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Pixel Games, The Home Of Retro Game Comparisons, Reviews And News. Blog
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If you are looking for retro gaming gifts, comparisons of your favourite retro games, classic reviews from your favourite gaming mags from back in the day or the latest in retro game news, your in the right place! From Atari, Commodore, Sega, Nintendo and every other retro console maker out there, you can find it at Pixel Games.
NBA Jam Game Comparison
2022-05-16 23:15
NBA Jam Game Comparison Released: 1993 |  Genre: Sports Simulation |  Publisher: Midway | Designer: Mark Turme… Read More
Games Master To Return On TV?
2021-02-07 13:46
Games Master returning to TV?! Yes you heard that right, according to VGC, the hit 90’s Gaming TV Show is returning to our screens. UK broadcaster Channel 4 has told it’s pote… Read More
2020-12-16 22:20
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World has been announced, a remake of the 1994 SEGA Mega Drive game Wonder Boy 4 developed by Westone. Published by ININ Games, G-Choice and developed by Artdi… Read More
Bruce Lee For Sega Master System
2020-08-11 22:03
Bruce Lee was originally a game designed by Ron J. Fortier, with graphics by Kelly Day and music by John A. Fitzpatrick.Originally made for Atari’s 8-bit family in 1984 by Datasoft. Fo… Read More
2020-08-06 20:19
Mortal Kombat first graced our lives back in 1992. Published by Midway and a huge Arcade hit that dazzled with it’s amazing realistic looking digitised graphics. When it was announced… Read More
The History Of SEGA Nomad
2020-07-29 22:49
The SEGA Nomad, or Genesis Nomad was a North American release only that released back in 1995.This handheld follow-up to the SEGA Game Gear plays SEGA Genesis cartridges, built on the Japane… Read More
15 Atari ST Games You Have To Play!
2020-07-18 22:57
There are a huge number of Atari ST games worth playing, the 16-bit rival computer to the Commodore Amiga was the successor of the Atari 8-bit family computers. The first model saw a limited… Read More
Joe And Mac (Caveman Ninja) Game Comparison
2020-07-14 21:57
Joe and Mac, also known as Caveman Ninja is a Data East platformer from 1991. The game stars green haired Joe and blue haired Mac, they are cavemen who battle through prehistoric themed leve… Read More
Defender Game Comparison
2020-07-12 13:13
Defender is a scrolling shooter, developed and published by Williams Electronics in 1981. It went on to become one of the highest selling arcade games of it’s generation and was a very… Read More
Side Pocket Game Comparison
2020-07-05 16:30
Side Pocket is a billiards (Pool) game that was originally released in the arcades back in 1986.The game was then ported to the NES and Game Boy, with the SEGA Megadrive, SNES and Game Gear… Read More
APB (All Points Bulletin) Game Comparison
2020-06-28 15:32
Released: 1987Genre: Vehicle CombatPublisher: Atari/TengenGame mode: Single PlayerAPB, also know as “All Points Bulletin” is a 1987 vehicle conbat game from Atari. It was co-deve… Read More
Superfrog Game Comparison
2020-06-21 17:32
Released: 1993Genre: PlatformerPublisher: Team 17Game mode: Single PlayerSuperfrog is a 1993 platformer developed by Team 17 for the Commodore Amiga, with it’s trademark crisp shaded g… Read More
Need For Speed: The History Of…
2020-06-17 16:12
NEED FOR SPEED: HOW IT ALL BEGANNeed for Speed is a racing franchise that has been with us since 1994, the game was originally developed by a Canadian based company called Distinctive Softwa… Read More
2020-06-08 17:09
SEGA Game Gear Micro – the new ultra-mini console was announced last week coinciding with SEGA’s 60th anniversary.The console measure a mere 80mm wide and 43mm tall, the screen… Read More
2020-06-02 22:40
It’s crazy to think, but today SEGA is 60 years old, and what a wild ride it has been for the gaming giant.Sega was founded by Martin Bromley and Richard Stewart as Nihon Goraku Bussan… Read More
2020-05-31 15:47
A big gaming announcement is due from SEGA in the next few days that promises to be a big shake up in the gaming industry.The rumour is a possible team-up between Microsoft and SEGA to launc… Read More
First Samurai Game Comparison
2020-05-15 19:56
Released: 1991Genre: Platformer/fightingPublisher: Image Works, Ubi Soft (MS DOS), Kotobuki (SNES)Game mode: Single Player and Two Players (Simultaneous)First Samurai is a 1991 platformer/be… Read More
Missile Command Game Comparison
2020-05-09 21:00
Released: 1980Genre: Shoot ’em upPublisher: AtariMissile Command LAUNCHED in 1980 (see what i did there!). It was developed by Atari and published by them in North America, in Europe S… Read More
Wizball Game Comparison
2020-05-07 17:54
Released: 1987Genre: Shoot ’em upPublisher: Sensible SoftwareWizball is a Sensible Software developed shoot ’em up from Jon Hare and Chris Yates, release in 1987 for the Commodor… Read More
Top 10 Cancelled Atari Jaguar Games
2020-05-03 16:35
TOP 10 CANCELLED ATARI JAGUAR GAMES. The Atari Jaguar was the worlds first 64-bit games console and it released in November 1993. It was Atari’s sixth games console and was designed to… Read More
Kung-Fu Master Game Comparison
2020-05-02 14:45
Released: 1984Genre: Beat ’em upPublisher: Irem (Japan) / Data East (Americas & Europe)Kung-Fu Master is a 1984 side-scrolling beat em’ up from Irem, outside of Japan it was… Read More
Lethal Enforcers Game Comparison
2020-04-30 17:04
Released: 1992 Genre: Shooting Gallery Publisher: Konami Lethal Enforcers is a 1992 shooting gallery game released by Konami in the arcades. In 1993 and beyond, the console po… Read More
Airwolf Video Game Comparison
2020-04-29 18:21
Released: 1987 Genre: Shooter Publisher: Acclaim / Kyugo Airwolf video game was first released for the ZX Spectrum in 1984 by Elite Systems, the game also released for Commodo… Read More
The NewZealand Story Game Comparison
2020-04-28 12:52
Released: 1988 Genre: Platformer Publisher: Taito The Newzealand Story is a platformer by Taito and released in 1988, very much styled similar to games like the Bubble Bobble… Read More
2020-04-25 11:13
Laserbirds is a new shoot ’em up game for the ZX Spectrum from Bitnamic Software. The company had originally decided to release a physical tape version of the game in later 2020, b… Read More
Street Fighter Game Comparison
2020-04-24 16:05
Released: 1987 Genre: Beat ’em up Publisher: Capcom Street Fighter, the beginnings of the jewel in the crown for Capcom was released in 1987. Though the original wasn&rs&hellip…Read More
Turtles Arcade Game  Comparison
2020-04-22 20:50
Released: 1989 Genre: Beat ’em up Publisher: Konami Turtles Arcade was released in 1989 by Konami and became one of the most popular arcade machines of it’s time… Read More
Sunset Riders Game  Comparison
2020-04-16 17:57
Released: 1991 Genre: Run and Gun Publisher: Konami Sunset Riders is a side-scrolling run and gun game developed and released by Konami on the JAMMA arcade platform in 1991. T… Read More
Combat School Video Game – Comparison
2020-04-14 17:43
Released: 1987 Genre: Track and Field Publisher: Konami Combat School (released as Boot Camp in North America), is a 1987 video game produced by Konami where the player takes… Read More
2020-04-11 20:37
Greetings and salutations Pixel Gamers, so you are a gamer, but how well do you know your classic games consoles? Well now you can find out, take the classic games console quiz below and see… Read More
Animaniacs Video Game – Comparison
2020-04-11 15:06
Released: 1994 Genre: Platformer Publisher: Konami / Factor 5 Animaniacs video game was first released in 1994 for Sega Genesis/Megadrive and Super Nintendo. The game came out… Read More
Target Renegade – Game Comparison
2020-04-09 18:59
Released: 1988 Genre: Beat ‘Em Up Publisher: Imagine Software Target Renegade is a walking beat ’em up game published by Imagine Software. Some versions like the N… Read More
Super Contra – Game Comparison
2020-04-09 13:33
Released: 1988 Genre: Run and Gun Publisher: Konami Super Contra (known as Super Contra: The Alien Strikes Back in Japan) is a run and gun game by Konami originally released i… Read More
Hang-On – Game Comparison
2020-04-09 09:12
Released: 1985 Genre: Racing Publisher: SEGA SEGA Hang-on was released in the arcades in 1985, and was then ported to SG-1000, Master System, MSX and PC-88. In the game, it&rs&hellip…Read More

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