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How to Repair PDF File and Recover Its Maximum Possible Content?

Being a computer user, we deal with a variety of files every day. One such file is PDF (portable Document format), and it’s quite popular among us. It was developed by Adobe Systems in the 1990s. This format has many features, we’ll discuss that later in this article. Also, we’ll discuss the major drawback of this file format and how to repair PDF file if it’s corrupt.

PDF aka Portable Document Format

In the early 90s when there was no portable document format, the task of sharing documents between different computers and operating systems was not at all easy for users. They needed a file format that could actually maintain the fixed formatting. So the idea to create PDF file came up. It was initially released on 15th June 1993 by Adobe Systems. And since then, it has become one of the most popular file formats in the world.

In these days, the portable document format is commonly used for product manuals, eBooks, resumes, job applications, scanned documents, flyers (pamphlet), and all sorts of other documents. A PDF file doesn’t require any specific operating system or hardware. Even it doesn’t rely on the software that creates it, i.e. Adobe Acrobat. So whichever device you’re using to open a PDF file, it looks same. Other than text and images, a PDF file can contain interactive buttons, hyperlinks, embedded fonts, video, and much more.

Check out the benefits of PDF file

There are various benefits of PDF file. Below I’m showing you the top 6 benefits of PDF file:

Maintain the original formatting: Unlike Word documents and other files, the PDF file is very good in maintaining the original formatting. This means if you print the document, it’ll appear exactly same how it was created on your system.

Ubiquitous format: This is the only file format which is widely adopted all around the world. The portable document format is easy to view and share. So if you want to share documents with someone near you or far away, PDF is the best choice.

Small/compressed in size: The portable document format can successfully compress the high-quality files to a relatively small size. This will save your hard disk space, especially if you’re working with the limited storage resources.

Protection is enabled: The best part of this file format is protection. You can password-protect PDF file so that you can secure your crucial business documents.

OS friendly: This file format is OS friendly which means you can view the PDF file on any operating system like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Even you can easily view or open a PDF file on a mobile device that has iOS and Android operating systems.

Support non-text elements: In a PDF file, you’re allowed to add non-text elements to make the layouts awesome. Also, you can rightly use the links which will open up in the web browser while you’re viewing the documents on a computer or mobile device.

Though the technology is moving quickly, the PDF file is probably here to stay for a long. The portable document format has so much history behind it. And it’s so widespread as well.

Corrupt PDF File

The above are few benefits of PDF file. But there’s a major drawback of this file format. Just like any other computer file, a PDF file is also prone to corruption. There are various reasons behind a Corrupt Pdf file, such as

Computer viruses: The most common reason behind file corruption is virus. Viruses can enter into a computer system, and infect the data and information stored in it. A PDF file is not immune to virus infection. It can corrupt the PDF file by modifying or deleting some part of the file.

Bugs attack: Almost every software program has internal bugs. And such internal bugs can cause serious issues like poor performance and corruption. Adobe Acrobat and/Adobe Reader may also have some internal bugs which can cause corrupt PDF file.

Sudden system shutdown: If the computer system shuts down abruptly due to sudden power failure, it may cause severe issues. This may put your computer and its data at high risk.

Hard disk failure: Hard disk failure may occur due to various reasons, and it can cause some serious issues. File corruption is one of them.

Software malfunction: It refers to a situation when a software program starts producing an incorrect or unexpected result or behaving in unintended ways. The common reasons behind software malfunction are software collision and internal bugs.

There’s no way to open a corrupt PDF file until you repair it. But if you have its backup, you can successfully restore it. This is why backup is strongly recommended. But if there’s backup,

How to repair PDF file?

It’s literally impossible to repair PDF file manually. Even Adobe doesn’t provide anything to fix corrupt PDF file. But there are few software vendors in the market which provide PDF Repair tool.  Such tools are designed to repair PDF file and to recover maximum possible content from it. Most of the vendors provide the demo version for free evaluation purpose. So before you can purchase any such 3rd paid tool, you must download the free demo version. Why? By using the demo version, you can scan corrupt PDF file and check the preview of your file content which you can actually recover. And if you’re satisfied with the results, then only you should purchase the software.

SysInfoTools PDF Recovery Software 

SysInfoTools PDF Recovery software is one of the best recovery tools available in the market to fix corrupt PDF file. It can successfully repair PDF file created by any version of Adobe Acrobat including the latest v16. You can select any number of PDF files at a time. There are two recovery modes to handle the different level of corruption: Standard Mode for minor corruption issues and Advanced Mode for severe corruption issues.

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How to Repair PDF File and Recover Its Maximum Possible Content?


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