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Saving Time & Money With Fred Meyer #ClickList!

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August has been the most hectic, jam-packed month! Between work, visitors, family events, and travel, we’ve been on the go non-stop. It’s been really hard to make time for everything, so I’ve been looking for shortcuts that can make my summer schedule go a little more smoothly. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Fred Meyer’s new Clicklist online ordering option!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m busy and tired, the last thing I want to do is go to the grocery store. That’s why ClickList intrigued me: It allows you to order your Groceries online, then drive into the Fred Meyer parking lot to pick them up. The associates come right out to you with your purchases and load the groceries in your vehicle for you – you don’t even have to get out of the car! This sounded absolutely amazing to me, so I was more than ready to give it a try.

Starting my Online Order

I sat down in front of my computer on Sunday evening and navigated to You can either log in with an existing Fred Meyer account, which I had, or create a new one. From there, you select the participating ClickList store that you’d like to pick your order up from, and begin shopping.

Starting my order

Initially, I had assumed that the product selection might be a little limited since I was ordering online, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that everything I wanted was right there on the website with over 40,000 items available – even more “Specialty” products like the Dryel refills I needed to launder my work clothes for a business trip! You can either browse by department, or search for a specific keyword. ClickList offers all the same fresh foods you would buy normally, such as produce, meat, milk and more. All of the items are refrigerated or frozen right until you pull up to collect your order, so everything stays fresh.

My ClickList shopping cart

Since I knew I was heading into a packed few weeks, I wanted to stock up on everything I could possibly need in advance. Using ClickList made this so easy, since I could build my cart piece by piece while sitting at home in my pajamas – no more running into the store and forgetting five things you needed! I wrote out a meal plan and took stock of everything we could possibly want around the house for the month. Once I knew I’d covered all my bases, I selected my desired pick-up day and time, and I was done!

Online Order Walkthrough

Ordering really is that simple, so I filmed a quick video walkthrough to demonstrate exactly how it works:

Picking up my Order

ClickList panorama

Orders placed before midnight can be picked up the next day, so I chose to pick up my order the following Monday afternoon, between 4:00 and 5:00 PM; you can arrive at any time during this pick up window to collect your groceries. We pulled into the parking lot and immediately saw a clearly marked area for picking up online orders.

ClickList pick up area

We pulled up to a speaker, just like a drive-thru restaurant. After letting the attendant know that we were there to collect our order, Jai and I pulled over to a clearly marked pick up lane by the curb.

ClickList check in
Ready to pick up our first ClickList order!

Our friendly, helpful attendant came right out to our car window and reviewed the order receipt with us to make sure everything was correct, swiped my credit card, and then loaded all of the groceries into the back of our truck. We didn’t have to do a thing or get out of the car!

Paying for my first ClickList order

Unloading my ClickList order

Carefully packing my ClickList order into the truck

I wanted to get a few photos of the process to illustrate it better, so I did get out of the car quickly to document it. Another car pulled up behind us to pick up their order, and the customer sitting in the car said, “Is this your first order? Isn’t this amazing?!” Yes, it sure is!!

My ClickList order

My ClickList order

Fresh Factor

Fresh peppers

So how do you make sure you get all your groceries just as you like them? Each item has a comment box next to it where you can write any special instructions before adding to your cart – for example, “I only want very ripe bananas”. You can also choose to allow substitutions or not, in case something happens to be out of stock and you have a specific need. All of the groceries are hand-selected by employees with freshness and quality as their top concern. The staff use electronic devices to ensure that they accurately locate all of your items on the day you are scheduled to pick up your order.

Fresh broccoli

All of the produce I ordered was super fresh and pristine. Being able to write up a meal plan, make a comprehensive shopping list so easily and get all my fresh, healthy groceries in advance made the last two weeks so much easier. Using ClickList, I ordered a ton of produce, whole grain pasta, and 7 packages of chicken which I then cooked up in one big batch to freeze for easy meals. We’ve been enjoying things like healthy salads and vegetable stir frys, which are ready in minutes thanks to having everything ready to go in my fridge.

What I Did With #OneExtraHour

ClickList selfie!

Being able to leisurely compile my order online saved me at least an hour. When we arrived to pick up our order, we were done in minutes – no walking all over the store, forgetting an item that was in another aisle and backtracking, dealing with crowds or standing in line. So what did we do with the extra hour? Right after we picked up our groceries, Jai and I drove over to a surprise birthday party for my BFF! She wasn’t expecting us at all, so it was a really fun surprise – the gathering was held out of town, and the birthday girl didn’t realize there was a party waiting for her when she arrived. So instead of pushing a shopping cart through the grocery store, we got to hang out with friends and eat cheesecake!

But What Does Super Coupon Girl Think?

Coupon on my ClickList order

Since my nickname is “Super Coupon Girl“, you’re probably most curious to find out what kind of savings are possible through ClickList. I was thrilled to discover that you can use coupons with your online order, just like a regular store visit – you can load digital coupons onto your account which will be deducted automatically, and if you have paper coupons, you can present them to the attendant when you arrive to pick up your order. You’ll also notice plenty of sale prices listed on the website, so you can see what’s on sale that day and choose from the lowest priced options. As you use the service, it will begin to display a list of regularly purchased “Favorites” to make future orders even more efficient.

The fee for using ClickList is $4.95 per order, which is waived for your first three orders. For the time and convenience, I’d say it’s well worth it, because time is money too!

Final Thoughts

Fred Meyer ClickList is amazing option for saving time, money, and hassle! Everyone in my family was impressed – my Grandma’s ears perked up immediately when we told her about it, and she asked how she can get set up to do it too! ClickList is a perfect “Life hack” for freeing up time and effort. We are huge fans!

ClickList Availability

ClickList is new to Fred Meyer stores in the Pacific Northwest, and currently includes the following locations:


Oregon City


Federal Way
North Bellingham

Have you used ClickList yet?

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Saving Time & Money With Fred Meyer #ClickList!


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