 doesnt, such as waterproof etc. In theory you could say that the battery lives of both these smartphones are the same, although the mirror reported that the S7 came out on top by just 2 minutes, and the same could be said about the cameras on these smartphones, the J5 gives just 1 extra MP of quality. If you would like to find out more about the Samsung J5, you can read more on Amazon for a full list of technical specifications.

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Battery Life Benchmarked: Samsung J5 beats Galaxy S7


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