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Creator of the universe, Father of all things,
with my life I worship you, let my praises ring

Maker of the universe, of things both great and small,
Lord you are my everything, Lord you are my all

The sea sings out Your power, the rocks Your steadfast Love,
the sun and moon obey your word and show your praise above

All mighty and all powerful, all gentleness and grace,
all miracles and beauty, shining from Your wondrous Face

Dear Father God, I love you, with all my heart and soul,
for with your grace and perfect love, this sinner is made whole



I wake with a smile
in my heart is a song

of praise for my Lord
to whom I belong

My troubles are nought
When I’m in His care

for all of my worries
with Jesus I share

He fills me with joy
and my tears overflow

My heart fills with love
for certain I know



How faithful is my Father

How wonderful a friend

He always walks beside me

Protecting to the end

How loving is my Father

How merciful and true

His love is there upholding me

In everything I do

How worthy is my Father

To receive the greatest praise

I will honour Him with worship

And adore Him all my days


Just look around and you will see the glories of creation

The wonders of His Majesty in each and every nation

The hills and peaks and mountains high, the valleys and the plains

The sun that hangs in azure sky, the sweet refreshing rains

The earth is all to His design, no accident are we

He made the earth, so good, so fine and gave it to us, free

Our part is to believe on Him and on His precious Son

And praise Him for His priceless gift, the wondrous thing He’s done


Though I may be feeling down

Sad at heart and wear a frown
I’ll think of Him who wears the crown

And praise the Lord, my Saviour

Though in pain today I be
I will turn my thoughts to He

who suffered, died and rose for me

I’ll praise the Lord, my Saviour

He is Lord, His strength is all

He will lift me should I fall

He is God, my Lord, my All,

I love the Lord, my Saviour


The beauty of the flowers and trees,
the glory of the mighty seas
The wonder of the blackbird’s song
and joy of sunshine, hot and strong

The sparrows chirp and swifts fly by,
like arrows through an azure sky
and fluffy clouds lie etched above
dark mountains crafted with such love

A gentle breeze plays through the palms
and turns the leaves to swaying arms.
The wondrous vision I can see
was made by God, for you and me


Each time I fall
You lift me up

When I have nought
You fill my cup

Though I am weak
In You I’m strong

My heart and soul
To You belong


I sing to the Lord with joyful praise

To do Him service all my days

For He has given me life anew

His salvation, steadfast and true

His wrath is mighty to those that sin

But His love and mercy o’er all things win

I praise you and thank you and love you Lord

Grant that I always obey your Word


My Lord, my love is all for you

Evermore my whole life through

Because your love has set me free

Given me life eternally

I will offer songs of praise

Laud and honour all my days

Let my voice to heaven ring

Jesus, Lord, you are my King


Was such a chorus
ever heard

As that which
glorifies His Word


The Lord is my strength and my help,

He never lets me down,

Praise the Lord

The Lord guides and teaches me,

and keeps my paths straight,

Praise the Lord

He is my rock in times of trouble,

my refuge and sheltering place,

Praise the Lord

He is ever faithful and true,

His forgiveness is perfect

Praise the Lord

His love is magnificent,

His patience unending,

Praise the Lord

I will praise my Lord in the morning,

at noon and in the evening

I will praise and glorify His Name

For He is worthy to be praised,

He is deserving of all glory

I will bring my cry before Him

and He will hear and answer

Great is the Lord Almighty,

perfect in all His ways

I will love Him with all my heart

With all my body and soul and mind,

I will praise and worship Him

He is my Lord, my Master,

my Saviour, My life,

my love, my all


Let me praise you Father God

Let my heart rejoice in You

Let me praise you dearest Lord

In all I say and all I do

How I thank you mighty God

For Your blessings every day

How I love you and adore you

More than words can ever say


The beauty of birdsong
greeting the dawn

The glory of sunrise
breaking each morn

The wonder of flowers
as their petals unfold

The world You have made
is a joy to behold

Rabbits are playing and
feeding nearby

A curlew call echoes
over the sky

Such blessings abound,
so worthy of praise

All glory and honour
to you Lord, we raise


Glory Glory Hallelujah

I will praise You all the day

Glory Glory Hallelujah

Yours the Truth, Yours the Way

Praise and worship, laud and honour

To my Great Almighty King

Praise and worship, laud and honour

All my life to You I’ll bring


Dearest Lord in heaven above

How I praise you for your love

For the care you show to me

For your Son who set me free

Dearest Lord whom I adore

I will love you evermore


Let all the world your praises sing

In every home Hosannas ring

Let every voice your blessing raise

To bring our thankful song of praise

Dearest Father, Precious Jesus,

I worship and adore you

I honour You, respect You,

And place no-one else before you

You know my every thought, Lord

As you hear my fervent prayer

My heart can lie at peace Lord

For my life is in Your care


Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Sing Hosannas to the Lord

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

sing and praise His mighty Word

Sing Hosanna, sing and praise Him

Praise the Lamb that we adore

Bow before Him, He is our King

Bless His Name for ever more


My Jesus, my Lord,

my life and my love

I sing your praises

to Heaven above

My Jesus, my Lord,

my Glorious King

My first, my last,

my everything


Don’t worry about how dark the sky
How black the clouds above
They’ll soon be turned
to golden-pink
By the power of His love

Though dark your night and
filled with fear
The sun will always rise
Bringing hope for another day
As the Son’s light fills the skies

The Light of the world
will light your life
If you’ll just ask Him in
He’ll fill your world with
His glorious joy
And wash away your sin



A ripple on the water, a
tiny grain of sand,

the wonders all round me
touched by His mighty hand.

The breeze that stirs the grasses,
a gull that soars above,

the glories of all nature,
created by His love

The flowers in all their beauty
Turn faces to the sun

In praise to their Creator
The glorious Heavenly One



In the still of the night as I lay in my bed

thoughts of my Father go round in my head

I think of my life and all He has done

and His many blessings, I count one by one

I give Him my problems, my worries and cares

for my Father always the burden He shares

I tell Him my hopes, my plans and my schemes

for my dearest Father fulfils all my dreams

and then as I drift back to sleep and to rest

I praise my dear Father for He is the best



Dearest Lord, I praise you

For the warmth of the sun on high

Precious Lord, I praise you

For the beautiful azure sky

Glorious Lord, I praise you

For the birds that go soaring by

Wonderful Lord, I praise you

For your presence that´s ever nigh


I love my Lord and He loves me

And I´m as happy as can be

For He does care for me each day

And guides my steps in every way

He´s there for me through good and bad

The best friend that I ever had

I praise and love Him ever more

For He´s the One that I adore
I love my husband, with all my heart
I love my God, with every part
My husband brings me joy and laughter
My God gives life for ever after
There is no contest, one or other
They´re both my everlasting lover
Thank you Lord for granting me
All I ever hoped I´d be
To be a wife and mother too
All my cherished dreams come true
All my trust in you I gave
Knowing that my dreams you´d save
Now they´re real, to you I praise
Giving thanks for all my days
Thank you God for all the gifts you´ve given me since I was small
The life, the crafts, the words, I thank you Father God for it all
The life You gave when all seemed lost, not one, not two, but three
Three times You gave me life again, how much you must love me!
The lovely gift for crafting things, the pleasure that I know
From making and creating is a treasure I love so
The love of words, the poems, the songs, the joy they give each day
Mean so much to me Father, more than I can ever say
Your priceless gift of faith and trust and love my whole life through
What can I offer in return except my heart, for you



Thank you Lord for being my friend

And showing how you care

For loving me the way you do

And for always being there

You´ve blessed me Lord throughout my life

With many lovely things

So even when life´s not too good

Inside my heart still sings

I love you Jesus, Praise you Lord

And Holy spirit too

Help me to spread your wondrous love

In everything I do

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