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Access FTP (FTP, FTPS & SFTP) anywhere without install

We have to do many things to access FTP on our day-to-day works. sometimes we write the same thing many times for the same...

Now, I am sharing my tool to upload/download/move/remove from/to FTP/FTPS/SFTP.. this tool has many options like access FTP through different port/SSH/TLS ...


Description of this tool: all you have to do just create a command file and execute FTP_Action.exe with this command file. This command file can contain multiple FTP server access. That means you don't have to write separate command & run this for separate FTP servers. you can put all together and execute once. after executing the command file, it will generate a log file about the executed operations (you may skip this).

How to use:

  1. Extract the zip in a separate folder [in my case "C:\FTP_Tool"]
  2. you will find the below files - you have to always keep below file together in a location
  • FTP_Action.exe
  • FTP_Action.ReadMe
  • WinSCP.exe
  • WinSCPnet.dll
  • Create the command file [in my case, command file is in "C:\SFTP\FTP_COMMAND.txt"]
    • See ReadMe\Sample Command Section file to create the command file
    • Open a text file.
    • write your commands.
    • save the file.
    • Command Example of Command file
      • open sftp://USER_NAME:[email protected]_ADDRESS_OR_IP:PORT/ -SSH
      • put "C:\SFTP\TEST_UPLOAD.txt" "/Prod/TEST_UPLOAD.csv"
      • no need to add "bye" command. this tool will close session/connection when finished or open the next connection.
  • Now i have command file and executable
    • FTP_Action in "C:\FTP_Tool\FTP_Action.exe"
    • Command file is "C:\SFTP\FTP_COMMAND.txt"
    Now Execute the command file as below :
        1. open cmd/command prompt.
        2. go to "working location - C:\FTP_Tool" - optional/required if not work in other location
        • cd C:\FTP_Tool
      • command - executable with file name (full path) as parameter
        • "C:\FTP_Tool\FTP_Action.exe" "C:\SFTP\FTP_COMMAND.txt"
      • if you want a log file of this operation, then mention a log file name (full path) as second parameter
        • "C:\FTP_Tool\FTP_Action.exe" "C:\SFTP\FTP_COMMAND.txt" "C:\SFTP\FTP_COMMAND_LOG.log"
      • if you want a system generated log file name, then mention a location (followde by '\') as second parameter instead of file name.
        • "C:\FTP_Tool\FTP_Action.exe" "C:\SFTP\FTP_COMMAND.txt" "C:\SFTP\"

        Please Check the ReadMe File ....

        Use below command to execute/use this tool …
        From CMD/Command Prompt --
        FTP_Action.exe COMMAND_PATH [LOG_PATH] [Options]

        COMMAND_PATH : Full path of the command file. to create a command file see section "Command File Syntax"
        LOG_PATH     : (optional) Full path of the log file. a log file would be generated after execution. If file name not mentioned, Log file name will contain DateTime info and a part of command file name [i.e. 20171102035012_CMD.log when the command file name is CMD.txt]

        Command Options:
        -SSL : only for SFTP connection
        -TLS : this option is required if the FTP connection need KEY FingerPrint
        -SSLI : this is required for secure FTP connection with Implicit encryption
        -SSLE : this is required for secure FTP connection with Explicit encryption

        example :

        FTP_Action.exe "D:\tmp\SFTP\SFTP_COMMAND.txt"

        FTP_Action.exe "D:\tmp\SFTP\SFTP_COMMAND.txt" "D:\tmp\SFTP\SFTP_COMMAND_LOG.log"

        Command File Syntax ... [in this case - the file is "D:\tmp\SFTP\SFTP_COMMAND.txt"]
        open sftp://USERNAME:[email protected]/ -SSH
        put "D:\tmp\SFTP\TEST_UPLOAD.txt" "/mnt/sql/TEST_UPLOAD_PUT.csv"
        mov "/mnt/sql/TEST_UPLOAD_PUT.csv" "/mnt/sql/TEST_UPLOAD_PUT_MOV.csv"
        rnm "/mnt/sql/TEST_UPLOAD_PUT_MOV.csv" "/mnt/sql/TEST_UPLOAD_PUT_MOV_RNM.csv"
        get "/mnt/sql/TEST_UPLOAD_PUT_MOV_RNM.csv" "D:\tmp\SFTP\TEST_UPLOAD_PUT_MOV_RNM_DWN.csv"
        del "/mnt/sql/TEST_UPLOAD_PUT_MOV_RNM.csv"

        open ftp://USERNAME:[email protected]/
        mkdir "/Prods/Data"
        put "D:\tmp\SFTP\TEST_UPLOAD.txt" "/Prods/TEST_UPLOAD_PUT.csv"
        get "/Prods/TEST_UPLOAD_PUT.csv" "D:\tmp\SFTP\TEST_UPLOAD_PUT_GET.txt"
        del "/Prods/TEST_UPLOAD_PUT.csv"

        How to install FTP_Action in other server
        copy below files together to any location. keep all files together in one place to work.
        1. FTP_Action.exe
        2. WinSCPnet.dll
        3. WinSCP.exe
        4. FTP_Action.ReadMe

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        Access FTP (FTP, FTPS & SFTP) anywhere without install


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