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It’s hard to think of something
that I haven’t said before
Like you’re the one I’ll always love,
the one that I adore
I’ve told you many times
that you are everything to me
And it’s so true, without your love
how sad my life would be

You really are my everything,
I’m sure that you must know
But as it is our special day,
again I’ll tell you so
So Happy Anniversary,
I dedicate to you
All my love, my Darling,
for all of my life through


Happy anniversary
to the one that I adore
With every day I share
with you
I love you more and more
I know we have our ups
and downs as many
couples do
No matter what the problem –
our love can see us through
So have a lovely
“special day”
that’s just for me and you
Just like our future
shining bright,
aglow with love so true


As you travel life’s path
it’s so good that you share
Your happy and sad times
with someone who cares

For your lives are enriched
by the sharing of love
That is smiled on by God
and is blessed from above

For so many years
has your love grown and grown
And God in His wisdom
has made you His own

So may He continue
to smile and to bless
you with many more years
of true happiness


We’ve shared our love
For all these years
and it is crystal clear
Our love
just keeps on growing
with every passing year
You put the sparkle in my life
with everything you do
The world becomes
my oyster
the precious pearl
is YOU


Being with you is wonderful,
no matter what we do
For you’re my every happiness,
my perfect dream come true
You give my life a purpose,
you fill my heart with pride
And make my life so happy
when you are by my side
You are the very best and
there’s so much I love you for
That with every anniversary
I simply love you more


How many years?
It’s been quite a while
Since you walked together
down the aisle
But with you two it’s easily seen
How happy all those years have been
I’d like to wish you many more
With lots of blessings held in store
Good health and happiness
come your way
With love, as sweet
as your wedding day


We’ve had our share of ups and downs,
We’ve had our laughs, we’ve had our frowns
But through it all one thing we’ve known,
Our love has simply grown and grown
And as we celebrate today
Twenty five years, I’ve got to say
That you still mean the world to me,
My sun and moon, my earth and sea

My happiness, my love, my life,
Are all wrapped up in being your wife
I cannot think of any more,
That I could want, and I am sure
that I will love you more each day,
With all my heart, in every way
Beloved husband, lover, friend,
We’ll be together to the end.

I Love You


I love you more
than words can say
A love that grows
with every day
And with the passing
of each year
To my heart you
become more dear

You’re all my favourite
dreams come true
And all I need
in life is you
A wonderful future
I can see
Together darling,
you and me


You’re all I could wish for

My dream come true

Life is just wonderful

When I’m with you



I love the way you smile at me, the little things you do
The magic in your tender kiss that thrills me through and through
I love the joy of holding hands, just being by your side
To share your life, to be with you, it really gives me pride
And so I want to send my love
on this, our special day
To tell you that I love you always, more in every way

Happy Anniversary


Ten years of loving
and sharing with you
It’s simply wonderful
being “we two”

Working or playing
with you is just great
Dearest, you really are
my perfect mate

Happy Anniversary


Thank you Beloved,
for our special year
Full of memories
I hold so dear
All of the good times
that I’ve shared with you
Each day we’re together
I love you anew

And as the days pass
and another year goes
My love and devotion
for you simply grows
I pray our tomorrows
for ever will stay
Filled with the love
that we share today

Happy Anniversary


Thank you so much
Darling, for all the
things you do
To make my life so happy
and all my dreams come true
You are so precious to me,
that’s why I want to say
I wish you perfect happiness
on our special day



Happy Anniversary
to you my dear
Now that our very
special day is here
The day that marks
the lovely years with you
With each year a treasure
of pleasures new

Each day that we spend
makes the world so sweet
Just loving you has
made my life complete
And our future is happy
for we both know
Our love will continue
to grow and grow


Though many years
have come and gone
You’re still each other’s
number one
As days have passed
and years have flown
The precious love you share
has grown
And side by side along
life’s road
Through good and bad
you’ve shared the load
Your love sustained you
all the way
To celebrate your
special day



No matter what the future brings
Whatever life may send our way
I’ll love you always my Darling
The way that I love you today

For you’re so much a part of me
That when near to you or afar
From now until eternity
My heart will be where you are


You may not be special to others
But you’re everything Darling to me
Others just notice a pair of eyes
but blue lakes of velvet I see
While they see a man who’s just one in a crowd,
I see a King amongst men
And they simply glance but I gaze with joy
and my heart swells with pride once again
To some you’re a stranger you pass in the street
or maybe a friend to another
To me you’re my dearest friend, helper and guide,
and last but not least, perfect lover


I feel a warm glow deep inside
The glow of love I cannot hide
And it was you who put it there
By showing me how much you care
You make me feel alive and new
Filled with the joy of loving you
And I’m so grateful to belong
to you my Darling precious one

Happy Anniversary


I love you deeper than the ocean
Higher than the sky so blue
I love you with a true devotion
Built of trust and friendship too
The strong foundation of our loving
Keeping it so firm and true
Is our perfect understanding
You with me and me with you

Happy Anniversary


I love you more in every way
Much more and more each passing day
I love your eyes and your sweet lips
Each special look, each gentle kiss
I love your legs and your strong arms
I love your gentle loving charms
I love your body built so fine
Especially when it’s pressed to mine
The air you breathe, the ground you tread
I love each thought within your head
I just adore you through and through
For all I ever need is you


You are so warm and loving,
so gentle and kind
And a more perfect partner
I just couldn’t find
You make me feel beautiful
each time you are near
And holding your hand
takes away any fear
My longing is over,
My search at an end
In you I have found
The best lover and friend
And now far above all the world’s cares I glide
Truly contented, with you by my side


It’s so good being loved by you
You make the sun come shining through
You fill my life with lovely things
And make my world for ever Spring
The tender sweetness of your kiss
Brings to my heart such perfect bliss
The joy you give with every touch
Is why I love you very much.

Happy Anniversary
My Love


The dearest one in all the world
Who means the world to me
The one I love to wake beside
Whose smile I love to see
The one who’s made my life a joy
For many happy years
Who’s stood with me through thick and thin,

through laughter and through tears
The one I love and always will,
A love that’s ever true
A Happy Anniversary
My dearest one ...
That’s you


Thank you Darling
for just being you
For all the lovely things
that you do
For making me happy every day
Fulfilling my life in every way
You’re all I need,
My love, my life
And I’m so happy
to be your wife


Happy Anniversary
To my Beloved one
Thanks for giving me a year
Of laughter, joy and fun
All the things we share together
Make me love you more
You are the very best –
That’s why it’s you that I adore


Happy Anniversary my dearest sweetest love
Hope it brings you all the best that you are dreaming of
I love you dear so very much and I just want to say
My love for you grows stronger with every passing day
The years we’ve spent together make me want you all the more
For you’re the only man for me, the one that I adore
So Happy Anniversary, let’s hope that it will see
Lots more loving years together, just for you and me


The love we’ve shared through all the years
Keeps growing day by day
And it has brought more happiness
Than I can ever say
The special joy our love creates
Just makes me love you more
So I can see that we will love
Each other evermore


The years have flown so swiftly by and I’m amazed to say
We’re celebrating twenty years
Of happiness today
It seems like only yesterday
The day when I met you
And yet it seems you’ve always been a part of my life too
We’ve shared together
ups and downs
The good times and the bad
with laughter in the happy days
and comfort in the sad
And through it all our love has grown much deeper every day
The understanding that we share and caring all the way
You’ve made my world a better place, my life enriched by far
And this is just by being you –
how wonderful you are
I love you darling, very much
With all my heart and soul
Without you I’m an empty shell
But with you I am whole
You are my world, my life, my love
The one that I adore
And I am yours Beloved one
Always and ever more


You´re the sunshine in my life
My very special flower
The one who means the world to me every single hour
You´re my springtime in the cold
The rainbow in my sky
My sun, my moon, my guiding star
And all the reasons why
I love you darling, more each day
And more each passing year
Happy anniversary
Beloved one, so dear

Our Anniversary
From Brighouse to Brighton, the places we´ve been
Majorca & Greece, oh the sights we have seen
The good times and bad times, the happy and sad
The laughter and tears, the emotions we´ve had
When all put together, they make such a life
I'd not change a minute of being your wife
You've given me happiness through all the years
And when I was sad you would dry all my tears
Your love has transformed me from frog to princess
I owe you my love and my life - nothing less!
With thankfulness for you, each morning I pray
Our love shall continue to our dying day.

Happy Anniversary, this card is here to say
Just to tell you Darling, that I love you more each day
To thank you for the precious times that I have spent with you
and tell you there is no-one else who loves you as I do

You make me laugh when I am down
You bring a smile each time I frown
You comfort me when times are bad
And cheer me up when I am sad
You hold me close when I'm in pain
You heal me and I smile again
The many things you say and do
are why I´m so in love with you
After all these years you are still my number One
You inspire me my love, as you have always done
I love you just as ever, for this is so true
My love, my life, my husband, my everything is you

35 wonderful years with you
Each one of them filled with love so true
I couldn´t ask for anything more
Than to be with you who I adore
Forever my darling, we shall be
Together, loving, eternally

36 years
432 months
1872 weeks
13149 days
315576 hours
18934560 minutes
113607360 seconds
I´ve loved you every moment
Right from the very start
I loved you then, I love you now
You´ll always have my heart


So many wonderful years with you

Each one of them filled with love so true

I couldn´t ask for anything more

Than to be with you who I adore

Forever my darling, We shall be

Together – loving – eternally

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