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I hope you enjoy these poems and songs inspired by Spain -

Leave the city, leave the town
Leave behind your worried frown

To the country you must go
If tranquillity you’d know

In the country you will see
Suddenly your heart is free

Filled with peace now you will find
Life is of a different kind

Blessed each day with growth anew
Nature brings her joy to you
There you find the blossom trees
Giving nectar to the bees

Or, in summer, hanging now
Heavy fruit upon the bough

Oranges and lemons bright
Follow blossom fragrant white

Juicy nispero and fig
Grow on trees both small and big

Then you find the prickly pear
If you pick it, do take care!
Trees are shelter from the sun
Or for climbing, just for fun

Insects scurry up and down
From the trunk into the crown

Geckos dash within the tree
Faster than the eye can see

Slow chameleon will stand
Blending colour to the land

Spiders float on finest thread
Weaving webs above your head
Tiny birds land for a rest
Maybe start to build a nest

Finches flitter, hoopoes call
Different birds both big and small

Swallows skim across the ground
Like it was a stream they’d found

Overhead the eagles cry
As they soar into the sky

Then they plummet to the ground
To some hidden prey they found
Flowers in great abundance grow
Some quite high and some so low

Red and yellow, pink and blue
Some you know and some are new

Gloriously they clothe the ground
Like a rainbow all around

Nodding heads, they trace the sun
From the morn till day is done

Shedding fragrance, joy to see
Gift of God for you and me
Grasses rustle in the breeze
Wind plays music in the trees

Lie upon the grass and hear
Chirping crickets very near

In the distance, hear the bells
Recognise the tale they tell

Goats are bleating far away
From the breaking of the day

Birds all sing the sweetest song
From the dawn and all day long
Musky fragrance fills the air
Wild herbs are around you there

Lavender with purple-blue
Sage with yet another hue

Thyme and fennel side by side
All their glory will not hide

Oregano, mint and dill
So content, you breathe your fill

Gather them within your arms
Let them each release their charms
Hidden from the casual eye
Rabbits often hurry by

Deer may wander, do you know?
Are you watching as they go?

Tiny creatures in the ground
Scurry by without a sound

Snakes may slither in the grass
Do you see them as they pass?

All the fauna that is there
Do we give the time to stare?
Country people are the best
They know how to work and rest

How to toil and then have fun
Live with nature’s ways as one

Country folk always caring
Generous and so sharing

They have found the key to life
Be content with no more strife

Living in the wondrous land
Fashioned by the Maker’s hand

In the mountains of Spain
On a cold winter’s night
As the olive wood flamed
And the fire burned bright
I came into the world
For before the next morn
While the stars filled the sky
I, Francisco, was born

Birth certificate
Francisco T. Eddie
123 Stuffing Street



It was on a beautiful sunlit day
That I was created by Dolly May
She stitched me and filled me with loving care
Until I became such a perfect bear

Benidorm December 2005

Crispy leaves crunch
beneath my feet
As I walk on the three-lined street
The dappled sunshine
sheds its beam
Glowing on leaves of
gold and green
White clouds hang in azure sky
And seagulls soar,
see how they fly
The breeze creates
a rustling sound
And autumn leaves
tumble all around

February 2006

Mountains and valleys embroidered with olive trees
Turning the land to a patchwork spread

Scattered with blossom of pink and white almond trees
Sights of such beauty go round in my head

Roads weave and wander through fields of myriad green
Twisting and turning as new views appear

Blue skies above us are dotted with fluffy clouds
All the land glowing with sunshine so clear

Cows on a hillside are splashes of brown on green
Solitary ruins appear now and then

Wonderful country, the beautiful land of Spain
I long to travel, again and again



It is only November
Where is it?
What wind
What cold
Where is it?
Snow covers the mountains
And villages disappear
Where is it?

Who stole Autumn?


Andalucia, how I Love your valleys, hills and plains
Andalucia, how I love your sunshine and your rain

Land of olives and raisins
I cannot cease my praising
You are my home for ever
And I pray that I leave you never

You are everything to me,
This land, that fills my heart with joy each day, this land is Andalucia

Andalucia, how I love your people and their ways
Andalucia, how I love to live here every day

Land of simple pleasures
So full of natural treasures
You are my dreams come true
And my heart will forever be with you

You are my country, my home
This land, that fills my heart, with joy each day, this land is Andalucia

It’s so good to be back again
It’s so wonderful here in Spain
Where the sky is a heavenly blue
And all the people are friendly too

In the warmth of the glowing sun
Everybody can have such fun
It’s so easy to see
Why Spain is the place for me
Espana espana this is the place to be
Espana espana, this is the place for me

I relax with the siesta
Then I dance at the fiesta
And we all have a wonderful time
Drinking sangria and good wine

It’s a beautiful place to be
By the Mediterranean sea
It’s so easy to see
Why Spain is the place for me

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