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Best Things to Buy (And Not Buy) In January Sales

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Last updated on January 2nd, 2018

Know the best deals available to grab for January and should wait for the deals until later

January Sales 2018

The festive season comes with so many feasts and celebrations. As a result, extravagant and improper usage of money leaves tracks of adverse financial constraints to many people. This is one of the factors that determine what to but in January. However, most of the leading retail shops offer best January sale deals to help us sail through the month.

In addition, retail shops give the best January sales with an aim of clearing the festive season stocks. Most people do not make adequate choices on what to and not to buy in the month of January. In some cases, people make impulse purchase decisions based on persuasions of January clearance sales on offer.

What to Buy In January?

According to trusted financial advisers, some items we buy in the month of January lead us to the verge of being more broke. On the other, some can have positive impacts in our lives. With the end of the festive season, the following are products that you should strive to buy.

Gym Memberships

Having another healthy year ahead is on everyone’s list of top New Year’s resolutions. Actually, after a series of banquets during the Christmas festive season, January is a time to keep fit. Gym operators know it’s the perfect time to market their services in January. Based on this, many of them offer waiver prices to ensure large crowds jumps into a new year with fitness plans. Some gyms may offer free introductory period and discounted rates per session.

Gym Memberships

Marketers peddling gym membership coupons approach us with deals that are hard to decline. However, some are cunning and may lead you to sign contracts that you can’t afford. Be sure to go through the contract carefully before singing.

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24 Hour Fitness

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Fitness gear and equipment

The New Year’s resolution to lose weight persuades us to purchase fitness gear and equipment. Dealers in fitness gear and equipment usually report a boost in sales in the month of January. This is mainly due to the reduction in their cost during this month. Most dealers subject fitness gear for sale to offers with 30 to 60 percent discount on prices of all products.

Fitness gear and equipment

In order to create more sales, dealers in this equipment also offer fitness equipment discount codes. These codes are used to woo buyers who would want discounts on specific equipment.

Linens, Bedding, and Towels

The month of January is the most appropriate period to refresh bedrooms and bathrooms. Department stores that specialize in Linens, Bedding, and Towels are fond of hosting January white sale to clear out their inventory. Surprisingly, these products are sold at a discount ranging from 50% to 70%. In most occasions, buyers opt to order for these items online. Bedding and linen online sellers offer exceedingly huge discounts. This enables customers to buy more without having to dig deeper into their bank accounts.


Christmas Decorations

It sounds ironical to buy Christmas decorations in January considering it is merely days after the Christmas day. In January, inventory of artificial trees, shiny wrapping papers, and red ornaments are still available in the store aisles. The dealers are always not willing to take them back to the store. For this reason, these items are often sold as part of after Christmas decorations sale. In addition, the products are offered at a through away price. Therefore, on can make a purchase of Christmas decorations in January and keep them until the next Christmas day.

Christmas Decorations

Winter apparel

In most parts of the world, Christmas comes in winter. Market demand and supply forces dictate that a product is sold cheaply after its high-demand period is over. Therefore, winter clothing is cheap in the month of January. Most dealers offer above 30% discount rates for every cloth purchased. Many dealers actually have special winter apparel sale period. However, this does not rule out the sale discounts offered to customers in the month of January.

Winter apparel

Hotel Stays

People make thousands of hotel bookings during the Christmas festive season. As a result, hotel stay deals during this period are very expensive. This means that hotel stays are most privileged to a few who can afford. However, the month of January comes with unexpected hotel stay offers. For some people, this creates the best opportunity to book for hotel stays for the entire year.

Hotel Stays

Broadway tickets

The month of January is characterized by a decline in activities in the travel industry. Effects of this on the entertainment industry cannot be ignored. Broadway, one of the renowned dealers of show tickets, runs from January 16 to February 4. This makes Broadway tickets January discounts are always a guarantee during a sale. As a matter of fact, they buy 1 get 2 offer for almost all shows.

Broadway tickets

Home Furniture

February is the prudent time for new furniture styles to be unleashed into the market. For furniture retailers, January is the best time to endeavor and get rid of the older stock. Thus, January is the best time to make that purchase which may have been postponed to pave way for the festive season costly activities.

Home Furniture

A Television Set

Television sets manufacturers have a propensity to roll out new models in the month of September. They understand that TV sales are highly driven by the need for families to convene and celebrate the Christmas season while watching their favorite shows. Most TV deals end in November and December. This means dealers and retailers drastically reduce prices in January TV deals. On this note, it is worth to be keenly watching out for any January sales TV discounts and offers.

TV deals

Valentine’s Day flowers

It does not harm to prepare for an important day beforehand. Our loved ones anticipate for gifts on Valentine’s Day. This encourages us to put extra effort not to fail their expectation. For the purposes of reminding lovebirds and some who have no regards to this day, Valentine’s Day comes on 14th February. Nonetheless, ordering for Valentine’s Day flower delivery flowers in January is not a sin. Prices of the flowers are low during this month. According to online flower dealers, this is the most appropriate time to place an order. Discounted flowers deals are available at this time. In addition, this gives them ample time to process your order as well as prepare for the delivery on 14th February.

Valentine’s Day flowers

What not to buy in January?

With having the above items to buy during the month of January, there are other products that everyone should avoid. Such products are listed below and a reason against their purchase in January elaborated.

Patio furniture and accessories

According to most furniture fanatics, patio furniture products and accessories have the best deals as from September to end of November. Dealers run out of stock as from December. This makes January the month when stock with new styles is coming in. Prices definitely step up rendering these items hard to purchase. Based on price indices, January is the month to avoid buying Patio furniture and accessories.

Small appliances

In order to make necessary decorations and household changes, people are fond of buying small appliances throughout the festive season. Consequently, this reduces the supply of these appliances the market during the month of January. This makes them expensive.

Winter sports equipment

The production of winter sports equipment kicks off in the month of March. This facilitates swift distribution to retail shops. Winter sports equipment offers often come to an end in September. Therefore, in the month of January, these sports equipment are rare due to a high number of purchases during winter. Automatically, the prices are hiked.


Remarkable deals on mattresses happen in February. During this month, mattresses are offered on discounts as far as a $500 price cut. I recommend that February mattress deals are worth waiting for rather than making a purchase in January.


Travel bags mainly bought during the Christmas seasons. Their stock levels in all retail shops trim down throughout the month of December. In January, travel bags are scarce and expensive.


Most jewelry deals come to an end before the end of the year. A substantial amount of jewelry is bought during the months of November and December-mainly as gifts. However, making a purchase decision in January is a mistake. Some fake jewelry often finds their way to the market during the festive seasons. Fraudulent people are keen to sell fake jewelry to excited unconcerned buyers. If you plan to buy jewelry in January, be vigilant.

 Toys and gaming systems

Worthwhile toys and gaming systems deals are hot during the holidays. However, in January, you cannot find any valuable deals. The next toys and gaming systems deals are rampant when schools are closed for holidays. Conclusion Products with best and worst sales deals in January have been given a wide discussion. This will help you make an apt purchase decision. However, do not take offense or defense in all these decisions when making your decision. Make purchase decisions that will not haunt you will guilt. Buy what will make your needs solved!

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Best Things to Buy (And Not Buy) In January Sales


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