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5 kickass tips to make your next plan from average to awesome!

‘There’s no such thing as bad projects, there are only bad project managers.’

I’m sure most of you would be nodding your heads to that. Being a project Manager you would always wonder about the secret recipe for churning out a delicious successful project. Or how about a magic wand that you just wave in the air and it provides you a full proof plan in your hands. Wouldn’t that make your life less daunting? I’m sure it would, but it kills me to bring you back in the real project Management world with no Harry Potter’s magic wand coming to your rescue.

Let’s make your average projects awesome! Switch to ProofHub.

So, let’s forget about these whimsical ways and discuss five kickass ways that you can put to use for an awesome project plan. Here it goes:

Tip 1: Make a step-by-step plan with all the details

Planning is the the most crucial part of the project management. A project manager has to sit down and make a well-defined step-by-step plan to ensure the success of a project. It includes scheduling the project, resource allocation, staffing and most importantly the budgeting of the project.

It is better to define the objectives and scope of the project clearly to the team depending upon the deliverables expected from it. It helps every team member to understand their job-responsibilities and nitty-gritties of a project. Always remember that good plans always lead to bigger outcomes. So, it is always advisable to make a step-by-step plan with all the details to ensure smooth execution of the plan.

Tip 2: Identify team and team requirements

Once a plan is executed, the next step is to bring in the key players and make an amazing team out of it with the best brains of your company. Now, this step holds utmost importance as it can make or break the project. Hiring the right people can take your project to the sky whereas selecting the wrong ones can invite a lot of trouble for you.

As a project manager, it is important to assemble the right set of people and leverage their skills, talents and personalities in the best interest of the project. Make sure every team member is aware about theirs tasks and responsibilities, so that they can produce the best results for the project.

Tip 3: Facilitate effective communication

One of the most critical stages in project management is to ensure that all the lines of communication are open to everyone. Effective communication can help us to articulate our ideas clearly and set better expectations regarding the project. It provides everyone information related to a project — stakeholders, clients, managers, team members. It also gives a platform to brainstorm together on various ideas which can benefit the project.

Instead of filing emails into folders you’ll never see, you can look for a tool which allows you to centralize and streamline the process. You can try ProofHub, which allows you to use group chats option where every team member can discuss new ideas seamlessly.

Tip 4: Manage project risks

While working on a project, one should consider all the factors that can go wrong or behave in a manner that can impact the whole project a big way. Often referred as risks, these events can cause jeopardy that would be difficult to recover. Due to which, risk management is being embedded in project management lately.

According to Wikipedia, Risk management is the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks. Every successful project manager is managing project risks besides managing the team as well. Since, a risk is just a potential problem, you want to take care of it before it becomes an actual problem.

Thus, risk management has become an important project management practice for teams to ensure a flawless project and to reap maximum gains from it.

Tip 5. Measuring the progress

Now, this parameter is overlooked by many project managers. Call it ignorance or lack of knowledge. Tracking the progress and analyzing evolution of a project can work wonders for you. It presents both the PMs and the team members a clear picture that what has been achieved as of now and what is yet to be done. Will they be able to complete the project on time? If yes, what can be done to make them better. If not, how can they be back on the track?

I know, it can get a bit tedious to make progress reports with all the other responsibilities resting on your shoulders. You need not to worry, let ProofHub do that for you. It has features like gantt charts which help you to track the progress of the project and employee-wise as well.

Now, that you know about these tips. Feel free to apply them to your own project management style and see which out of these works for you. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section.

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5 kickass tips to make your next plan from average to awesome!


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