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My friend and I start corresponding in verse around 2005 - this is the result. Names have been changed to protect the guilty!!!

from friend
I am not a poet and dont I know it
But I can paint and draw
and I am not a bore
I can sew and mend
and be your best friend.

to friend
Painting and drawing is a hard task
my best friend as well! - what more could I ask

from friend
A fire was made when we got home,

A hot currie soup from the bone,
By it goes a long way,
We certainly make it pay.
There is more for today,
We shall eat it come what may.

to friend
Hi friend, we enjoyed the movie too
maybe cos we were with you!
no fire for us, just V&T
to go with our pork chop for tea
Hubbie did some onions, fried
not so good because I cried!!
(tasted brill though)
Ta for call from E today
glad that everything seems OK
got reserves of euros out
for the Consum bargain trout
better dash to buy our gear
see you Friday for del dia!
lotsalove. xxxxx

from friend
Hi T, Well that was excellent,
I am going to have to spend more time on these verses.

I hope you got a leaflet from consum,
Because there is more bargains for your tum.
Today its chicken whole and clean,
Wot could be better with a jar of beans.
Friday it is croissants and jam,
Yesterday cheese slices and pan.

from friend
Sorry it was my mistake,

I went for ham and cheese.
Cheese all gone if you please.
But I have 2 packets of ham,
Saturday is croisants and jam.
But if your ticket you keep.
La semana que viene they will dig deep,
There will be cheese, cheese, cheese.

Well I am in a hurry, thats my excuse.

Its menu del dia and I am hungry.

to friend
Hi friend getting better every time!
Went to consum to get the meal
turned out to be a different deal
not bread and cheese but cheese and ham
hope we do better with cross. & jam
pollo sounds a better buy
off to get it now - must fly! Bye! love T xxxx

for someone hungry - not a bad verse
I´m real thirsty so here´s something worse
looking for bargains - for savings I seek
but no joy with consum - no offers this week
no more can I say except "oh flippin heck"
been typing too long - got a pain in the neck T

from friend
I haven´t much to say. But I shall see you in a mo, ´

Then we shall speak lots I know.
I am hungry again
always the same,
But lets not speak of this folly,
Forward, lead me to the alli olli.

I really must prepare something to astound you with my brilliance.

from friend
Last night hubbie mended the fire, He brought in a very heavy log,
It was heavy, he just missed the dog. But! it dropped on the hot ashes,
They flew out all over the rug. I could have given him 20 lashes.
That´s the second one he has damaged.
I really dont know how I will manage.

to friend
Now don´t you get yourself in a fug
After all, it was only a rug
It´s hard to get this all in verse
but just think, it could have been worse he could have dropped it on your head
and you´d have spent the week in bed
just think, on Saturday´s car boot
he´ll have to give you lots of loot
a nice replacement rug to find
but not too dear or you´ll blow his mind!
Been today on chorizo search
Consum again left us in the lurch
No picante, just dulce alone
and so we brought 2 dulce home
if you want your 3 dorada
you´ll find them in our kitchen lada (well larder but it didnt rhyme)
We´ll see you Friday for del dia
but wot will we do for tea ah?
just lots of booze but not so stronga
we have V. but mucho tonica longa
Gosh this verse is getting naff
going home for a brandy & caff!
C U Fri. lotsalove.

to friend
Hello good morning to you my friend Lynn
just seen your car - r u at the gym?
Tony in bed - had a very late night
down to the airport but 1hr delayed flight
poorly on Sunday, not thrilled to bits
something upset us - we both had the squits!
Bit better now, happy to say
but going to have a very quiet day
See you on Tuesday - exciting things
hobbits & orcs with Lord of the Rings

from friend
Sorry to hear you have been ill.
If I had known I could have brought you a pill.
Could it have been the tuna tart?
Or hubby´s spices can make you fart.
We were ok right as rain,
Fit as a fiddle and no pain.
Look forward to seeing you
Thursday, Will you need the loo?
Sorry I am getting very lavatorial here.

to friend
things were bad on Sunday night
gave us both a nasty fright
but glad to say we´re feeling better
specially since laughing at your letter

to friend
re. your phone call re whats on
check the Crier - they are wrong
got Greek Wedding and the Ring
at the same time both showing (lousy rhyme but it is early)
think the Sur has got it right
showing 8.15 tonight (NOT 8.30!)
see you there if we´re still alive
in the foyer at 7.55!!!

from friend
Not sure about a visit to you as we are going to the pics later.

On Saturday I went to Canillas with Inge,
I dropped a clanger it was a humdinger.
Feeling cocky I asked "Por favor 12 uvas"
"Que" the butcher replied, "estan frutas"
Oh dear, Oh dear, my embarassment grew,
In the shop there were quite a few,
In desperation I used my hands and palms,
"They look like this, de pollo" and flapped my arms.
He looked puzzled but the penny dropped, ding dong,
"Ah huevos" same shape but different on the tongue.
Si 12 for me and 12 for her,
Thankyou sir.
What weather I cant get that washing dry,
Especially those new knickers I could cry,
Oh well she cried with a pout,
Better results if you go without.
I know you laughed out loud then,
hope you didnt frighten anyone.

to friend
Good to see you this morning even though it was a bit quick!
Hasn´t the sun been lovely today
Helps to wash all the blues away
We spent another hour on the roof
Pink face and chest is the obvious proof
But tatty hair is getting worse
(like the rhymes in this verse)
Got to remedy the tat
can´t spend my life in hubby´s hat!
See you Weds. for step one two
Hope I can do it half as good as you
By the way the flicks sound bleak
think we´ll give them a miss this week.
See you soon. Lotsalove. T xxx

from friend
Hope to see you today at Lux mundi,

Did working all those muscles pay?
Or have you pain pain pain?
Think about what you will gain.
Yesterday hubby did a bit of wife swapping.
We will explain when we see you on Friday.
It was a wife swap with pay. So who am I to argue
I am on 10% its topping. best I can do. yours is good as ever

to friend
Glad you enjoyed the bacon, we liked it too
hope there are bargains again for me & you

thanks for the delivery of lovely red wine
having friends like you is really so fine

Still wondering what to do with the paint
a soft restful yellow our walls simply aint

tv collected this morning at ten
can´t wait to get it back here again

thanks for the videos - they really are great
and the books too! you´re a truly good mate

All being well on Wednesday at 10
see you at the gymnasium again

to friend

On my own at the internet place
got fed up of hubby´s grumpy face!
He´s gone for some bread and ali oli
hopefully he will then be jolly

Well done on the beds - you are a pal
in fact you´re quite a genious, gal!
He says you´ll get the beds in time
so that means I´ll be getting mine

I´ll get off now - missing the sun
see you Friday friend number one

After this it got a bit of a task to keep on emailing in rhyme, so we just chatted instead! Sorry!!!

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