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20 unique KitKats from Japan you should definitely try!

A crispy, chocolatey, finger-sized snack that is known as KitKat, was in the thirties popular as a wartime ration, is now a global favourite. Although, much like the McDonald’s menu or Pokémon spawns in Pokémon GO, there are KitKat flavours that are exclusive to Japan. Here’s some twenty, to start:

1. Blueberry Cheesecake

Starts off with the smooth, creamy texture of cheesecake, followed by crunchy blueberry. This flavour is limited to the Koshin area and available as minis.

2. Wasabi

Some may crinkle their noses at eating chocolate the flavour of spicy horseradish paste, but the heat of wasabi is subdued. Subtle sweetness with a hint of wasabi is what you will experience in this novelty flavour.

3. Shinshu Apple

Crunchy like an apple, crunchy as a KitKat. Wait no more for the next carnival to satisfy your candied apple cravings, this apple candy delivers smooth milk chocolate with the prefect balance of fresh apple flavour.

4. Pancake

This has been said to Taste like the popular American breakfast of buttermilk pancakes and maple syrup. The pancake flavour was first released as a tied promotion with Rilakkuma, then as a holiday-themed Easter special (talk about Easter eggs!).

5. Pumpkin Pudding

Another holiday treat, pumpkin pudding was released in conjunction with Halloween. It’s pumpkin flavour in a white chocolate base. Toast it in the oven for a bit, and it is said to taste like hot pumpkin pie!

6. Cinnamon Cookie

For lovers of cinnamon, the cinnamon cookie Kitkat has that wonderful aroma of anything freshly baked out of an oven that has cinnamon in its ingredients. A comforting snack very akin to the common cinnamon cookie.

7.Hot Japanese Chili

Contrary to the wasabi counterpart, chili KitKat is actually made to portray. Based on dark chocolate, the spiciness starts mild but gradually kicks in and leaves your tongue with that spicy tang of chili aftertaste.

8. Sweet Potato

This product actually has baking instructions, for that traditional baked potato snack. Although recommended, it tastes just as good from the fridge, or shelf.

9. Edamame Soybean

Soybeans and edamame, now served as a chocolate snack. White chocolate, to be precise.

10. Sake

Probably the only KitKat to be non-halal, sake flavoured KitKats have about 0.8% alcohol in them. While you will need entire cargo boxes to try and get drunk on them, it’s still a novelty must-try.

11. Houjicha

Like roasted green tea, you can enjoy this warm at room temperature or frozen like cold tea. Goes great with a real cup of hot Earl Grey.

12. Azuki Bean Sandwich

A great blend of chocolate and red bean flavour, although some may find the chocolate a little overwhelming in this.

13. Wa-Ichigo Strawberry

Limited edition as it is made with Tochiotome strawberries, a breed known to be perfectly sweet with a touch of sour. It’s a little tart compared to the usual strawberries.

14. Raspberry

There isn’t much to say here except that it is known to taste exactly like raspberries. Slightly tangy but mostly sweet, still a great flavour!

14. Sakura Matcha

The sakura matcha has a blend of green tea, cherry blossom and white chocolate. If you infuse your green tea with sakura petals and add a dash of white chocolate cream, you’d probably get a similar taste.

16. Rum & Raisin

[Bad pun alert]: Go ‘run and racing’ for this exclusive flavour which has an estimated 0.056% content of rum.

17. Strawberry Cheesecake

With the crunchy wafer, strawberry cheesecake may come off like a strawberry shortcake for some, but the smooth creaminess of cheesecake and strawberries do no disappoint.

18. Kankitsu Ogon Blend

Essentially a concoction of lime, lemon and orange, this flavour translates to English as Citrus Golden Blend. Starts with a punchy citrus taste and finished with an all-around creaminess of milk chocolate.

19. Kobe Pudding

Kobe has two popular foods; beef, and pudding. The KitKat variant of the pudding is sweet and custardy. Though it may be a little sweet for some.

20. Yubari Melon

Despite its dark appearance, it does refreshingly smell and taste like melon. It’s also sweet in a subtle way, which gives a really nice balance to the richness of the chocolate.

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20 unique KitKats from Japan you should definitely try!


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