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Fitness Goes Digital With Mobile Apps In 2020 And Ahead

Mobile Apps In 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak, Fitness studios across the country are closing their doors and adapting to the new reality. The unexpected shift has motivated creativity and affability for gyms and health studios, which significantly rely on the physical location and on-site staff.

Although these are trying times, alike as health aficionados, it’s crucial to step ahead one day at a time. Regardless of social distancing norms, uncertainty, and roadblocks surrounding the epidemic, the only way out is to go mobile with trusted app developers in Dubai and stay at the path.


According to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Asociation, The changes have created a ripple of repercussion for the fitness industry. Also, the Global Fitness App Market is predicted to rise at a CAGR of 26.2 % during the timeline for 2020-2026. According to the analysis, the global fitness app market was targeted at $3.15 billion in 2019 and anticipated to achieve $15.96 billion by 2026.

Some of the health studios like Modo Yoga, located in the USA, Australia, Canada, are offering free live streaming over a social platform like Instagram. Some other to the list is SoulCycle, which has presently closed all its locations globally, keeping the fingers crossed to open when the curve flattens. Even, every fitness cult top choice cycling studio doesn’t have any online classes, but they are taking pre-orders for bikes with a minimum cost of $2,500, and the company is soon going to launch on-demand virtual courses this year.

So, if you are of the mind, it’s a COVID-19 furore diluting the brick-and-mortar fitness industry, then let me add, “CoronaVirus is setting the successful apart from the mediocre”.

“Is It A Furor” or “The Disruption Is Inescapable”

The worst to hit are the small studios.

Whereas, numerous businesses have come to a standstill or are adjusting their membership in order to retain clients. Also, some have adopted for online classes completely. For instance, Hotpod Yoga – A popular fitness franchise with centres in more than 8 countries and over 50 locations, announced on 17 March 2020 “the shutting down of it’s all physical presence and planned to live-stream for members to match up to their practice at home”

At the moment, when the economy is pouring down, several fitness businesses have aligned with a reliable app development company and offered their support to frontline workers as well as their key clients in this pandemic. Recently, at-home workout, meditation and Yoga platform Fiit announced it will offer free membership to their staff of the NHS in the UK for coming three months.

Therefore, to have a win-win situation in the time of crisis, especially in the fitness world is only made possible with the help of a mobile app.

I understand it’s not a smooth road for studios that aren’t accustomed to being initially digital. So, to bridge the gap, you can start offering your customers easy and safe access with an on-demand fitness app that share the same parameters, Xponential Fitness, consisting of barre, yoga and Pilates classes.

If you are thinking to create a fitness app, trust me, you are already halfway done in succeeding. But, the next question waiting for you is “what kind of app”?

Distinctive Fitness App

In general, there are three types of fitness app, and the big difference among them lies in the way they process and save the information.

  • Activity tracking apps
  • Nutrition apps
  • Exercise and workout apps

You can also fuse two or more app types into one to target a bigger audience. Let’s delve a little deeper.

Activity Tracking Apps

Activity tracking Apps are the ideal choice for people who are not excited to hit the gym hard on Monday’s or probably not fond of sports, but somehow want to make sure they move enough. Apps like this can count the number of steps and count calories.

Also, integrated with Geolocation feature, they can track distance and step walked.

The best is yet to come.

The most exciting feature is the sleep quality estimation and smart alarm clocks that wake users up during the REM sleep phase, making user wake up instantly and effortlessly. Many of the tracking apps are easy to pair with wearables, though if a user doesn’t have smartphone capabilities, it’s enough to collect data.

Nutrition Apps

These kinds of the app offer a helping hand to their users to control their weight by counting calories taken and burned, managing water intake, and motivating healthy eating habits. Even, they help you track down how much coffee or tea you drank and keep body weight and fat percentage in control.

But, all in all, setting personal goals is the main focus of such apps. And, to offer an unforgettable gift of health to your audience align with the best mobile app development company that adheres to the hardship of the development process. Your app can sheath features like maintaining a healthy grocery list and even jot down healthy food recipes.

To have an idea of what a nutritional app is like, HealthyOut, Calorie & Food Diary are some to list.

Exercise and Workout Apps

Exercise and workout apps are the biggest category in the landscape of fitness space. As the name goes, they are focused on Workouts. Its sole purpose is to show users what to do, how to do, and why to do. It gives an answer to every question of the user in a precise order.

There are many other examples of workout apps, with each apps having something unique to offer to their clients. Nevertheless, workout apps can be further divided into subcategories:

  • Workout apps that align with wearables
  • Logbook apps
  • Personal training apps

Let’s start with the first.

Workout Apps With Wearable

The workout apps with wearables are simply sheer love for those sporty persons who can’t even think a workout session without a fitness band or some of the other wearable devices. The entire data that wearable devices collect instantly shows up on the display of the smartphone. Also, such apps jell well with smart sports pieces of equipment and have an admin panel.

Logbooks Apps

Logbook apps are the minimalist of workout apps. Logbook apps work as a to-do list and basically save information about workouts. In this, the feature that makes it distinctive is the preset libraries with exercise and a big pool of choices of workout routines available for the users.

Personal Trainers App

It’s essential to show exactly how an exercise is done. Else, exercises can cause severe pain, trauma or does not provide the desired results. Usually, a personal trainer at the gym makes sure people do exercise correctly, but with these apps, the user doesn’t need to go to the gym and spend money.

You get everything at your comfy place from 3D models, videos or detailed description explaining how to perform each workout.

But, before you make the final decision, let’s have a look at some more stats and find what people are actually searching when they install a fitness app? Why do people incline for fitness app?

According to Statista, the reasons why more and more people are alluring towards a fitness app are as follow

With a fitness app, it’s pretty easy to track fitness goals, monitor health status, stay motivated. These are three imperatives making people download fitness app more an more. Some more feature to list for making your app a big success are pocketed for you accompanied with expectations from a high-quality app.

Create Account

The first and foremost to register on a fitness app is to register and create an account. Accounts are crucial because they allow users to store information and retain their clients with their data if, by some means, they change their device.

In addition, no competition is possible without accounts.

Integrating With Other Services

Whether you agree or not, the most trusted and convenient way to register an account in an app is through social networks.

Therefore, integrating social login features allows users to instantly see all their friends who are using the same app and can put out their results on social media and platforms. Firstly, this motivates many people to excel in seeing their friends progress. Next, it allures more users to an app when they see their friend’s achievements.

Adding Personal Credentials

The potential to add personal information is crucial because of the specific diet and workout programs in your app that should be set according to the user’s weight, height, age and other physical parameters. Calculating workouts based on personal data makes the exercise more effective and individual-oriented, making it a top choice for numerous people with health concerns. Below are the requirements needed in the app to offer a customized workout session for the best results:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Height and weight

Make sure you discuss with your mobile app development company to keep your app pleasant to use with an extensive feature to add a profile photo to make it even more personalized. And, not to forget, do offer measurements in either imperial units or metric units, because you are not sure which metric unit they follow.

Contour With Notifications

Notifications are indispensable when it’s all about motivation!

The most common demur encountered in sports aspects is losing enthusiasm you had once you started. Laziness, bad weather, fatigue are some of the reasons to skip a physical activity routine or have a cheat day from a diet schedule. Besides, the user can just turn a blind eye about their plans for exercising, so the sole purpose of the app is to remind them.

However, notifications must be compatible, so they don’t turn daunting. Let, your user set notifications as they feel comfortable.

Setting Fitness Paradigms

Of course, settings are primitive to make your app customizable and easy to use. With adherence to keeping the setting panel consistent and straightforward, yet profound, it’s essential to share the requirements with the best mobile app developers in Dubai to make it easy-to-use.

Crossfit apps need to have targets for physical workouts, whereas activity tracking apps need to have goals for step counts or hours of healthy sleep. Besides CrossFit apps, when it comes to diet apps, targets might be calorie limits or weight achieved. In any case, an aim is what a person needs to stay motivated and achieve their goal. User’s get a clear image of what they are striving for.

Gamification Effect

Gamification effects are not for the game arena. Indeed, they are into almost all the dimensions proffering entertainment and motivation. Achievements like the one found in video games are excellent, but competing with other users is more exciting.

So, why not to include this feature in your app?

Let your users compete, get rewards and compete for results with their friends. In some of the applications, users can become part of a charity program by sharing results on social platforms motivating others towards a good and healthy life.

Food Logging

This feature is for the diet app. As you know, no diet app can exist without food logging, so you should accomplish this feature. Diet apps have to make it easy to log information, so a product database with a dictionary is a must-have for the app.


Geo-location feature is a must for any fitness app. Right from nutrition app to activity tracking app, this is a feature not to be missed.

As activity tracking applications are purely about maps, you should ensure to implement geolocation features into your app. Thinking about which maps to include in your app, you can opt for Apple, Google, and Waze – these are some of the reliable options that will let your user plan routes, track their location, and maintain your workout sessions. To add another feather in your hat, you can share screenshots on social media.

Not To Forget, Keep Calm During COVID-19 Outbreak

By now, it’s no secret that working out or exercising can calm the nerves and help decrease anxiety. And, not to forget, this is an unskippable aspect of your client’s health to pay special attention to.

Because the ratio of 1 in 5 adults in America suffers from anxiety, according to ADAA, probably even more according to the present situation, although, it’s vital to keep your client’s anxiety level in mind, and thus make sure your partner is the most trusted and experienced mobile app developers in Dubai to deliver the best to you.

During the period of social distancing, adversity and stress can be overwhelming. As physical workouts have been continually linked to positive mental wellbeing, but there is a law of diminishing returns. Nevertheless, be sure to develop programs that balance psychological and physical wellbeing in your app too.

Final Cost Analysis of Fitness App Development

After unfurling the deepest secret of the health app, it’s repercussions and features, now is the time for final cost rundown.

Obviously, it’s hard to tell the exact number of your fitness app development, but a rough yet fair estimation is possible for the best app development in Dubai. The initial cost of your app depends upon the set of features you want to include in your app with the hourly rate of the team you hire for your project.

Keep a note; this is an approximation. In some scenarios, the design takes more time than development and vice versa – it depends on your requirements. If you want to stand out in the crowd, make sure to hire the best app developers in Dubai at an affordable value of $ 25-49/hr that understand the subtle difference between good and the best.

In The End… The Dawn Of Mobile fitness app is the new wave of high-intensity home workout swapping gyms.

Options being infinite, Xicom Technologies is bridging the bond of your working out with other people. So, it’s peak time to offer your target audience the unparalleled gyming experience at their comfy place with the right mobile fitness app. Moreover, you can offer them their trainers in your headphones, or set up a mirror that beams online classes into their home, with your free project discussion from the leading mobile app development company.

Offered with space and motivation, the future of digital fitness looks promising. Still, some questions are there in your mind, get them answered by experts at +971.529144795.

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Fitness Goes Digital With Mobile Apps In 2020 And Ahead


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