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Our mission at Notion Wizard is simple: We’re here to help you navigate the world’s most powerful workspace tool. Through expert-written content, we aim to answer all your questions and teach you how to build the ultimate workflow.
Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?
2022-08-29 10:35
You can use Apple Pay on an Apple Watch or iPhone at all Burger King locations in the United States. There are no fees for using Apple Pay at Burger King — when ordering ahead or in t… Read More
How To Get WhatsApp On An IPad
2022-08-27 16:00
Will Cathcart, the man who sits at the head of the table at WhatsApp, confirmed that much of the infrastructure needed to launch WhatsApp for iPad exists back in 2021, hinting that we could… Read More
Can You Add A Costco Card To Apple Wallet?
2022-08-14 09:17
You can add a Costco Card to Apple Wallet, but you may have a bit of a difficult time using it to enter the store and at checkout. That’s because warehouse staff need to see the infor… Read More
Does SodaStream Syrup Expire?
2022-08-13 20:50
SodaStream syrup does expire. In fact, it has two expiration dates — a best before before it’s opened, then a use by that’s activated once the seal is broken for the first… Read More
Is The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Waterproof?
2022-08-13 20:30
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is waterproof. It was awarded an IP68 certification by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It can be submerged in up to 50 meters of water for ha… Read More
Is The Samsung Galaxy A22 Waterproof?
2022-08-13 17:27
Released in 2021, the Samsung Galaxy A22 is not waterproof. Not officially, anyway. This means that the device hasn’t received certification from the International Electrotechnical Co… Read More
Does Target Accept Klarna?
2022-08-13 15:20
Target does accept Klarna. The easiest way to take advantage of the integration is actually through the Klarna application, though you can also pay using the service through both the Target… Read More
Can You Book Flights With Klarna?
2022-08-13 15:05
You can use Klarna at any online store that accepts a credit or debit card, including airlines. That’s right — you can book flights with Klarna and split the cost into three or… Read More
Why Google Employees Get Free Food
2022-08-13 11:59
Google doesn’t offer free food to its employees out of the sole kindness of its heart. There’s a hidden motive — and it’s rooted in keeping people in the office. It… Read More
Best Bullet Journal Notebooks
2022-08-13 11:50
Starting a bullet journal? You need to invest in a reliable notebook. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of fantastic options to choose from. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the… Read More
Best Gifts For The Office Fans
2022-08-13 09:29
From Dundies to t-shirts, we’ve rounded up all the best gifts for The Office fans.    If you’re in a hurry, the absolute best gift for The Office fans is the Dunder Mi… Read More
How To See Your Sky Mobile Bill
2022-08-11 13:58
You can see your Sky Mobile bill at any time using My Sky. Available on desktop and mobile, this will show you information about how much data you have remaining and when it’ll refres… Read More
What Network Does Lebara Use?
2022-08-11 12:06
Lebara doesn’t have its own cellular hardware. Instead, it has teamed up with other networks around the world to deliver its affordable service. It’s what’s known as a Mobi… Read More
What Network Does Smarty Use?
2022-08-11 08:30
Smarty is a low-cost mobile operated owned by Hutchison 3G, or as it’s more commonly known, Three UK. Covering 99% of the UK outdoor population, the main difference between Three UK an… Read More
What Network Does Tesco Mobile Use?
2022-08-11 08:10
Just like Sky Mobile, Tesco Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). This means it leases cellular and data from another network. And like Sky Mobile uses the O2 network to delive… Read More
How To Add A Sparks Card To Apple Wallet
2022-08-04 11:08
You can add a Sparks Card to Apple Wallet. Just like Waitrose, you’ll periodically receive tailor-made offers on the products you buy the most, based on the shopping history tied to y… Read More
How To Add A Co-Op Card To Apple Wallet
2022-08-04 09:18
Co-op members can store their card in Apple Wallet to collect rewards at all Co-op branded stores, using an Apple Watch or iPhone. However, customers will still need to use the dedicated Co… Read More
Can You Use Klarna At IKEA?
2022-08-02 10:37
IKEA accepts Klarna as a payment method, but only in certain countries, including the Netherlands. Fortunately, those in unsupported regions can still use Klarna to pay at IKEA using the se… Read More
2022-07-29 07:30
You can use Clearpay to buy a hot tub, but you may not want to, nor would we recommend it. That’s because unlike Klarna, the service doesn’t let you create a one-time virtual ca… Read More
20 Tags You Should Be Using On Medium
2022-07-27 08:59
Tags are to content on Medium what wood is to a fire, and a creative headline is the same as a spark. But with no extensive catalog of the most popular Medium tags, how do you know which… Read More
How To Become A Forbes Contributor
2022-07-27 08:38
The Forbes Contributor Program is about as elusive as the American Express Centurion Card. We all know it exists, but there’s no online form to become a member (that ship has sailed)… Read More
Can Google Meet Be Recorded?
2022-07-27 08:36
Google Meet has a record feature that will let you record video meetings to watch later, provided the Workspace Administrator has not disabled it. You need to be the meeting organizer or si… Read More
What Does Walmart Rollback Mean?
2022-07-25 07:57
Instead of branding discounts as sales or deals like other retailers, Walmart refers to them as a Rollback. These are often limited-time savings that are passed on to shoppers to help the b… Read More
Does Walmart Sell Fresh Flowers?
2022-07-25 07:37
Need to find some fresh flowers in a hurry? Thinking about all the stores nearby that may have them in stock? Walmart came to mind? Now you’re asking yourself: Does Walmart sell fresh… Read More
Does Revolut Have A Sort Code?
2022-07-24 17:46
First introduced to ensure cheques landed in the right account when cashed, Sort Codes contain virtual information that tells modern systems where to find the account number associated with… Read More
Is The IPhone 14 Waterproof?
2022-07-22 07:30
The iPhone 14 hasn’t been announced yet, so we don’t know if it’s water-resistant. But considering the iPhone 13 is IP68-certified, it’s likely the iPhone 14 will fo… Read More
Are SodaStream Bottles Dishwasher Safe?
2022-07-21 20:29
Unfortunately, not all SodaStream bottles are dishwasher safe. You can check to see if you can pop yours in the dishwasher by inspecting the side of the bottle — if it’s dishwas… Read More
Can You Buy Bitcoin With Klarna?
2022-07-21 12:03
You can buy Bitcoin with Klarna, using the service’s one-time card feature. This lets you pay the exchange in the same way you’d use Klarna on Amazon: You create a virtual credi… Read More
Does AppleCare Cover Lost AirPods?
2022-07-19 09:24
AppleCare does not cover lost AirPods. However, you can purchase a replacement AirPod or a new Charging Case without having to buy a whole new set. The price of the replacement parts varies… Read More
Will The IPhone 6S Get IOS 16?
2022-07-19 07:13
The iPhone 6S will not receive the iOS 16 software update, Apple has announced. The full list of compatible devices, which is listed on the manufacturer’s website, starts with the iPh… Read More
How To Add A QR Code To Apple Wallet
2022-07-03 15:23
Received a QR Code for an event through email and want to store it in Apple Wallet for safekeeping and instant access? While this isn’t a feature that Apple offers out of the box, it… Read More
How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon
2022-06-29 07:08
Some customers have been able to follow the steps below to link the Visa Gift Card to their Amazon account, and then spend it as they would any other card, without having to transfer funds… Read More
How To Get Spotify Premium For Free
2022-06-26 21:16
You can get three months of Spotify Premium for free, thanks to Honey.  The music streaming service usually offers new customers a one-month free trial, but those who sign up through H… Read More
Can You Use Zilch In Store?
2022-06-26 20:21
You can use Zilch in any store that accepts MasterCard and Apple Pay or Google Pay. There are no additional fees for using Zilch in a retail store, and you don’t need to let the atten… Read More
What Does NELK Mean?
2022-06-26 16:55
Created in 2010 by friends Nick, Elliot, Lucas and Kyle, and formerly known as NELKFilmz, the NELK brand is nothing more than an acronym of their names: N for Nick, E for Elliot, L for Luca… Read More
How To Add A Nectar Card To Apple Wallet
2022-06-21 21:28
You can add a Nectar Card to Apple Wallet, to be used on an Apple Watch or iPhone at Argos, Sainsbury’s and Vue Cinemas. The process is as quick and easy as installing Nectar Card fro… Read More
Is Walmart Open On 4th Of July?
2022-06-21 09:47
Not all stores shut on federal holidays — some close their doors, others run reduced hours, and some are open like normal. Walmart is one of the few retailers that follow their normal… Read More
Is Volume 2 Of Stranger Things Season 5?
2022-06-20 07:37
For the first time ever, not all of the episodes in a season of Stranger Things are available at once. Season 4 was divided into two volumes: The first seven episodes (Volume 1) were release… Read More
Can You Return On StockX?
2022-06-19 23:57
StockX doesn’t offer returns or refunds in the United States. Instead, it invites customers to resell the item through it if they’re unhappy with their purchase — if it&rs&helli…Read More
How Long Does StockX Take To Ship?
2022-06-19 23:31
Similar to eBay and Vestiaire Collective, StockX is a marketplace that essentially serves as a middleman for transactions, receiving them from the seller and authenticating the merchandise… Read More
Can You Use Sky Mobile Abroad?
2022-06-19 16:34
Sky Mobile should work in most countries around the world. But since the United Kingdom left the European Union, it’s no longer free to use your data, calls and text allowances abroad… Read More
Can You Record On Sky Glass?
2022-06-19 11:26
You can’t record on Sky Glass. The television itself doesn’t have a hard drive built in and recording to the cloud isn’t supported. You won’t even find a record butt… Read More
Are Sky Mobile Phones Unlocked?
2022-06-16 12:20
There was once a time when carriers used to lock devices to their network and charge customers for the luxury to take them to another network when their contract was up — but that&rsq&helli…Read More
What Network Does Sky Mobile Use?
2022-06-16 11:44
Launched in 2016, Sky Mobile is what’s known as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which means it leases cellular and data from another network. There’s no one universal s… Read More
Is There A Gousto Free Trial?
2022-06-14 08:38
Unfortunately, there isn’t a Gousto free trial. The meal kit service does have an exclusive offer for new customers, though: 50% OFF their first box, and 30% OFF all other orders in t… Read More
Is FuboTV Free To Watch?
2022-06-12 20:10
FuboTV is one of the best streaming services for sports, offering live access to ESPN, Fox Sports and more. But one name is missing from the list, and it’s a big one for basketball fa… Read More
Does FuboTV Have TNT?
2022-06-12 13:43
FuboTV is an streaming service that specialises in channels that broadcast live sports, like ESPN and the Tennis Channel. It’s also home to a host of entertainment channels, including… Read More
Does Chick-Fil-A Take Apple Pay?
2022-06-10 12:30
You can use Apple Pay on an Apple Watch or iPhone at all Chick-Fil-A locations in the United States. You don’t need to pay extra to use Apple Pay in Chick-Fil-A:… Read More
Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gifts Cards?
2022-06-10 10:35
Amazon Gift Cards have fast become the Swiss Army Knife of last-minute gifts, and we can see why: The retailer has the largest selection of ready-to-ship products on the internet and runs a… Read More
Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards?
2022-06-10 10:35
Amazon Gift Cards have fast become the Swiss Army Knife of last-minute gifts, and we can see why: The retailer has the largest selection of ready-to-ship products on the internet and runs a… Read More
Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay?
2022-06-09 10:44
You can use Apple Pay on an Apple Watch or iPhone at all McDonald’s locations in the United States. There are no fees for using Apple Pay at McDonald’s &m… Read More
Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?
2022-06-09 10:20
Apple Pay is the largest mobile payments service outside of China, so one would assume America’s most popular store would accept it. But that isn’t the case. Walmart famously ha… Read More
Does Target Take Apple Pay?
2022-06-09 09:41
You can use Apple Pay on an Apple Watch or iPhone at all Target locations in the United States. There are no fees for using Apple Pay in Target: Charges are the same as… Read More
What Time Does Walmart Pharmacy Close?
2022-06-08 22:19
While most Walmart stores close at 11 PM, some of the concessions inside shut up shop a little earlier. Walmart Pharmacy closes at 9 PM at most locations during the week. It also opens late… Read More
Trader Joe’s Holiday Hours 2022
2022-06-07 20:11
Wondering what Trader Joe’s Hours are in 2022? We have the latest Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving Hours, Christmas Eve Hours, Easter Hours and Senior Hours. Trader Joe’s Holiday… Read More
What Is Apple Pay Later?
2022-06-07 09:02
Watch out, Klarna: You have some new competition. At its opening keynote presentation at its annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2022) on June 6, Apple announced Apple Pay La… Read More
Does Omaha Steaks Take EBT?
2022-06-05 20:37
Retailers need to enrol to accept Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), an electronic payment system that allows allows someone receiving the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)… Read More
Does Chewy Accept Care Credit?
2022-06-05 12:38
Chewy is the leading online retailer for food, medication and accessories for animals of all shapes and sizes, and it’s often cheaper than its brick-and-mortar counterparts. But does… Read More
How Long Does Chewy Take To Ship?
2022-06-05 11:41
Chewy doesn’t have any brick-and-mortal stores, so there’s no click-and-collect order at checkout — all orders are shipped to its customers from a selection of fulfilment… Read More

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