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Top 6 SaaS Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

How To Improve Lead Generation With These 6 SaaS Marketing Strategies

Generating and converting leads is one of the top priorities of every business. But when it comes to a Saas business environment, the process is a bit more challenging.

After all, you’re not selling physical goods. You’re trying to compel people to implement your piece of software into their IT infrastructure. That comes with a learning curve and the risk of potentially making the wrong choice for their unique goals and objectives. Not every software solution can fit everyone’s needs.

So, how can you get your target audience to give your SaaS solution a try? How can you generate quality leads that convert?

The following Saas Marketing Strategies are your way to go. They’re tried-and-true strategies that the greatest SaaS brands are using, and they’ll help you supercharge your lead generation. Let’s dive in.

1. Enhance Your Content Marketing

There’s a reason why marketers refer to content as king. Content is what helps you showcase everything that your brand is about. It enables you to showcase the benefits of your SaaS products and communicate your brand values.

Without high-quality content, you can’t expect to attract many leads and customers.

So, keep updating your blog with relevant, informative, useful, and unique content. Write about something that no one else has thought of yet, or make your spin of the content that’s already out there.

For instance, how-to guides are always a good idea for SaaS solutions. You can share:

  • Step-by-step tutorials for using your software;
  • Tips for picking the right software;
  • Tips for choosing the right provider;
  • Tutorials for completing particular tasks;
  • Tips and tricks for boosting productivity with certain tools, etc.;

The key is to provide actionable tips that your readers can apply instantly and benefit from quickly.

Don’t forget to enrich your every content piece with strong visuals — relevant images that grab attention and engaging videos that bring real value.

Don’t Be Afraid to Repurpose Your Existing Content

It can be challenging to continually publish new content, which is why you should consider repurposing your existing pieces.

Why not breathe new life into your old content that has brought you lots of leads? It’s an excellent lead generation tactic!

You can take any blog article and create an infographic out of it. You can launch an email drip campaign by breaking longer how-to guides into bite-sized chunks.

You can do the same to create carousel posts on Instagram or even tweets with the most important highlights from a blog post. The options are endless.

Share Your Content on Social Media

What’s the point of your content if no one reads it? Sure, a lot of people visit your website, but you can drive even more of them to your site from social media.

So, regularly share all your content on all social channels that your target customers are using. But more importantly, be social.

Interact with your followers daily:

  • Respond to their comments and messages on time;
  • Offer help when needed;
  • Ask questions regarding your industry or niche;
  • Ask for feedback on your SaaS solutions;
  • Ask about people’s pain points and provide solutions;
  • Share polls and surveys;

The key is to communicate with your followers as real people — because they are.

It’s also vital to include a compelling CTA whenever you share a piece of content. Whether it’s reading your new blog post, or checking out your website, or anything else, use a CTA to drive people to take action.

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2. Launch a High-Converting Email Marketing Campaign

According to the latest lead generation statistics, 42% of businesses see email as one of the most effective channels for generating leads. And they’re right.

Email can help you capture quality leads and convert them into purchasing customers before you know it.

That’s because people who sign up for your newsletter are already interested in what you offer. They’ve opted in and want to hear from you to see what value you’ll bring.

If you provide high-quality content that addresses their pain points and shows your SaaS solutions’ benefits, you’ll convert your subscribers without a hitch.

So, start creating a high-converting email marketing campaign today. Design an attention-grabbing opt-in form, place it wisely on your website, and come up with a unique and appreciative welcome email.

Then, develop a strategy for the entire campaign to capture, nurture, and convert every lead effectively. Don’t be annoying and regularly send a bunch of emails. You don’t want people to unsubscribe, do you? Less is always more.

3. Capture Leads with Quizzes

There are lots of ways to compel your target audience to subscribe to your email newsletter. Most brands use sign-up forms and pop-ups on their website.

However, quizzes are a much better solution. Why? Because people love them, they can be entertaining, and they can go viral.

If you create interesting results, people will be excited to share them with friends on social media, so you can significantly expand your reach.

Here are some title ideas for your lead quizzes:

  • What Type of Marketer Are You?
  • What Is Your Top Business Strength?
  • How Strong Are Your Employee Training Skills?
  • Which Type of CRM Is Right for Your Business?
  • How Much Do You Know About Lead Generation?

The key is to grab attention with the title, come up with engaging questions, and craft relevant, share-worthy results. And even if you create a personality quiz, you can always infuse your SaaS products into the results.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to create a quiz that generates leads and sales. You can use a quiz builder that practically does all the legwork. You upload your content or use a pre-built template, come up with relevant questions and results, and voila — you have your quiz in minutes!

Just remember to implement an opt-in form before you display the results. Offer something of value that will entice your quiz takers to sign up for your email newsletter.

For instance, a good incentive could be a discount on the first 3-month subscription or anything else that will help you generate leads and conversions.

4. Offer Free Trials, Discounts, and Referral Rewards

According to HubSpot’s sales statistics, 84% of consumers will purchase a product after getting a referral.

Think about it. Would you trust a brand advertising a product more than you’d trust a friend recommending that same product?

Word-of-mouth marketing will bring you lots of referrals. But why not step it up by offering referral rewards?

For instance, for every referral a customer brings, you can offer specific discounts. Make it a great incentive that will motivate your customers to spread the word about your software.

Speaking of discounts, you can offer them to both first-time software subscribers and existing customers. If someone has been using your software for, let’s say, a year, they can get a discount for an additional year of subscription.

Now, many SaaS brands don’t offer a free trial of their products. Some provide a free demo, but that may not always be enough to make a sound decision. If there’s a steep learning curve, a trial is a must.

So, we highly recommend you let your target customers get a good feel of your SaaS solutions through a free trial. It’s the best way for them to explore the features and evaluate if it’s the right choice for their needs before making any commitments.

Once they get a trial run, you can carefully nurture them and nudge them towards upgrading to one of your premium plans.

5.Collaborate with Influencers

These days, influencers seem to be everywhere. Since they know how to influence people’s purchasing decisions, brands are increasingly working with them to generate leads and boost sales.

It’s just like friend referrals. Influencers share personal experiences with brands, so people trust them. They take their product recommendations seriously because they’re transparent and utterly different from traditional advertisements.

So, find the right influencers in your niche and start working with them regularly. With a few social media posts about your SaaS products, the word about your business will start spreading like wildfire.

Remember that micro-influencers are your best bet because their engagement rates are higher.

6. Step Up Your SEO Game

Search engine optimization is one of the most critical processes for improving any business, including SaaS businesses. Having an effective SEO strategy means boosting your online visibility and driving more organic traffic to your website.

And it all comes down to keywords.

Optimizing your website and every piece of content for relevant keywords helps you rank high in SERPs (search engine results pages).

It’s safe to say you already have an SEO strategy but are you revising it regularly?

SEO isn’t a one-time process. It never ends — at least, it shouldn’t.

Markets keep changing, consumer needs, and behavior change; people start searching for new keywords; Google changes its ranking algorithm, etc. You need to stay up-to-date with the latest changes to keep stepping up your SEO game.

That means both on-site and off-site SEO, as both will drive more traffic to your website.

Just make sure you implement the right tactics for pulling in the right kind of traffic that brings you the leads you need.

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Ready to Boost Your Lead Generation?

With these simple SaaS marketing strategies, you’ll supercharge your lead generation before you know it. It may take a couple of months before you see some real results, but stay consistent and you’ll get there.

Author Bio: Angela White is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing for the consumer market in the areas of product research and marketing using quizzes and surveys. Having a knack for writing and an editorial mindset, she is an expert researcher at a brand that’s known for creating delightfully smart tools such as ProProfs Quiz Maker.

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Top 6 SaaS Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation


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