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Escaping Prison

'I didn't like how my life was going so I created it. From the ground up.

That's the good thing when you've suffered personal loss or have gone through a nervous breakdown. It's not as scary as it seems.

It allows you to recreate yourself, however you want, in any way you want.

The choices are infinite - you can be who you wanna be and not be confined by anything or anyone.'

'Isn't that hard to change who you are?'
'Not exactly, you see - when you've reached rock bottom in life, especially mentally, your brain automatically resets itself to focus solely on what's necessary for you to function in a safe way for you. So, if you suffer from people's hatred, you automatically remove yourself from all of them, regardless who they are, irrespective of how important they may have been in your life. Everybody is expendable and when it comes to life, you're ultimately responsible for yourself and your well-being. Everything else is secondary, even if you're in love, your best friends, all those people... you come first and your brain makes sure of that. So in essence, you're actually becoming your real self. You shed 99% of people you know, overnight. You change your habits, your outlook and your demands of yourself. You switch - and when you've reached ground zero, your body and mind help you get it done. It's a gradual process, but because you have a new outlook on life, because you're living by your vision, because you're working towards and living by your ideal, you change significantly every single day. Some days, it's the body. Some days it's just the mind. As long as you progress iteratively, you're good. And that's all that counts.'
'... you're intense, man. I can't expect myself to be driven and single-minded like you. You're deep!'
'Close your eyes!'
'Take 10 very deep breaths.'
Lionel takes 10, very deep, breaths.
'Clear your mind.'
'Let your thoughts go.'
'... now - the questions you want to ask yourself now, you already know the answers to, intuitively. Address your first issue.'
'... I wanna know how I can be more intense to be more powerful.'
'How do you do it?'
'... I focus on my mind and put my whole mental power behind just one thought.'

'What thought is that?'
'The thought to get the problem solved by all means, at any cost, no matter how.'
'And what does that thought tell you?'
'... that I'm powerful!'
'And where does that power come from?'
'... my mind!'
'And what does that tell you?'
'... that I've broken into my mind... f*cking hell! I BROKE INTO MY SOUL!!! I DID IT!!!'
He laughs and gives Donnie a bear hug.

'Hehe! I told you... anyone can do it. The problem is, no one wants to declutter their own minds... quite sad, really.'
'So when am I gonna use my superpower? Does it go on and off or can I keep it 24/7?'
'Dude - your mind is constantly available to you. You've just learnt to access your third eye - the door to your soul. Your superpower is working even when you're asleep. Even when you're knocked out and are unconscious. Even when you're in a coma. Your mind never stops. Your mind is you!'

'Oh my God, I'm SO gonna blog the hell outta myself! I've got so many things to say and I've got all these ideas of how to remix them and play with them, having fun!'
'And that's you having discovered your intellectual creativity. Congratulations! Awards, achievements, accolades and consistently high performance are now part of your trajectory. You're a prodigy!'
'I effin' love you, uncle D!!!'
He clutches him again!
'Hehehe... OK, lemme breathe again! C'mon, let's go to Pam and chill in the café. I've got some other books I want you to read.'
'So reading the right books opens your soul??'

'Absolutely! Problem is, they're not glamourized like cheap, erotic, sex-based trash like Danielle Steel novels. If libraries were promoted by Hollywood like they do clubs, being genius wouldn't be extraordinary. Everywhere you'd go, everybody would be deeply rooted in their intuition and subconsciousness.'

'But we already have those kinds of alien races, some of them even living among us, who are way passed us in enlightenment and are like a millennium or two away from us.'

'Yeah... that's why they don't bother with us. They love us, they think we're awesome, they know we have potential, but because of our narrow-mindedness and proud ignorance, they leave us alone. I mean, would you bother with fools who refuse to be helped but flaunt themselves as if they were gods?'
'Hell no!!!'
'Exactly! Now you know how aliens feel. And that's the good ones. The not so friendly ones manipulate our societies in high places to get what they want from us.'
'Which is?'
'Ultimately either our extinction or enslavement to them. That Star Wars sh*t is for real, there really are alien races that want to conquer our planet.'

'Yeah, Earth is unique in the solar system.'
'Not just that, the whole universe. We're pretty special. And we're right in the middle of the universe, too. So we get a lot of attention from the traffic all around us.'
'Hence, the high number of alien races living covertly among us and the huge cases of human-alien contact and encounters.'

'Most of them go unreported. When you speak about it, people think you're crazy. Hollywood is only beginning to reveal it slightly, but the masses still don't know and couldn't care less.'
'... so they're running in governments?'
'Totally! Ancient Egypt is only the most popular narrative. It's been going on long before that. The Latin Americans before Egypt,... there are too many civilizations to count. But they've all had contact and exchanges of knowledge and technology.'

'In exchange for them doing whatever the Hell they want to here.'
'The remained status quo in today.'
'... God must be so pissed off... so incensed!!'

'Yeah, we've f*cked up pretty bad!'
'... but it's all good, though... It won't be long 'til Jesus comes. And when he does, He'll clean up and if we're ain't dead by then, He'll hopefully take us, too and when we're gone, this world will be bombaklatted by God so hard,

that the devil himself will be like, 'Damn! So much for an inherited kingdom. This place sucks!'

And then this place will be restored for good.'
'I heard that when God finishes it, He'll destroy hell, the devil and death itself!'
'Yeah, pretty much. There'll just be eternal day. It must be so funky!'
'...Jesus - it's like a real life, big ass opera happening in the spiritual realm!'

'It is, yeah! Absolutely! And we're right in the eye of it. We're the prized possession everybody is fighting about because God made us so much like Him... but as long as we're on our ones, do our thing and just chill, not eff with nobody, we'll be fine.'
'You sure??'
'... yeah... you gotta have faith, son. Jesus hates people of weak faith.'
'True! Yo, this book is dope! So half the things you just explained are all inside?'
'Minus the aliens and The Book of Revelations, yeah...'

'Cool! Thanks for buying it for me, uncle D! My mom wonders why I'm reading adult books but my dad knows I'm inclined, clued up on that level already.'
'Definitely, you're way ahead of your time! There are not many deeply mindful kids like you. Kudos!'
'Man, Nia's gonna love this! She's already so over the moon for me having helped her open her third eye with just concentration and that but this is gonna blow her away! She's not gonna make it!!'
'Haha... just go easy with the application. There's some very powerful knowledge in there that can literally cause seismic shifts in your world!'
'Got it! So when do you want me to kick your ass again? That construction work is keeping you off the court!'
'Yeah, I need to brush up on my skills.'
'You never had any to begin with, HAHA!!'
'Oh... feelin' cocky, huh? Swag with that new found confidence?'
'Ehy, don't hate! You're the one who clued me up to it!'
'Yeah, that won't be happening again.'
'Hahaha! Bloody hell, I thought we'd walk for a while but we're already here! Look, Pam's chillin' with a coffee.'

'Ehyy, they brought the delivery from Huza Books, too. Awesome.'
'... hey, aunt Pam!'
'Lionel, how many times must I tell you? Call me Pam or sis - I'm way too young to be an aunt!'
'Haha, a'ight! Aww, look at all these books!'
Lionel draws out a chair and starts reading the back of the books, one at a time.
'He's been hyper all along. He's definitely broken in!'
'Yeah, I have a few suggestions what you might break into, as well...'
'I can hear you, love birds!'
'Read your book and stop eavesdropping!'
They giggle.
'Alright, grab a seat on the sofa, I'll get you an Espresso. Lionel, what will you be having, hunny?'
'Ah, a triple choc muffin and a cappuccino, please.'
'Sure thing.'
'Thanks, aunt... uh... um P'
'Careful, hotshot, life is short... you are playing with, fayah!'
'Huhuh... I'll get there!'

They chill in the café and have a good time, kicking back in the evening, reading mind-expanding books, catching up and having overdue me and you time... just being happy, really. When you've found good people and have your own little bit all good in your life... all that you need is kickass literature that ignites you, propels you... sets your soul on fire - and blasts your mind out of proportions. Because you know when you get that good literature, you become much more of the titan you are below your consciousness... who's just waiting to break out!!!

Real Estate Flipper, Kigali
(Sidney's Half Brother)

- Lionel Messy
Hyper-drawing/Basketball prodigy, Kigali
(Donna's nephew)

- Nia Longg
Hip-Hip Ballerina/Parrot-Conservation Advocate, Kigali

- Pamela Andurrsen
Coffee Shop Owner, Kigali

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Escaping Prison


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