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5 Steps for Making Friends Online

If you suffer from anxiety, have a fear of embarrassment or you happen to fall under the many introvert categories, then it can cause difficulty in making new friends. Of course it can become a little worse as you get older (trust me on that one). This leaves you with limited opportunities for making friends or meaningful relationships in your life. Luckily this doesn’t mean that you’re completely out of options. In fact, there is an entirely separate realm you can venture onto for making friends, and this is over the internet.

Thankfully, making friends online is a lot easier than making friends in person, especially if you suffer from any of those similar issues listed in the beginning. Another advantage of making friends online is the Potential room for meeting and how easy it has become as of 2019. With the help of location services you are always free to browse within your immediate proximity.

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Here are five guaranteed steps for making friends online:

1 – Find your starting place

There are many websites, communities and apps out there that you can start from. If you find one that you’re interested in then make sure you stick to it. It’s really hard to join a lot of sites or communities and be fully active in all of them. You will definitely overwhelm yourself and fail if you do. There’s nothing wrong with joining or venturing out after you settle down in one spot first, though.

Websites available include, or bumble where you can simply sign up and start meeting people, but there are tons more than you can search for in google. There are also many communities you can join whether it’s for video games, movies or TV. The choices for your starting point are endless.

2 – Create your mini-bio or profile

At this point you need to start setting up your Profile or just a simple “hey it’s me” message. When creating your profile, make sure you state all of your interests. Don’t worry at all about saying something that may embarrass yourself. Remember that at this point you’re totally anonymous, so there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from expressing yourself fully.

Your mini-bio or profile is how people will learn about you without speaking to you. Work on it properly and update it over the course of time if you need to.

Be wary of the chosen website or app’s character limit. It may be difficult to include everything you want to say about yourself if you are only allowed to use about 150 – 160 characters, similar to Twitter. In that case, summarizing your strong points would be key.

3 – Find common interests

If you start with joining a website or community with a specific theme or genre then you’ve already been grouped with a bunch of people who have similar interests. Everyone in this particular place will be there for the same reason, so if you’re looking to stand out or at least be different, then you’ll have to go one step further in finding some additional Common Ground. Use your mini-bio or your profile as a reference if you’re not sure what kind of friends you’re looking for, then go from there. 

Browse around to find someone you think you may like to talk to. You’re free to look around as you like and no one can stop you from doing this (unless of course they make their profile private to people who aren’t already friends). You should take your time while searching and not rush into finding a potential friend if you’re looking for an ideal friendship matching your standards. Give yourself a reason to talk to someone.

4 – Introduce yourself

This step isn’t just saying hello; that would be a simple greeting. You want to put yourself out there by saying more than hi. For the fourth step I’ll give you a small reminder that you don’t have to show your face, so things have just become about one thousand times easier for introducing yourself to an online stranger you’ve never met (and probably never will either).

When introducing yourself, you need to make sure that you aren’t being too generic. There are tons of ghost writers out there who are paid to copy and paste the same message to a lot of people in hopes of getting a reply. While this is still something that will merit a result or two, it’s not the ideal way to do things. If you plan to introduce yourself to multiple people, then you need to take the time out to learn a little about them, especially if you want them to know something about you.

At the very least, be yourself. If someone won’t like you for who you are then what’s the point of being friends.

5 – Close the deal

If you’ve made it this far then it’s time for the last step in making a friend online. You need to close the deal with your potential friend and give them a reason to want to talk to you again. Sometimes you may notice that the conversation is slowing down or going nowhere. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up or let it die. If you’re truly trying to make this person your friend then you’ll find something else to talk about. Both of you need to participate in this conversation if you are going to be friends. Sometimes the person on the receiving end may just be being polite by replying to you but this still gives you the opportunity to find some more common ground and interests.

By the time you try to close the deal on your friendship, and if you’ve followed steps one through four, then you should be gaining a plus one to your friends list, contact list or whatever list you’ve chosen to adhere to.

If you find that there’s really nothing else to talk about then cut your losses here, use your previous knowledge and start over from step 1.

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5 Steps for Making Friends Online


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