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Most Popular Programming Languages: Did your Favorite make it to the Top?

As the world is going digital at an unprecedented speed, building up programming skills can never go to waste. If you are a developer by profession, you would totally agree that choosing the right programming Language can make or break your career. That is the reason that StackOverflow comes out with its list of most Popular Programming Languages every year. The idea is not to differentiate between languages on which is better than the other. Rather, it is a repository of resources of what developers prefer. Invariably, most budding developers can use it as a base while picking their first programming language. Those falling in the most popular programming languages definitely come with great community support. Therefore, they act as a good starting point. 

Additionally, navigating through the most popular programming languages can help developers get a sense of belongingness to know that there are other sailing in the same boat. In fact, great community initiatives can come out of it. On the other hand, it can also help developers with a safety net to fall back on in case they feel stuck. Invariably, discussing the most popular programming languages is important. Now let us look at what languages have made the mark-


Go through any of the most popular programming languages list and JavaScript will definitely take the lead. As a frontend language, JavaScript is highly used in creating interactive frontend applications. The biggest benefit that JavaScript brings a;long is the client side speed. Additionally, it provides a richer interface and is definitely versatile in its use. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that 67.8% developers consider it to be one of the most popular programming languages. The gigantic community support and simplistic implementation bandwagon to augment its popularity. However, one of the cons that several developers report is that it may be interpreted differently by different browsers. However, its ability to work seamlessly with other programming languages as well as diversity of use often comes to its rescue. Therefore, JavaScript can be a good starting point for individuals eyeing a career in the world of tech. 


Next in line for the most popular programming languages is HTML/ CSS. A professional developer would debate here that HTML and CSS are not really programming languages. Well, that is entirely true. HTML and CSS are page structure and style information. However, most developers prefer getting their hands dirty with HTML and CSS before they move onto more technically proficient programming languages like JavaScript. Having a comprehensive understanding of HTML/ CSS is very important since they are the fundamental structures for any frontend applications and web pages.

As one of the pioneer languages, HTML still stands as an important element to programming. One of the biggest advantages of HTML/ CSS is that they are easy to maintain and offer great consistency in design. No wonder, 63.5% developers identify this as one of the most popular programming languages. However, the lack of security and ability to create only static pages eats into their moment of glory. 


By definition, SQL is a domain specific programming language, ideal for programmers working with large chunks of data. In fact, it is the standard language for relational database management systems. With the support of 54.4% developers, SQL has secured a place for itself in the most popular programming languages list. It is a very powerful query language and is optimized for large number of table rows. As its USP of managing data, it ensures high consistency of data. In the same light, it also makes possible the fast retrieval of data from multiple tables.

However, as any other programming language, SQL too comes with a set of challenges. Firstly, it can run only on a single server. Therefore, increasing speed translates to hardware upgrade. Secondly, it is difficult to convert data from objects to database tables. Nevertheless, when it comes to database management, SQL is the best solution and one of the most popular programming languages for all developers.


Another one of the most popular programming languages that makes space for itself in every list is Python. An easy to learn language with a clean and well structured code, Python is best suited to develop scalable web applications. As a popular language, Python has a great resource library and extensive community support. Since most startups rely on Python as their primary backend language, learning it can fasttrack your entry into the tech world. Python comes with the support of 41.7% developers. While it focuses on readability, it also promotes seamless scalability of even the most complex applications. Its ability to improve a programmer’s productivity is one of the top reasons for its popularity. However, Python by its nature is not very well suited for mobile computing. Additionally, it is a bit slower in comparison to others. Nevertheless, its ease of use makes it a personal favorite. 


The last in the list of most popular programming languages is Java. In no way do we mean that Java is lower as compared to the above ones. Most Android developers have a natural inclination towards choosing Java. It is majorly because of its ability to create highly functional platforms and programs. As an object- oriented language, it is popular among 41.1% developers. Additionally, it has a high range of open source libraries. Owing to its stability, it has found its way to most enterprises. As mentioned, Java is most suitable for android applications. Since most brands today have applications to support their expansion, Java developers are always in need. The only downside being that memory management in Java is expensive. Nevertheless, the powerful open source tools make its use worth the while.

Most Popular Programming Languages: Get Best Developers

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Most Popular Programming Languages: Did your Favorite make it to the Top?


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