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Update 2024 : Ideal Coffee Brewing Ratio

Update 2024 : Ideal Coffee Brewing Ratio


**Ideal Coffee Brewing Ratio**

- **Classic Brewing Ratio**: The classic Coffee Brewing Control Chart (BCC) suggests an ideal brew ratio of approximately 55 grams of coffee per liter of water, which balances the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Percent Extraction (PE) to achieve a desirable flavor profile  .

- **Adjusting for Taste Preferences**: Depending on the desired taste, brewers can adjust the ratio slightly. For a stronger, more intense coffee, use more coffee grounds per liter of water, while for a milder taste, use fewer grounds  .

- **Using Sensory Attributes**: The new Sensory Brewing Control Chart helps identify the ideal ratio by showing where specific sensory attributes like sweetness, bitterness, and acidity are maximized, allowing brewers to tailor the coffee to specific flavor profiles  .

- **Consumer Preferences**: It's important to note that the "ideal" ratio can vary based on consumer preferences, and brewers should consider preference mapping to understand different segments and adjust the ratio accordingly.

**References for Coffee Brewing Control Chart**

- **Guinard et al. (2023)**: This study presents a new Coffee Brewing Control Chart that relates sensory properties and consumer liking to brew strength, extraction yield, and brew ratio .

- **Lockhart (1957)**: A seminal publication titled "The Soluble Solids in Beverage Coffee as an Index to Cup Quality" relates the quality of brewed coffee to brew strength (TDS) and extraction yield (PE) .

- **Frost et al. (2020)**: Figures 8-10 in this study show the response surfaces of various sensory attributes like bitterness, sweetness, and citrus across TDS and PE .

- **Batali et al. (2020)**: This research indicates that brew temperature, at fixed brew strength and extraction, has little impact on the sensory profile of drip brew coffee .

- **Cotter et al. (2021)**: External preference mapping in this study shows significant drivers of consumer liking for coffees based on TDS and PE .

- **Adhikari et al. (2019)**: This reference discusses the impact of consumption on sensory and consumer sciences, providing insights into sensory drivers of consumer liking .

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Update 2024 : Ideal Coffee Brewing Ratio