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How to Learn Python

How To Learn Python

 In this post you will learn how to learn Python as beginner step by step easy way to learn python within one month.If your are thinking to start learning python then I guess you made the right choice by starting to learn Python because Python is the world’s fastest and most popular programming language not just among SDE’s but also among  Data Analysts, Scientists and even Kids too!!! The reason is simple because Python is a very beginner-friendly programming language and one of the most used programming language. Python has found its places everywhere such as web development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence or even the programming of micro controls – 

You may have  doubt why everyone says python is easy programming language the reason is due to its syntax and readability. hence it reduces the cost of maintenance of the program. The syntax of Python is smaller than most other programming languages like Java, C, C++.

Before starting learning about Python, it is very important to understand your areas of interest. Pick an area you’re interested in, such as:

 Data science / Machine learning


  Mobile apps

 Web Development


  Scripts to automate your work 

Now we will see step by step the best way to learn python programming

Step 1: ( one week to 15 Days)

Python Basics like history of python, variables, oprtaors, functions and control structures these topics extremely easy compared to other languages like JAVA, c, c++

Step 2: OOPS concept, Built-in Data Structures (10 to 15 Days)

OOPS in Python

List, Tuples, Dictionary.

String Formatting

Exception Handling

If you are a beginner then I would recommend you to focus on this section as it is widely used while making complex applications.You might not understand a lot of things at first, but give things time to sink in and it will make sense.

Step 3: Web Frameworks(2 Weeks)

There are so many frameworks for web applications in Python.

 Django: A high-level web framework mostly used in startups and enterprises for web development. It follows the MVC pattern and you can use multiple databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and Oracle.

Flask: Flask is one of the easiest micro-frameworks to learn in Python.


Building a web crawler was interesting as well,  crawler which was used by search engines back in the early days to crawl web pages, find links and store those links in a file.

Step 4: Python Libraries ( 1 week)

If you aspire to be a data analyst/ data scientist then focus on learning these libraries.

Learned about the Numpy and Pandas library which are extensively used to perform data analysis with Python. 

Step 5:     ML: (2 weeks)

For learning you need to learn 

TensorFlow: It is one of the most famous and popular deep learning library developed by Google

Scikit-Learn: It is Machine learning library for Python designed to work with numerical libraries.

 PyTorch: It is the library that can handle dynamic computation graphs.

Step 6: Learn Automation with selenium(1 week)

After learning almost everything about Python selenium felt pretty easy.

Selenium is originally used for testing purposes but it turns out that you can automate various tasks with it. So overall It took around 10 - 14 weeks to complete the python course

Note that  you have to dedicate 2–3 hours every day for learning.

After learning everything try to build your own projects like calculator, weather applicaton, E commerce, online cv generator etc.. 

Here are the python best books for beginners

learn python

python cookbook

python essenstional reference

python in nutshell

online Resources:

Some of the tips from my side:

 Have patience, it’s not just in case of learning Python but also it’s in the case of learning another language. Learning a first language always requires more effort and time so understand that it will take time to sink everything.

 Be consistent, if you are not consistent in learning it will take a lot more time and effort.

The building project is always helpful in building confidence so don’t ignore its importance.

Due to some complex terms, errors, and issues, you will feel like giving up. Don’t do that, it happens with everyone in programming.


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How to Learn Python


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