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Want to convert your Electronic Medical Record iOS App to Android? Here is how you can do it!

iOS App to Android

The advancement of mobile applications has changed the times, particularly in the world of humans. Mobile medicinal services applications however hold an impressive centrality in lessening the expense of care and improving patient results and health.

Given the ubiquity of Apple in the mobile innovation, one can without much of a stretch fall into the suspension that the iOS stage can be in the portable EHR showcase


Today, more than 80 percent of doctors in the US utilize either an electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) framework in their training. Likewise, while you can have an EMR versatile application on iOS or Android, it is consistently an incredible choice to be available on the two stages, simultaneously.

Research led by JAMA in 2018 found that poor usability of the use of EHR frameworks was in part liable for in excess of 557 patient wellbeing occasions in the period from 2013 to 2016. Moreover, industry specialists accept that poor client experience is mostly to fault for doctor burnout as of late.

The best part about this is that you can use it on different platforms. This way the customer would be enabled with related app features, construction of similar design UI, and supporting them to meet the related budget constraints.

Henceforth, before you port iOS applications to Android, it is fundamental to think about how to compartmentalize the procedure. Here is how you can do that:

Porting EMR iOS App into Android

App Development Company should know these basic features before they turn the iOS app into the Android app.

Code: The application code should be changed without any preparation. It makes changing the Apple application to Android less complex with numerous libraries to improve the presentation. Further, in the event that you are building up the code without any preparation, Xamarin or PhoneGap can be utilized to make cross-stage applications.

System and Libraries: Utilizing outsider libraries can ease setting application rules, including designs, modified formats, correspondence conventions and that’s just the beginning. Be that as it may, when you convert iOS to Android application, it is important to recognize the structures and libraries.

Hands-free notes: Voice acknowledgment highlights spare time on composing, guarantees that all information is recorded at the purpose of patient contact, and expands doctor commitment during understanding experiences.

Lab joining, persistent notes and remote outlining: guarantee that your clinicians can see quiet test outcomes, and add to notes and diagrams immediately by giving access by means of cell phone

Booking: include, erase and reschedule tolerant arrangements as suitable. Search for applications that offer pop-up messages for up and coming arrangements.

Engineering: For Android App Development, it is ideal to characterize the similarity of the base Android form that will be bolstered by the application. It is fundamental to consider the idiosyncrasies and contrasts of changing over the iPhone App to Android by surveying the application engineering and highlights with both of the OS forms.

Structure: The two OS platforms are totally unique in relation to one another, and they act in an unexpected way. Along these lines, as an advancement group, while porting your iOS application for iOS App Development to Android, you should abstain from duplicating the structure components.

E-remedy: E-solution from cell phones spares clinicians time, and guarantees patients can get to the prescription they need as quickly as time permits

Clinical picture catch: especially significant for clinicians in the field, this interfaces your versatile application with your gadget’s camera for prompt and secure clinical picture transfer

Screen Sizes: High responsiveness of the application is required when you convert an Apple application to Android to help the varieties in screen size and goals with Android.

What are the Advantages of Versatile EMR?

When actualized, portable EMR applications offer various advantages for your workforce. These are the benefits that are included for Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai:

Faster and increasingly precise documentation: The more extended the time between the patient experience and the time the visit note is composed, the almost certain little however significant subtleties will be precluded, which can affect quiet prosperity and furthermore imperil potential protection payouts. Portable EMR applications permit your medicinal services suppliers to accept notes as the patient experience is unfurling, which lessens the edge for mistakes and saves time that they would have spent recording the experience later on.

A progressively educated workforce: your clinicians are occupied, and it’s simple for little assignments to sneak by the radar. Versatile EMR offers the chance of robotized following cautions for things like yearly tests and standardizing values for lab discoveries, and pop-up messages to alarm

An increasingly effective income stream: with portable EMR, suppliers can include their charging at the purpose of the patient experience. This enormously expands idleness in charging, which brings about quicker repayment from payers. Thus, this guarantees income streams stay steady with the goal that your training can work as effectively as could reasonably be expected and give top-quality patient consideration.

Reasons Why Some Apps do not get that success.

There are a few potential explanations behind why versatile applications neglect to succeed. Android App Development and iOS development can only be achieved once these things are dodged.

The client experience is poor

There are numerous signs that the client experience isn’t suitable. Accessibility Geek records the best 10 most basic things. Realize that there’s a “phantom house” application on the rack of the versatile application showcase that nobody as of now employments. Maintaining a strategic distance from at any rate pointless substance, muddled client streams, and unnoticeable CTAs can leave a lot of potential clients in the item.

Absence of ability and industry information

The most significant part of a human services application’s prosperity is its aptitude. In the event that the specialist’s sentiment isn’t sufficient, individuals won’t be devoted to it. It is broadly realized that individuals accept individuals, not a man-made reasoning gadget that recommends them to accomplish something. Regardless of whether your application gives better proposals and aides, individuals will make some extreme memories accepting its suggestions. Consequently, it gets important to incorporate the master advices of an individual, a specialist.

No particular issues have been understood

The issue that most medicinal services applications can’t understand is the prerequisite to address certain issues, particularly what the client can’t manage without the item. Each application ought to be intended to tackle an issue. Since there are a large number of utilizations covering the entire range of medicinal services and are not centered around a specific agony, individuals, by and large, keep away from them since nobody is keen on perusing futile, old hat proposals. This one is the fundamental motivation behind why the QPG state application will fizzle and numerous comparative things are additionally evident. In the event that the application tends to a specific agony point, an infection, or an affliction, the odds of its prosperity are path higher than a nonexclusive application.

You have not followed the security guidelines

Every single clinical application is liable to HIPPA guidelines. Be that as it may, numerous applications can not fulfill these standards. To utilize the application effectively, it must be obvious and ought to be utilized for different purposes. Coming up next are a few instances of fruitful instances of electronic records frameworks or different sorts of clinical applications, contingent upon the administration gave.

Some of the best iOS Apps of EMR

Android App Developer and iOS developers can take some pointer from these famous apps. This would help them to build their own.


MediTouch is a cloud-based EHR arrangement. Their iPad EHR has been structured starting from the earliest stage to deal with cell phones. The product is advanced for touchscreens, implying that fingertip information passage is a smooth and natural procedure. Clinicians can likewise populate information fields with their gadget’s correspondence usefulness, which comes as standard on all iPads aside from the original, permitting them to outline at the purpose of care.

MediTouch is totally iPad local, so clients can sign on utilizing their iPad’s web program with no compelling reason to download an application. Outlining, e-endorsing, and access to MediTouch’s creative MediDraw include – which permits increasingly exact documentation of physical test discoveries – are in this manner accessible with no adjusted or limited usefulness.


Kareo’s portable EHR application offers a smoothed out interface with what it touts as “tricky effortlessness.” Kareo “sensitive” offers a streamlined and symbol-based interface, which intends to give a simpler screen route understanding. Practically, the application permits practice staff to oversee plans, send secure messages, outline, ePrescribe, solicitation, and view labs. Fascinating usefulness offered by Kareo incorporates Apple Watch similarity and accentuation on tolerant commitment with the joining of full-shading pictures and patient-accommodating graphs in the application.


The AdvancedMobile clinical record application causes you to keep in contact without remaining at the workplace. Take your training with you and begin rewarding planning, and overseeing on your own terms, when and where you pick. It’s a brilliant, secure approach to acquire scope, additional time, and more comfort. The best part is that AdvancedMD gives you a HIPAA secure and agreeable condition. Further, the framework permits clients to associate with staff and patients through a safe informing condition. Labs and charge catch are as of now just accessible on the iPad application however are being developed for the iPhone App Developer.


Epic’s Haiku EMR application changes cell phones into versatile workstations for human services suppliers. Clinicians can get too tolerant of graphs and records, plan arrangements, catch pictures for clinical use, and recommend drugs remotely. A ‘hands-free’ transcription highlight considers expanded commitment with patients, while the safe informing framework can be utilized to contact patients in a hurry while remaining HIPAA agreeable.

Epic likewise offers the detached Lucy PHR (Personal Health Record) framework that patients can use to survey their clinical data and enter wellbeing information legitimately. Lucy gives access to clinicians to transfer Continuity of Care reports, and access those from different offices and consolidate them into the patient’s electronic graph.

In the Nutshell

On the off chance that you need to fabricate applications for patients, you may need to figure reserves. Rough Indicators of Medical Application Costs: Approximately 1400 to 2200 hours are required for everyday wellbeing applications and 2500 to 3000 hours for clinic or EMR item applications (one stage). Different firms have various expenses, yet they discover one thing in like manner, and the cost of a clinical item begins at a cost of $40/hour on the stage.

In this way, plainly fabricating a clinical portable application is an expensive endeavor yet gainful speculation. In any case, one ought not to overlook that more than 98-percent of the clinical portable applications neglect to enlist. In this way, it is significant that you accompany a phenomenal thought, something which is adequate to make an insurgency in the clinical business and also for iOS App Developer.

We hope that this article has provided you with all the features and advantages that you need. If you have any doubts regarding the same then you can write to us in the comment section below. Our experts would try to solve it as soon as possible.

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Want to convert your Electronic Medical Record iOS App to Android? Here is how you can do it!


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