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Street Fighter 2 Game Review – Super Nintendo

Street Fighter 2 Game Review

Platform: Super Nintendo

Publisher: Capcom | Developer: Capcom | Released: 1992

Also available on: Arcade, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, PC, Game Boy, Master System

Street Fighter 2 World Warrior for the 16-bit Super Nintendo

Street Fighter 2 for SNES (Famicom) was released on 10th June, 1992 in Japan, followed by the North American release in August that year then the European version came out in December.

Capcom’s fighter was the key to the success of the Super Nintendo, it was included as a pack in game with the console, in the early 90’s, if you didn’t have Street Fighter 2, you were regarded as a loser!

This conversion was outstanding, with only a few elements missing from the arcade version.

Here is a list of what is missing:

  • Opening sequence with the 2 fighters.
  • Some character voice samples missing when performing certain moves.
  • Arcade version voice samples pitch changed depending on the strength of light, medium and hard attacks.
  • Bonus stage with the stack of flaming drums.
  • Music arrangement that changed as a player is losing the match.
  • Chun Li’s close attack standing medium punch.
  • The walking animation of the characters when retreating from an opponent is the same when advancing.
  • The voiced countdown during the continue screen, as well as the reading of each country’s name.

Street Fighter 2 - The game that sold the SNES?

Street Fighter 2 released in the arcades back in 1991. It caused such a stir that it breathed new life into the arcade scene, which was beginning to wane at that time. 

The original Street Fighter was not a major hit in the west, but it was Capcom’s other fighter, Final Fight that was the first true success cross the globe, thus inspiring Capcom to develop a Street Fighter sequel.

It was also the game that inspired many of the one-on-on fighters of the day, opening up a whole new genre of video games.

It was no surprise that Capcom were keen to get this fighter into the homes of the masses, and in 1992, they made that possible by releasing on Nintendo’s new 16-bit powerhouse, the Super Nintendo. It also came as a pack-in game for the console, making the Super Nintendo a must-have machine, and made a lot of SEGA fans jealous in the process! (See the article on SF2 head-to-head for SNES vs Megadrive) 

Street fighter 2 world warrior snes console pack
The Street Fighter 2 SNES Pack was the ultimate Christmas present to have in 1992, did you have one? Let us know in the comments below.
Street Fighter 2 World Warrior - SNES Title
Street fighter 2 snes character select
Street fighter 2 snes gameplay
Street fighter 2 snes bonus stage

Pixel Games Review

Street Fighter 2: World Warrior was the game that truly kicked off the 16-bit era of gaming, the Super Nintendo conversion is truly outstanding. Maintaining the majority of the features that made it take a success in the arcade. This was the main reason everybody wanted a SNES in 1992 and beyond, only bettered by it’s sequel Street Fighter II: Turbo in later 1993 which also featured the boss characters Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M.Bison. In short, it kicks ass!

Pixel Score: 94%



“Despite the missing Champion elements, you must check out Street Fighter 2 for the SNES. It’s a nearly flawless conversion of the arcade original that’s made even more enjoyable by new options and the convenience of home fighting.” (Slasher Quan)




What surely must be the greatest ever arcade machine has become the greatest ever arcade-to-console conversion. It truly is mind-bogglingly good! Apart from a few minuscule differences – none of which affect the gameplay in the slightest – this IS Street Fighter 2. The sound, sprites, animated backgrounds and gameplay are all spot-on, so much so that once you’re used to playing with the Super Nintendo control pads (which doesn’t take long since you can select which buttons do what) you actually think you’re playing the arcade game! All your favourite tactics work, everything reacts in the same way, all the moves are present…everything is perfect!Incredibly, Capcom have also added some new features not present in the arcade machine – a new bonus screen and a whole load of options which allow you to handicap yourself or other players, select the background and change the difficulty settings.


Street Fighter 2 SNES: Cheats and Tips

  • Remove energy bars, timers and sound from the game (Random, I know!) – Go to options menu, press Start to return to the main menu. Repeat process 27 times!
  • Same character in VS MODE – Press Down, R, Up, L, Y, B at the Capcom logo

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Street Fighter 2 Game Review – Super Nintendo


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