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How To Create An Event Planning App – An Ultimate Development Guide

Event Planning App

How Ready Are You For “The New Normal”?

Amid bizarre circumstances related to the Coronavirus outbreak, many firms and especially the event industry came to a complete pause, stepped back and moved the shaft for more significant changes; there is no doubt on the realm of connection and connectivity will prevail.

According to Benchmarks and Trends report by Event Marketing 2020, the greater chunk of approximately 85% leaders and executives have found in-person events as crucial for their business unscaled success. The digits manifold twice in comparison to the previous years numbers.

Let’s Look At The Brighter Side and Find Out What Makes Sky More Blue?

Consumer survey finds that around 87 per cent of clients’ product purchases are related to a brand’s event after attending and confirming the marketing power of events. In spite of this growth, innovations in the event come to a pause but align with a trusted app development company to meet the demand of a more tech-savvy event goer.

The majority of 93 percent of professionals plan to invest in virtual events moving a step ahead.

The lion’s share of organizations are opting for digital conferences or events.

More than 54 percent of organizations are increasing webinars.

Approximately around 60 percent of event professionals spindle an event to virtual due to impacts of COVID-19.

Herein, all the above listed stats are enough concrete to mark the inception of a new era for the event industry along with the right developers. Therefore, it’s high time to say the sky is blue ahead irrespective of the potential crisis predicting healthy growth.

Have a look at the below infographic to get a clear picture about event management software and get ready to increase your attendance by 20%, profit margin by 20-30% and productivity by 27% on an average.

According to Mordor Intelligence – “Event planning Apps have proven to be a powerful means of interacting with the audience, offering an unparalleled experience along with optimizing efforts of the event organizer directing towards an upthrust of 10.65% from 2109 to 2025”.

With numerous possibilities of business models, niche markets, and even audiences that can be easily targeted with an event planning mobile app, it seems a hard job to get the ball rolling.

So, to offer you a helping hand and make sense of event App Development, I have jotted down the imperative in a comprehensive guide, breaking down into significant steps and aspects of the process.

Event App Development – Types And Benefits

Today’s common is “using an event app”!

Around 80% of attendees use an app to check-in, find more about the event, get replied with a satisfactory answer through chatbot and etc. Following the same source, mobile apps are gradually becoming a vital part of any event because Millenials and Gen Z are the unskippable part of any event’s audience.

The Definitive Benefits App Brings For Planners and Attendees

Networking is the core objective for numerous events, and undeniably mobile apps leverage this opportunity with the best mobile app developers in Dubai. The app offers people to communicate with their potential business partners or even simplify the process of finding people who share the common interest.

Event apps also prolong networking opportunities like it’s lifecycle. By maximizing networking potential, event capabilities, event planners can strengthen their abilities to promote future events in a more streamlined way.

Making the attendee’s experience hassle-free from buying a ticket to checking-in without standing in long queues with one smartphone makes the process all convenient.

Any update of the event shared on social platform pages like Twitter, Facebook pages can be easily broadcast to the app with the social media synchronization feature making organizers’ routine easier and keeps the event’s information up to date.

Event apps are considered robust promotional tools for speakers and even sponsorship providing a separate section for more detailed information about speakers, while sponsor acquires the in-app sponsorship space.

Apps capture the client’s interest much before the event starts. For instance, discussions on a specific subject can increase the attendee’s interactions, while giveaways work the best in promoting the event. Some other options in the list include live streams, contests and etc.

The comprehensive analysis provides a lending hand to planners in making conclusions about their planning and marketing effort, and positive results help build credit for the sponsorship too.

App development in Dubai or across the globe makes sure to provide all the extensive features under one sheath eliminating the hassle of switching in between different tools.

Lastly, event apps help analyze the event’s outcomes with a real-time feedback feature: They are not in need of having an additional poll platform for reviews and opinions. Indeed, their praise is their real reviews.

The Distinctive App Categories For Specific Niche

The Event Type and Scale

Right from global conferences across the world to local meetups or some professional scrums and private functions like weddings, discussing the scale of your event with your partner app developers in Dubai is a necessity. Let’s take the following example for better understanding:

  • Wedding event planning apps
  • Party planning apps
  • Conference planning apps
  • Festival events organizing apps
  • Party planning apps

Aside from this, apps for events have a significant number of users. They can be put to use to sell tickets, help users navigate around seamlessly, timely delivery information about activities and schedule changes accordingly, and connect participants.

The White Label Apps

White Label apps are the one easy to be customized for almost every event.

Precisely talking White-Label solutions are like a clean sheet of paper, and planners can draw any event they want to. Custom event apps can be created with a style that jells well with the company’s image, web design, business ethics etc.

Adhering strictly, event aggregators are also under the eclipse of white-label apps, whereas dedicated apps have a custom design.

The Purpose App

Even, the events aggregators include several events from different planners and organizers. Each publisher, in returns, invites attendees to the event. Dedicated event apps have just one organizer who plans events for the respective firm.

The Audience

Apps for event participants, they focus on networking and schedules in comparison to event management applications for the organizing teams. For instance, the app like Whova provides both the attendee-facing event planner apps as well as convenient event management tools.

Some Of The Unskippable Benefits Of Event App Are As Follow:

Safe & Secure Event Ticketing

The significant portion of revenue from a corporate event comes from its sales of tickets. As like, a digital event management platform must proffer robust and easy ticketing sessions or registration processes. Therefore, organizers should be able to list their events tickets from the backend instantly.

Not to forget, transparency about the pricing or fees- As most of the platforms charge percentage fees, make sure your partner mobile app development company keep it smooth with a flat-rate ticketing fee.

Moreover, there should be options to list different types of tickets, providing discounts and special deals, while giving a clear picture of the payout structure.

You must be thinking why it’s calculated under the unskippable benefits?

It’s simple because nearly 74% of all event planners collaborate with more than one event technology vendors.

Onsite Check-Ins And Live Event Statistics

Storing info data of attendees at any high-profile event or even at an exhibition throws up many critical insights. Not a surprise, event planners and organizers are increasingly looking for platforms that have “deep reporting” integrated. Thus, with the help of such a platform, organizers are able to stay at the top of all even data, analyze the metrics that are turning the odds to favour and proceed to make the final call accordingly.

Real-Time Syncing Of All Attendee Data – Opt for the best Mobile App Development in Dubai to embellish this feature in your app. There is more with the event planning software that provides seamless onsite check-ins too. This feature makes the process hassle-free for users at the time of registering at the venue.

This is essential for a holistic event offering both – off-venue and at-the-venue service.

Did You Know!

Averagely, an event software platform can help save exponentially more than 220 hours in a year.

Your Venue Finder At Your FingerTips

For an unforgettable event, it’s imperative to have detailed information about the location, especially a location that bespoke. And, to decide which site is perfect for the user you need to keep in mind to funnel down every site through some parameters. These parameters are following:

  • Capacity
  • Security
  • Zoning law
  • Accessibility
  • Surrounding location
  • Basic amenities

These are some aspects to evaluate a site on the scale of good, better, and the best. So, don’t leave a room for mistakes by not sharing this with your app development company and ace the competitive edge.
In simple words, the event management app should be equipped with an in-built feature of venue search for any type of event. The feature should not be confined till the venue, indeed the app should be integrated with GPS feature for easier locating of the venue.

Along with it, you can enter the event type, proximity of the features and guests coming to attend the event and many more thighs to pay attention to.

The New In – “Streaming Registrations”

Fake tickets, missing list and misspelt names often delay the entry to a specific event, or in some scenarios, it can lead your attendees in a hassle.

But don’t worry!

This hassle can be easily managed by scanning the QR code on the tickets as it removes the need for spreadsheets and maintaining the lists. The process offers pace in the entry and adds more value to the attendee’s experience. Even, a simple app holds capabilities of scanning more and more tickets in comparison to the process done manually that too in a blink of an eye.

Users Are New Promoters

Leveraging the event app marks your event attendees into promoters. But, this is possible only if you rely on trusted mobile app developers in Dubai that are experienced in integrating your social media platforms and without much effort convert all the event attendees into promoters for your brand name.

The participants can spread the word about the event and therefore, it manifold many times the number of actual attendees attending the event. The organizer just needs to motivate and support them to help efficiently and effectively spread all the good and essential pieces of information about the event.

This is achieved easily through social media or by posting about it on the event respective page or sometimes in a group. This can drastically maximize online activity and produce additional interest in the event.

Keep in mind; the event app should help in developing social communities for the attendees.

The last piece of cake – 80% of all event planners are in the search for a reliable mobile app development company to create an app for their business that are ready to take their business scale to new heights.
The offline app functionality is sought after by 66% users – whereas live polling and Quality Assurance is offering a bottleneck competition.

In The End…

What makes a significant difference in today’s marketplace, increases the pace of efficiency, limits bugs and upholds satisfaction rate is an app. And to get the best, Xicom expert’s are here to help you with their expertise in mobile app development in Dubai, India and the USA instantly, without any excuses and lengthy requirements.

We believe the ease of app makes your business accomplish new heights. Increasing revenue manifolds, improving efficiency, minimizing the cost with an affordable value of $25-49/hr, alluring more attendees and driving more and more leads are some parameters of Xicomions checklist for app’s unedifying success.

Still worried about the return on your mobility investment?

Shed the onus and rely on our experts who are ready with your Free Project Estimation to help you achieve your business objectives.

Lastly, don’t forget the potential an app holds for your business. It harnesses the power of analytics to find all the hidden rice data to make sure the success of your events.

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How To Create An Event Planning App – An Ultimate Development Guide


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