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What Are The Advantages Of Making An App For Your Company? Blog
With the rapid advance of technology in the last 10 years, we’re seeing the smartphone replace the desktop/laptop as the main source of our information and entertainment for most people. It makes sense, seeing as smartphones are far more portable than both, mobile data plans allow for internet use on the go without Wi-Fi and smartphones are designed to be easier to use than a traditional desktop Operating System. All this together means that smartphones are the new beacons of marketing for small businesses. But how can you market your business effectively? Google’s location-based search results are certainly helpful when you’ve got an online presence. However, it can only go so far when it comes to promotion and customer retention. What you need is an app. But why get an app? They’re expensive to build, most people won’t download a single app for a business they only occasionally visit and the app market is extremely competitive right now. These are the obvious disadvantages to getting an app built, but where the app shines is keeping customers loyal to your business: apps are the perfect tool for customer retention. With an app, you have the ability to send notifications to your users. While the rate of engagement varies between types of businesses, nearly everyone will get a chance to see your notifications when they use their phone. New product announcements, special deals and loyalty systems are all easily implementable in an app, along with any industry-specific notifications your users might want to know. Brand recognition is key to developing a notable market presence, and apps meet this need perfectly. A well-designed app is eye-catching, responsive and distinct from its competitors. Your company’s logo, colour scheme and general tone is easy to understand when you see it on an app. Above all, we live in an ad-dominated world. It’s getting harder for the average customer to pay any interest to advertisements as everywhere they go, there’s an ad. But one basic tactic in advertising remains true: repetition makes things easier to remember. Seeing your app on their phone’s screen every day helps them remember that your business exists without becoming another annoyance. Getting an app for your firm or small business is what you need to keep your customers invested in your business. Chetaru is a UK SEO agency based in Darlington that is excited about building a better future with the latest technological and IT solutions available. Chetaru has the IT know-how that your firm needs to succeed and thrive, from beautiful responsive websites to economical SEO services and useful mobile app designs.
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