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When troubles all surround you
and you feel all alone
Remember in His loving care
your heart still has a home

For though the things that happen
may make you feel so blue
They may be just a little part
of His great plan for you

And through all days of darkness
You know that He is there
To comfort and to light your way
for He will always care

So look towards the future
and face it not with fear,
but with the strength of knowing
that His love is ever near


Written for my friend Dolores, in hospital suffering from leukaemia


If your dear heart is filled with fear
By daytime or by night
Remember He is always near
To bring eternal light

He’ll soothe your sorrows,
ease your pain
Sweet comfort bring your way
Until your heart can smile again
To face another day

So put your trust in His dear care
And He will see you through
For all His love is always there
For ever, just for you



Don’t fret and don’t worry

Or start hatching plans

Just place all your troubles

In God’s precious hands

He sees what you’re wanting

He knows what you need

So give Him your burden

And you will be freed


I wrote this one when Tony was in hospital having a coronary artery bypass


Dearest Jesus,
heal my loved one
Take away his
stress and pain
Holy Spirit,
Heal my loved one
Make him well
and strong again
God of love send
angels to him
Precious healing
in their wings
Then in health we’ll
keep rejoicing
Praising You our
heavenly King




Let go of the things

that hurt you

And make you

feel so sad

Let go of the thoughts

from ages past

That still make

you feel bad

Let go of the

daily anguish

And find

the better way

Let go and let God

take your burden

And bring you

peace each day



Jesus loves you, this you know

Because the Bible tells us so

He shares your sorrows, knows your fear

In everything He is always near

Just call on Him when you’re in need

He’ll lift you up in thought and deed

You are His child, He loves you so

But you must also let Him know

That you love Him and trust Him too

Then there is nothing He can’t do

So lift your heart to God above

And He will fill you with His love


I wrote this for my stepdaughter Lynne, a lovely girl


No matter what your past has been

The future is still bright

Though dark the days and nights before

There is a saving light

Your Father loves you as you are

Though sinner you may be

He waits for you with outstretched arms

To save and set you free

It’s not too late to ask His help

And His forgiveness too

Just open up your heart to Him

And He will come to you



May God bless you
on your travels
May He always
watch over you

May His loving hand
guide and protect you
In everything
you do

Vaya con Dios!
Another one I wrote for Lynne


There is One who loves you more than all others,
more than your family and more than all lovers

One who’ll be faithful and never let you down,
who’ll be by your side when you smile or you frown

He’s with you every minute, leading the way,
through dark lonely nights and through each waking day

He loves you so much and He shares in your pain,
He wants you to smile and be happy again

He’ll guide and protect you and He’ll always care,
so reach out your hand now and you’ll find Him there



When you’re unhappy, lonely or sad

Don’t let negatives make you feel bad

There is only one thing you should do

Call out to God for He loves YOU too


You can’t go back and change the things
that brought grief to your heart
but He can wash away your past
and give you a new start
He knows your worst but sees your best
because He is your friend
He sees you as you will become
– with Him – until the end
He holds your life within His Hands,
your future He can see
Please pray this prayer from the heart
and be safe for eternity

“Lord Jesus, I invite you into my life.
I believe you died for me and
that your blood pays for my sins
and provides me with the gift of eternal life.
By faith I receive that gift
and I acknowledge You as my Lord and Saviour.


Do you need someone to pray with you?

CALL UCB prayerline

UK 0845 456 7729


Don’t nurture your guilt

Don’t hang on to your sin

Jesus died to free you

Let Him come in

Don’t think you don’t need Him

Don’t think you’re OK

Your good deeds won’t save you

He is the way

Don’t listen to science

“We evolved from the mud”

God created the world

And saw it was good

For you are His child

And your Father is He

Acknowledge Him now

And for ever be free


I used to save up for a rainy day

Any spare cash and I’d stash it away

I’d look at my balance and watch it grow

But what it was for, I just didn’t know

Then I met Jesus, He showed me the way

To claim all His promises day by day

To trust in the Word that He’s given me

“All that you need will be given to thee”

“He cares for the sparrows and lilies too

so how much more does He care for you”

Now my best account is with God above

And my interest is in His priceless love


It’s not for me to know the way

But just to follow day by day

The Lord shall lead me where He will

And I in faith will follow still


To: Life everlasting

Venue: Heaven

Date: Now to eternity

Entry Price Free to you

–Jesus has paid the bill

R.S.V.P. - Please!

In my morning prayer one day, this is what came to me


Jesus stood before me
I wept at His feet
I saw the marks in His hands
He said
“I died for you.

Do you think I would let you go?

Do you think I would not let you fulfil your destiny?

Trust me, have patience

Wait on Me”


I wrote this for someone many miles away, persecuted for his faith

Though dark is the night

You must never give in

And hard be the fight

You know you will win

Just stand firm and true

And let God take your hand

Then the future for you

Will be as He planned


When you trust in Jesus

there’s always a light

To give you hope

through the darkest night

And whatever the devil

can throw at you

Your faith in Jesus

will see you through


Never fear,

never doubt

Perfect love

casts fear out


When things go bad
and the future’s grim
Remember this –
don’t let the devil win
Put on a smile
like you just don’t care
And arm yourself
with another prayer

If the devil’s putting
up a fight
Then you must be doing
something right!
Just keep doing God’s
work, as before
And you’ll be the victor
– that’s for sure


First of all you must believe that Jesus died for YOU

Accept the Lord into your life and make a vow that´s true

Then God adopts you as His child and guides you all your days

Just listen to your inner voice to hear the things He says

He doesn´t promise perfect life where everything is right

But you will know an inner peace that gives eternal light

You´ll want to live the way God says, the Bible shows the way

That´s kind and loving, always helping others every day

And through the trials of earthly life you know that you will be

One day in heaven, happy always, blessed eternally



I know that you´re hurting and want to know why

If God really loves you, why do your loved ones die?

You feel really angry and just want to say

Why do you give them, then take them away?

Why do you punish me time after time

Why is there no-one here I can call mine

But pause for a moment and feel all the love

That God is sending you now from above

He shares in your sorrow, He weeps when you cry

He wants you to understand some of the ‘why’

You have to remember that God set us free

He can´t just step in and change what must be

But whatever may happen He always is there

He won´t let you carry more than you can bear

He says “Dearest child, don´t be angry with me”

“Forgive me and love me, and set yourself free”

I´ve always been waiting – my arms open wide

Please come to me now, dearest child,

Step inside


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